Stock Recommendation Report For Alaska Air Groups

Stock Recommendation Report For Alaska Air Groups

Alaska air group is an airline holding company primarily based in Washington in the United States of America. The company operates under the airline industry and is considered to be among the best companies locally and the other destinations out of the country. Besides, Alaska air group also provides passenger and cargo air transportation services between north and south American countries. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the stock recommendation report for Alaska air groups.

The discounted cash flow valuation is referred to as the method in which a company can estimate the value of an investment on the basis of its future cash flows. Further, the analysis also finds the present value of the expected future cash flow through the use of discounted rate. The determined present value of the expected future cash is then used for evaluating the potential investment. As a result, the discounted cash flow valuation of Alaska air group will be calculated through a two-stage model where different periods of estimate cash flow are needed. The estimates used should be of the next 5 years of cash flows (Bitzan, & Peoples, 2016). Then the growth rate applied will be the average annual growth rate of over the past 5 years that is under a reasonable level which is recorded to be 2.3%. The result will be discounted to the sum of these cash flows which will arrive to the present value estimate. The value determined is 118.43 to the current share price of $66.28 which quite undervalued at about 40% of the total share (Jean, & Lohmann, 2016). In general, it is imperative to indicate that the intrinsic value of Alaska air group is about the price share which illustrates that the company is having a strong financial condition.

The growth opportunities within the industry is considered to be impressive considering the influence of its operations. The presence of the airline group has improved through the services it offers leading to an increased profit. One of the opportunities it has experienced is the level of the expansion it has had over the past years (Cui, & Li, 2015). The competition in the airline industry is considered to be unpredictable and intense with the competitors often looking for any available opportunity to increase their market share. Primarily this has enabled the organization to be among the frontiers by acquiring some of its rivals such as virgin America. This indicates competitive advantage of Alaska airline group to be above its competitors within the industry (Borenstein, & Rose, 2014). The growth opportunity of Alaska airline group is among the best within the industry because of its competitive impacts such as safety records, customer service reputation which has been significant compared to its competitors.

The potential growth and risk status of the company is considered to be dominating the other airlines operating within the industry. The presence of the company is primarily felt through its domestic capacity operations which has been the core market from the customers. The routes served, flight schedules and the interline relationships are some of the services which has impacted the growth of Alaska (Cannon, 2014). Despite the possible rising operating expenses within the company after the acquisition of virgin airline that has posed some element of risk, the overall profitability can still be realized due to its reputation within the industry (Özcan, 2014). The share prices through the analysis has indicated the financial position of the company which supports its activities to be competitive advantage against its rivals.


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Increase in innovation: The level of technology in the contemporary world

Increase in innovation: The level of technology in the contemporary world

Question One

In the contemporary world, the level of technology has significantly changed9 due to an increase in innovation with the need to be both the best, attract new clients and be profitable. Additionally, the understanding of disruption entails the changes, which take place when new digital technologies, as well as business, affects the proposal of existing goods and services.  The focus of this is based on the driving forces of digital transformation, which entail a unique combination of events and trends that have led to a tipping point of digital change ( Kenney, Rouvinen, & Zysman, 2015). Further, this is due to the economic outlook or growth expectation to stay resilient to the strong support of domestic demand and merchandise exports. Blue SG is one of the companies that experience disruptive innovations which is changing due to the global trade, which has rapid innovation due to the digital market places mobile apps, e-commerce that most businesses are adopting.

Question Two

The extent to which a business model can address the business consist of the essential elements, which the company use to strategize in fulfilling its obligations to be competitive. The focus of BlueSG’s parent company is based on the value to be the leader in electronic storage as well as recyclable in the LMP battery. Even though the company is still not yet the leader in artificial intelligence, it has a mission in impacting the need to ensure the development of autonomous self-driving vehicles to affect the target market. There are several business models, which should be put into consideration to address the business model on the disruption. The development of the subscription model is one of them ( Kenney, Rouvinen, & Zysman, 2015). Substantially this aspect assists in locking the customers in by initiating an encouragement that is attached to the services and products that were previously bought on or as when they were necessary. The other aspect is the marketplace model, which creates the platform in which the connection between buyers and sellers can interact directly. Conversely, this establishes the marketplace, which becomes known to the suppliers of services and goods, which does not necessarily either produce or own the products or services. Lastly, the experience aspect is another business model in which the company will sell unique and intangible but valuable experiences. The customers are often considered to be willing to pay a premium because of the unique experiences attained when they interact with the company or product.

Question Three

The basics of a value proposition are to assist the company in making a marketing statement, which summarizes the reason as to why the customer needs to buy or use the product of the company and its service. Further, this statement is mainly used to convince the customers to purchase given products or services to improve o add value within their lives. The essential aspect to understand is that this presentation will assist in understanding the company’s branding to the targeted market. Therefore, it is imperative to realize that there are various ways in which this presentation will engage with business value proposition studies of BlueSG (Payne,   & Frow,  P. (2014).  Notably, these measures in which the presentation participate in value proposition consist of the creation of shared value with the users to experience the public access of electric vehicles. These have the basics of payable per use, which can be flexible transport options with either direct ownership or single trip. Similarly, the other element is that this presentation describes the organization of BlueSG company in terms of its operations. The focus on this is through the determination of significant innovation solution to the transport network and additional options in transportation.


