Social Networks on Learning

Impacts of Digital Social Networks on Learning

            Consumption of social media networks has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years, with about 3 billion people using one or more social media platforms in the world (Williams). In the United States, the percentage of people using one or more social networking sites has increased from seven to sixty-five percent over a span of ten years. In addition, young people are the biggest consumers of social media networks all over the world (Chaffey). Apparently, the importance of digital social networks cannot be underestimated. For instance, the former president of the United States, Barrack Obama, widely utilized social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to campaign for presidency (Clark). Nonetheless, despite clear importance and widespread of digital social networks, there exist a few drawbacks that make such platforms unsuitable for learning.

            One of the primary issues with the use of digital social networks among young people especially students arises from the ability of the platforms to enhance learning apart from assisting students to make new friends. For instance, the National Literacy Trust has established that blogs and networking sites assist students to acquire positive attitudes towards writing and their improved confidence in this academic skill. According to one of the studies conducted by the National Literacy Trust, forty-nine percent of young people indicated that writing was boring; however, a big number of students pointed out that text-based technologies had assisted them to develop a positive attitude towards writing (Alberta Teachers’ Association). Therefore, digital social network, by encouraging young people to get involved in writing, boosts their ability to learn as compared to conventional methods of teaching writing.

            Further, writing on such platforms can contribute to development of students’ overall communication skills. According to Dr Spencer Jordan, a teacher in creative writing at the Wales University, web technologies assist students to write confidently about the things that they enjoy. He argues that knowing that a certain content will be read by a huge community online, young people perceive the writing activity as more interactive and appealing (Alberta Teachers’ Association). Therefore, students should be encouraged and guided on writing on digital social networks to ensure that they improve their writing capabilities. While improving writing skills, students will be able to write meaningful content on social media platforms; hence, they can improve communication.

            Regarding the social media sites as tools of enhancing learning among young people, especially the students, their role is still unknown. People are yet to decide whether Taylor Swift’s tweets will replace Shakespeare materials in the classroom. Previous studies reveal that a big percentage of young people never borrow a book outside school and at least one out of five students only read magazines and blogs (Clark). However, such findings should not be taken to mean that young people do not read; the only thing that has shifted is the manner in which the activity is undertaken. Therefore, parents who need their children to improve literacy should understand that spending time on social media and blogging lead to increased reading and confidence in writing.

            Despite digital social networks possessing immense potential in improving learning among young people, a number of scholars including those in the field of education have pointed out numerous areas of concerns regarding the modern technologies. For example, Nicholas Carr, the author of the book The Shallows, in an interview with PBS noted that the use of digital technology has the capability of interfering with concentration hence learning (PBS). According to the scholar, apart from digital technologies stealing most of the young people time that can be used for reading and writing practices, they also interfere with the students’ concentration when they are not using them. For instance, the students may keep remembering their last stories and conversations on the platform while the urge to login to those sites may also be disturbing. Carr argues that although the benefits of social media platforms verses drawbacks is a conundrum that is yet to find a solution, the demerits might take the day according to all the indications. Moreover, Google is believed to affect people’s memory because they tend to forget everything they think they can find online later (PBS NewsHour). Therefore, the use of social media and other digital social network platforms will require in depth studies before being recommended as reliable alternative learning tools.

            The aspect of delivering the intended meaning in communication is also another source of concern when it comes to the use of digital social network platforms. In many occurrences, social media users communicate in coded languages that are only understandable to specific groups of people. For instance, young people in the United Sates will use phrases such as YOLO to mean “you only leave once”, which may not be outright to people from various locations in the world. On the other hand, academic platforms such as libraries emphasize standards that enhance understandability of information to a wide range audience (Chun et al. 66). Therefore, digital social networks may be a source of interference as far as delivery of meaning is concerned.

            Apparently, digital social networks possess tremendous educational benefits to young people. Considering that the use of books has become unpopular among students and the digital platforms have become the order of the day among the youth, the technologies should be utilized to enhance students’ writing skills, improve their reading, and develop communication skills. However, such technologies have also been identified as a major source of interference as far as concentration and meaning delivery are concerned. Therefore, unless various adaptations are adopted, digital social networks might continue to be a puzzle pending solution regarding their applicability in learning for the young people.

