1 Mission And Goals 2 Collaborators 3 Enviromental Health Topic


INSTRUCTIONS: Based on the Florida Obesity Project

This assignment represents the first step in beginning to more fully conceptualize your program plan.  The assignment is simple and to-the-point, but you need to take time to make sure that each of these components are solid, clear, and well-written.  Remember that these must be based upon what you know about the health issue and target population; that is, they must be guided by what you found in your needs assessment.

Your assignment must include the following components related to your program.  Be sure to utilize this week’s readings to help you develop each of these items: One mission statement Two overarching goals Two behavioral objectives Two community-level outcome objectives Two process objectives

2.  Based on the Florida Obesity Project

 In this assignment, you will describe how and with whom you would build a collaborative coalition to address your health topic among the identified target population.  You will use your NCHEC text as a starting point (specifically listing 2.1.4 under Chapter 2), along with other relevant resources to support your collaborator choices and coalition-building plan.  Think about which people, groups and organizations you could collaborate with in order to achieve your program’s mission, goals and objectives.  Justify why you have chosen them.  You will develop a simple framework that includes a description of how you, along with these other people and groups, will leverage your partnership to address this health disparity.  Remember that the focus of this assignment is the collaboration – specifically the ways in which you will work together with these other groups and how will you maximize the strengths of these partnerships to affect change.  Content of the paper must adhere to the following specifications (APA-style): Title page Double-spaced with 1″ margins all around Times New Roman, 12-point font 2-3 pages in length References page

3.  Current Topics Assignment: This can be any Health Issue You will choose a current environmental health topic/issue and write a 800 words (double space, 12 font, about 2 pages) summary that details the following: Overview of the topic/issue including data about the impact and scope of the issue potential solutions as suggested by others your thoughts and a suggested course of action at least 2 professional references (peer reviewed journal article) for in text citation in APA format.

All three assignments should be in separate documents. 

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