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Language ideology used in the fields of anthropology

Language ideology is referred to as the concept used in the fields of anthropology to characterize the set of beliefs or feelings regarding the languages in the way they are applied in their social worlds. The two types of language ideology used in the readings consist of the aspect in which the intense monitoring of the speech is racialized among the population such as the Latinos and African Americans. Primarily this concept has focused on developing assumptions on confrontation with attempts to inoculate the beliefs cultural logics to stigmatize the use of ordinary language (Hill 680). The other type of language ideology is the invisibility of identical signs among people especially the whites where they mix their language for the expression of a highly valued colloquial kind of persona and exist in several forms.

Language ideology is useful to express concepts for different cultural approaches that are used by various people.  The case of the film we should be all be feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi is an ideology which illustrates the use of language to understand the meaning of feminist. Further, she believes that the term feminist is considered an insult to some extent even though she does not agree with this aspect. In her perspective feminism should be understood and acknowledge as a fact describing the existence of sexism. The focus of this element is based on the disparity given to women within the society especially from her country Nigeria where it is believed that women should occupy low paying jobs and does not need to have a say in the process of decision making. The approach of language ideology in the male-female miscommunication by Daniel and Borker, the primary concern is based on cultural integration. There are more than 60000 words expressed in the English language, but a few are being used. These few words used to convey different meanings depending on the cultural background of the person (Maltz, and Borker 168). Therefore, the main concern is the problem of miscommunication which takes place in North America which contain the interethnic and cross-sex conversations for participants who possess’ various subcultural rules for speaking. The authors state that conversation is like a negotiated activity within a given culture because it primarily relies on the unspoken capabilities regarding the tone of voice, visual cues and the minimal responses(Maltz, and Borker 170). The cultural approach towards male-female conversation often highlights unconscious meanings which can lead to intent misinterpretation from one of the groups.  

The primary argument elaborates on the general approach of developing difficulties in cross-ethnic communications. Many people prefer to consider the problems both in cross-sex and ethnic communication as examples of the phenomenon contributing to the difference in culture and miscommunication. The language ideology approach in the case of Language, Race, and White Public Space by Jane describes the construction of intense monitoring of speech of racializing populations and the invisibility of almost identical signs in people’s speech. There is a belief that all languages are equal in regards to the studies of racializing discourses because of the implicit assumptions of confrontations existing with the ignorance of central antiracist strategy (Hill 683). These are the construction of the white public space which contests the contradiction of language ideology in regards to the principles related to coherence and ambiguous human experiences such as the emerging context of racism.

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The financialization of home and the mortgage market crisis

The financialization of home and the mortgage market crisis

Question one

The idea expressed in these paragraphs describes a risky high-end business which is experienced after the 2007 global financial crisis. Further, the collapse of the economy paved the way for a subprime mortgage where Perl is advised that the situation would be illegal given the regulation of the government. In my opinion, I believe this is a good idea to make money given the fact that there is an overwhelming opportunity

Question two

The article refers to rampant demand yield because of the nature of this type of business which seems to be risky. The economists believe that such an institution is extorting people due to their bad credit records and can cause similar issues leading to the same problem on the financial crisis (Aalbers, 2016).

Question three

The other player who also experienced a similar dilemma is the Deephaven mortgage who was bought about by Goldman for many years to run their residential mortgage business. Their challenge was on the fact that new firms would come in to compete with them due to their increasing loans being written off (Aalbers, 2016).

Question four

The subprime lenders are primarily efficient in providing first mortgages and the second face is also home equity loans and mortgages to those who do not qualify for the conventional financing.  The focus on this sector is to cover and become the leading lending institution; however, the level of increased competition making them take deals from several investment groups is often a challenge.

Question five

The investors are still interested in this product because it has a growth projection which creates an opportunity within the market. The demand for the products and the returns expectation is high when the management of the services and money being borrowed is appropriately allocated into use (Kim, & Ryu, 2015).

Question six

The new regulation has prevented the hot potato game by addressing the responses to the subprime crisis. The focus of this action is considered by regulators and legislators through the lending practices to ensure bankruptcy protection, tax policies licensing and credit counseling measures to be implemented (Kim, & Ryu, 2015).

Question seven

The aim of investors to obtain maximum profits from the business in which they invest. Further, when the investment outlook is good, the interest rates often tend to move higher which could always encourage continuous investment. However, the current interest rates are a worrying trend because the minimum threshold for investors is about 5%. Therefore, below this rate, it would be difficult to operate or otherwise make investors more careful in what they are producing (Kim, & Ryu, 2015).


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Understanding of different concepts to the targeted audience

Understanding of different concepts to the targeted audience

Education involves the understanding of different concepts to the targeted audience. The development of teaching skills is useful because it assists in making the students aware of the discussions in class. The topic selected for the research paper is on education which will illustrate the techniques to be used to teach young students in the class to help them enjoy the lecture. The focus of the research will be to describe the emerging principles and techniques that are useful to encourage and awaken the curiosity and desire for students to learn.

There are various techniques which have been selected as the aspects which will be useful to make the lesson enjoyable. The selected teaching techniques consist of a flipped classroom model. Primarily the method involves encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before the lesson begins (Li et al. 33). The importance of this technique will assist in elaborating dynamic environment that the students can devote their interest to answer any question. The other technique to be used in teaching lesson is the design thinking strategy which involves a case method. The technique is based on resolving real-life cases through brainstorming, creative ideas, group analysis, and innovation. The last procedure which will also be put in place is the development of self-learning (Arthurson 2). The primary concern is to let students explore the areas of interest and learn for themselves.

The teaching plan which was being developed is almost done at the moment. I have prepared the lesson objective of the lesson plan. The other aspect which I have put in place is the overview of the timeline in which the lesson will take to make it enjoyable to the students. The remaining elements entail the need to know the students who will take place in the teaching process. The other item is the determination on the use of multiple student interaction patterns that suits them.

Work Cited

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