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Project Management

Project Management

Based on the feedback that I have received throughout the course, I can identify the fact that there are areas where I have slacked. What I can clearly state is the fact that I was able to deliver my course assignments in time. The importance of this is that in case of areas that needed my rectification, I would have enough time to do this. I can also note that I have improved regarding my communication process and this is because I came to note that depending on my effectiveness in communication, I can achieve a lot regardless of the set deadline for any assigned task. Project Management

I can also identify the fact that I have become better in relation to study hours. Initially, I did not spend a lot of time studying. However, as time has progressed, I have come to realize the importance of spending time studying the specific project assigned. It is also imperative to comprehend the fact that I have increased the amount of research carried out which has benefited me a lot. Through increased research, the number of sources used has increased consequently advancing the scope of research. Project Management

Despite my accomplishments, I have to note that there are areas where I was weak and one of this is relating to group associations. I am naturally a very vibrant person and despite of this, I like studying on my own. However, this strategy was terrible when it came to accomplishing provided tasks. There are some learning points that I understood on my own and there are those that I did not comprehend. If I took the time to engage in group discussions, I would have understood what was required in the course project. I have come to realize the importance of group discussions and the manner through which they can assist in better comprehension of an assigned task. Project Management




The fundamental objective of the study relates to testing whether the recombination of EBV gp350 can be used in the reduction of the incidence of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) relapse rate, following fingolimod treatment. The study focuses on literature that covers the subject, including the developments that have been made in reducing the relapse rate of MS.The methodology presents the different provisions that could be accounted for in tackling the research issue.  Review of previous literature from other authors is well presented and finally the estimated budget for engaging in the project is also given which eases the witnesses’ of the burden of analyzing and carrying out calculations. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

Final Research Proposal


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has gained recognition for the manner through which it affects the central nervous system and many people across different ages have suffered from this. The outstanding problem is lack of quality research to determine how best to resolve the condition. It is proposed that increased research is carried out to figure whether the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) injection is effective in all situations that involve MS. Currently, it is only identified that patients suffering from EBV, a condition that is associated with Herpes but there is no direct relation between the two diseases. Different people have the virus EBV is varying levels and depending on the stage the patient is in, there are chances that MS can begin showing signs. Doctors and researchers are yet to determine the levels of EBV that lead to MS and consequently do not have a definitive means through which they can treat these patients. Finding the most suitable way to reduce the rate of MS relapse can be of significant benefit to patient outcomes. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

Research has shown that there are possibilities that MS can be resolved with advanced medical practices. Initial research stated that the condition could not be reversed completely and that the only solution was management through the use of medication and continued checkups in medical facilities (Parkin, 2016). However, recently enough it was identified that suppression of the condition can go beyond treatment and reach to points of cure. However, the challenge that has existed is the fact that individual institutes have been rather sluggish when it comes to assisting in the research. Every year, government health institutions are accorded huge amounts of money after presentation of the budget (Reen, Silber & Langdon, 2018). However, the amount of money only goes to purchase of more medicine and rehabilitation of some of these facilities. By having different patients engaging in the tests and recording their various levels of EBV can assist in the determination of the rate at which MS replicates in the bodies of these people (Parkin, 2016). FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

Rationale for Research

The reason for engaging in the research is to comprehend the manner through which patients suffering from CIS can ease their pain. Moreover, it might be possible to identify the means through which the conversion rate to MS can be reduced. The importance of reducing the conversion rate is owing to the fact that when the patients get the MS disease there are minimal chances of reducing these effects. Moreover, through the research, people will have hope that it is possible to resolve some of the medical predicaments that exist in the current environment. Moreover, it is possible to reduce the number of people suffering from this condition which has affected their ability to work. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

Aim of the Research

            The research aims at identifying the speed of transition from CIS to MS and consequently possibly engages in further research aimed at reducing the pain that people suffering from the condition and also find new and cheaper treatment plans.

Project Narrative


The type of research that will be used to carry out this study was primary research. The subjects will be given questionnaires at the beginning and the importance of this is to comprehend whether they were eligible for the study. After this determination, they will be put through a trial phase and will be subdivided into two groups. Both of these groups are to receive different types of vaccination to see the effect that this would have on M.S. It is essential to note that both of these groups went through standard treatment care where for their safety would have to turn in results about how they will be feeling and go through physical examinations to note changes in their physiology depending on what was induced. GlaxoSmithKline being the pharmaceutical giant that it is was given the responsibility of providing these vaccines and formulated them specifically for the study in question. The two groups will be EBV gp350 vaccination group and Placebo vaccine group. The importance of having these two groups is to ensure that the latter was a control study that would assist in the determination of how effective EBV gp350 in the resolution of M.S in people of different ages. From an effective study of this, it would be possible to prove that EBV gp350 is important to study and consequently convince various potential institutions to offer grants for further research on the vaccine. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

From the controlled study, the expected results will show that the patients that were in Placebo vaccine group were less receptive to the medication and if they had already started medication on M.S because of showing initial signs it was rather hard for them to treat the condition effectively. However, for the patients in the EBV gp350 vaccine group, they should appear more receptive to the treatment. It is crucial to review various basic factors relating to the study and the importance of this is establishing a baseline for the research and to better indulge potential investors on the importance of using this method to treat the patients and better ease the pain that is associated with M.S (Cassettari et al., 2013).

