1200 Words Critical Brand Analysis Of Victoria Secret

Key areas to discuss:

Breakdown and Present the brand’s: Image, Identity, and Personality. Remember to dedicate your discussions and analysis to the brand over and above that of just describing the functionality and design of the product or service. 

Who are the desired target audiences and what emotional and social relationship do they have with the brand? You will be expected to define and focus on two consumer segments. There needs to be a clear definition of several unique attributes of each consumer segment. Beyond this, also offer an appreciation of how they think, feel and do – mapped specifically to the brand.

What are the key facts and pieces of information communicated by the branded product or service explicitly, implicitly, and tacitly – that give messages and meaning to the offering and that are transferred and acquired by the consumer?

What is the creative approach? Consider for example the use of semiotics, colours, typography, humour, celebrity endorsement etc. 

Where does the branded offering communicate these elements? What are the integrated marketing channels, and where are the touch-points and moments of truth? What are the respective strengths and weaknesses of each of these?

Why do you feel that these audiences have been worth targeting?

Why is a branding-led approach to these activities the best way to achieve objectives, beyond other strategic business approaches?

How is effectiveness judged?

You are encouraged to include models, tables, images and diagrams. Where possible, you should create your own tables and annotate models, images and diagrams.


1. Wordcount does not include end references, tables, charts, or executive summary2. You should not develop a new campaign3. Full reference list, adhering to Harvard protocol is required. As an approximate guideline:o 10-15 academic journal paperso 5-10 trade press articleso 5 news storieso 5 bookso 5 company websiteso 5 social media postso 3 Branding/

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