150 Words Due 6 Hour


Evaluate a recorded speech using the Evaluation Rubric [DOWNLOAD], with which your own speech will be evaluated.

Before searching for a video to assess, please carefully review the rubric and the presentation Evaluating Presentations (opens in a new window). Once you are comfortable with the aspects of the rubric and what specifically is being assessed, begin searching for a speech online to evaluate.  YouTube is a popular source for speeches. Search for a speech whose entire length is 5–10 minutes, and for which you have both an audio and video source (audio-only speeches will not work).

Watch the speech from beginning to end, paying careful attention to the speaker’s message, the organization of the speech, sources for the information within the speech, and verbal and nonverbal cues. You may need to view the speech multiple times to get an accurate picture of the speaking event, or to observe different parts of the speech in detail.


Once you feel comfortable with the speech and can assess elements of the speech, please evaluate the speech using the rubric. 

1. Fill in a score for all aspects, and include notes indicating the evidence on which you based that score. Once you have evaluated the speech on the rubric, respond to the following prompt: What kind of speech did you view? Persuasive or informative?  What was the speaker’s main message or purpose for speaking? What were the speaker’s main points? What support for those points did the speaker provide? Was this support warranted? Did the speaker use accurate (credible) and appropriate sources of information for this support? What nonverbal communication did the speaker use to highlight his/her points? Please refer to hand gestures, facial expressions, posture, etc. How effective was the speaker’s performance? How could it have been more effective? As you consider your performance in your first speech, what did you learn or observe from this speech that you can use in your own speaking practice?

2. In your practice forum post: Post a link to the speech that you used Attach a copy of the completed rubric Include your responses to these reflection questions.

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