The research carried out will be structured seeking to apply closed questions. Open ended questions are not very effective in the treatment of such serious conditions because the doctors and the nurses do not get the exact results that they need. Asking a patient whether he or she is feeling pain and receiving an open answer such as a “yes” or “no” is not ideal for this type of research. It was important for the doctors and researchers to get detailed answers such as how much pain the patient was going through. Other answers that will assist the research include understanding the specific points where they were feeling pain and the amount of time it took for the vaccine to wear off when engaging in the research. Such information is important in order to clearly determine the effectiveness of the research. Through such clear answers, it will become possible for these researchers to determine the amount of pain that the patients were going through and better determine how much more research was required in the specific field of research. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

From the research, it will be determined that the patients that used EBV gp350 vaccination option noted that the vaccine will take a long time to wear off as compared to those that used Placebo vaccine. Moreover, these patients will note that the severity of the pain was less as compared to time before engaging in this form of medication (Cassettari, 2013). Using EBV gp350 is a concept that has been used alongside other drugs in the paste but is accounted for being the most powerful of the drugs used to treat the condition. Not much research has been carried out by scientists to cure M.S using this vaccination strategy and the reason for this is that research institutions are underfunded (Halmoy, 2004). It is important for government institutions and private funding businesses to pay critical attention to the detailed report after these experiments. The importance of engaging in close ended questions was for the purpose of having the institutions understanding the seriousness of the matter and consequently offer grants for increased research on how EBV gp350 can be used to treat patients suffering from M.S. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

It is also important to note that there is the incorporation of the Response Surface Methodology. For numerous years, the method of study has been used to determine the accuracy of research. Initially, the methodology was used for the comprehension of complex scientific data and this involved reduced tests and a high number of simulations in order to achieve this (Cassettari, 2019). The contemporary environment uses this method in even industrial applications and given the efficiency and time management aspects of this form of research, it was important to incorporate it in the research (Leila, 2002). It is essential to note that the patients will be ideally in the laboratory for a short period of time where tests will be taken and then there was live following of the reaction that these patients had.

Additional research on the same topic on MS shows that numerous people and most commonly the middle aged individuals do not have the ability to control the condition and even manage it (Fogarty et al., 2016). As it currently stands, the cost of treatment for this disease is very high, the reason for this is that medication, and lab tests are very expensive as it stands. Some families have sought the assistance of various government unions to get financial help but some of these unions have dropped them because of lateness in repaying these bills (Soini et al., 2017). The problem has been devastating to many families and the consequent of this has been some of them just watching from sidelines as their family members suffer. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

            It is proposed that the government alongside other willing shareholders to focus on this issue with great intensity. As it is identified, increased research is bound to sire quality results where there are hopes that a cure for the disease might be found. (Wingerchuk&Weinshenker, 2016) In previous years, it has been possible to find a cure for other diseases and through increased research; scientists are almost discovering new cures (Cohen, 2015). It is also expected that with more research coming from the grants, prevention measures can be formulated and announced to the public. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

            Currently, preliminary research has only shown that herpes is a major contributor to the condition and this is through EBV. However, there are other groups of researchers that believe that MS is caused by other environmental factors (Pender & Burrows, 2014). It is important to receive the grant in order to get to general conclusion as to whether these other environmental factors do cause the condition (Ascherio, 2007). Once it has been determined, then it is possible for credible researchers to offer statements as to how the public can avoid the condition. It has been earlier stated that with increased research a cure might eventually be found.

            In case a cure is uncovered from the increased research, more people would receive total treatment and would not appear problematic again. The cure for these patients can also lessen the burden to society. When a person is suffering from this condition, they lack the ability to go to work and carry out their civil duties. The reason why they lack this ability is the fact that they are in constant medication and characteristics of the disease include pain to the lower action from a simple action such a nod or an eye movement. It is thus important for the patient to remain still and not engage in any tedious activities. When a cure is found, it will be possible to completely eliminate the condition from the body of the host and consequently the person can go back to work and fulfill his or her obligations. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

            Research has also shown the psychological effect of the pain treatments accorded to patients suffering from the condition. Just like cancer, patients suffering from M.S go through numerous pain relief therapies such as chemotherapy (Thacker, Mirzaei&Ascherio, 2006). The effects of these treatment methods are quite accurate and can be seen to affect both the patients and the family members of the patients. By funding research, it can be easier to determine which rate of EBV gp350associates with the matter especially for recovering patients and those that have gone through remission but have relapsed (Fukuyama, 2010). It is very depressing to live fearing that such a delicate and serious condition can relapse and there is no way that the contemporary environment can assure the various patients of this. The best means through which these patients and their family members can have hope understands the amount of EBV gp350aligns with M.S. It is essential to note that different people have varying levels of this condition but it is currently impossible to determine the actual levels (Hjagrim&Askling, 2003). However, after receiving the grant, it is possible to gain more insight as to the degree to which people suffer from the condition and thus determine the treatment levels of this disease. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

