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This benchmark assignment assesses the following competencies.

Competency 4.2: Examine ethical dilemmas with particular emphasis on business decision making in situations of ambiguity.

Competency 1.3: Write effective business messages that meet the needs of specific audiences.

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the framework for ethical decision making in business.

Consider that you have learned about business law and ethics as you read the scenario below.


A manager was in the process of hiring a new employee and interviewed several candidates. After narrowing the search down to two candidates, the manager and another employee searched several social media sites and reviewed the two candidates’ accounts to gain additional information about them and to decide who they thought would be a better fit for the organization. The manager and employee used the information found in the social media searches in making their final selection for the position. The use of the information gained from the social media search was not disclosed to either candidate at any point in the interview process.


Assume you are the director of human resources for the company, and you have just learned about the social media searches that were used in the hiring process. Write a 250-word memo to the company managers that addresses the ethical issues resulting from this situation. Your goal is to reeducate managers about the ethical framework of your organization and the way business, including hiring, is conducted. Include discussion of the following. The legality of the use of personal information taken from social media as part of the hiring process. The legality of failing to disclose to candidates of the use of social media account reviews as part of the hiring process. Summary of the ethical dilemmas and the ambiguities of the situation. Propose guidelines for the review and use of social media profiles as part of the hiring process.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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