150 Words Response Two Of My Classmate Discussion Due Today In Two Hours

 1. Post by Victoria Martinez

31 days agoRe: Week 3 | Discussion – Functions and Real Life Situations

A real life situation that can be modeled by a function for me is the relation between the hours of sleep I get a night to the hours of productivity I have during the day. Ideally, 8 hours of sleep would equal 16 hours of productivity. In situations where I may only get 6 hours of sleep my productivity falls to 12 hours per day, and in situations where I only get 4 hours of sleep at night my productivity suffers to 8 hours per day. So in this instance, where P = productivity and S = hours of sleep:


Domain: 4hrs, 6hrs, 8hrs,

Range: 8hrs, 12hrs, 16hrs, 

2.  Post by Emily Tabor

33 days agoWeek 3 – Discussion

At home, me, my husband and my daughter all like the temperature of our thermostat at different temperatures. I usually like it at 74, my husband at 70 and my daughter at 72. It is one of the biggest complaints in our household. My husband complains about being way too hot and my daughter and I get cold much quicker. We rarely agree when we are all home on the temperature but when we are alone we set it to our favorite temperature and have each saved on our thermometer. Each temperature setting will be a different input, my daughters will be T1, my husband T2 and I am T3. and each temperature setting button will be B1, B2, B3. Each individual has their own setting and their own temperature they like using the one device.


(B1,T1), (B2,T2), (B3,T3)

Domain: B1, B2, B3

Range: T1, T2, T3

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