            MS has been noted as a disease that is not genetically linked. However, there are some few cases where it has been noted to replicate on the offspring. Despite the fact that the percentage is very small, some researchers have discovered that there are some life practices that can help avoid the risk of this condition prevailing in future generations (Munger et al., 2011). Through increased research, it is possible to avoid the disease by instructing better living practices. In order to better determine the means through which these conditions can be resolved it is essential to gather more research on the condition and even interview people that suffer from the disease in a genetic setting. As previously identified, the rate at which these genetically linked individuals occur is very limited (Hjagrim&Askling, 2003). It would require researchers to go to areas and spend a lot of time while studying the lives of people, there is also a lot of money that is spent convincing the locals of the effectiveness of the research. It is important to ensure that government, private institutions understand the importance of funding this research, and this is because it will ensure that means through which the rate at which MS spreads in relatives reduces significantly. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

MS has a negative effect on erectile functioning during coitus. It is essential to note that researchers and scientists have not been effective enough to determine the means through which this issue can be resolved (Cepok et al., 2005). Various doctors have determined that the issue is associated with the blood flow of the person but have not linked this to M.S directly. However, the highest number of people suffering from M.S has complained or has had their partners complaining about the same (Guan et al., 2019). Through receiving this grant, it is expected that more people will live a better life and the reason for this is that their coitus issues will be effectively resolved. Generally researchers believe that it is possible to have the various relationships functioning and furthermore, it will be possible to note the extent to which EBV gp350 affects people to a point that they get M.S. Increased funding will work wonders and this is expected to see the general state of health affairs improving (Guan et al., 2019). Moreover, it will set precedent for increased research not only in this field but also other fields of healthcare. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

The most conclusive RSM scientists perceive around twelve perspectives that must be guarded when picking a test dare to harsh, through a backslide meta-model, the association existing between the free factors (segments) and at any rate one ward factors (target limits) (Sokal et al., 2007). In particular, as composing with respect to this issue suggests, a reasonable movement of the endeavor centers in the survey region should depict an extraordinary test adventure. The test should be useful in giving a reliable appraisal of the goof and an exact check of the model’s backslide coefficients. Finally, in advocating a profile as uniform as possible of the model’s insightful change in the area of energy for solicitation to gain mean conviction breaks on the response and exceptionally ordinary conjecture between times (Mouseli et al., 2017). The sum portrayed as Experimental Error is by all accounts, among these perspectives, the one that most impacts the idea of the surface response. By hypothesis, it must be quantifiably appropriated as NID and its best estimator is the Mean Square Error a sum that the experimenter can understand (Küry et al., 2018). The comprehension is just in the wake of showing has been done, through the aggregate of the squares of the residuals, as the excursions between the reliable test response y and the response surveyed through the grasped model in the k-dimensional space investigated are subsequently described (Guan et al., 2019). FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

As identified, there were two different groups of patients and as such it was important to ensure that priority was not accorded to one over the other regardless of the fact that one was some form of control experiment (Morris at al., 2019). The fast nature through which results are received from these standardized tests was worthy. It is important to go through some of the advantages that come from engaging in this form of research and how they had an impact on this study.

            It is important to note that there are many other research models that would have been used but incorporating the RSM technique was one of the most effective means through which the research would have been carried out. While in the former model the entirety of the conditions remember for developing straight plans, consistently complex models are gotten in the subsequent model (Mouseli et al., 2017). In the condition where the degrees of the multi-step beating machines are open he blends in which the two shells concur is: the fundamental one, the last one and at 6.00 figure check machines (Morandi, 2017). In areas that are between 5 and 6 points the mean reactions and the important conviction between times of the subsequent prototypical are moved downwards demonstrating a mean creation level subordinate to the one coming to fruition considering the essential model. In the 6.00 – 6.15 spaces the condition is the turnaround (Mouseli et al., 2017). FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

The inspiration driving most exceptional separation according to RSM is 5.0 multi-step beating engines with a capability in bit by bit generation of around 8 units. Both quartic models perceived in the 3650-day reenactments give enchanting sustenance to thought. The two models make reaction surfaces that thoroughly effectively finish the Lack-of-Fit Assessment with a degree of giant underneath 0.1, yet the descend into sin conditions give mean reaction respects that agree just in explicit parts and the conviction breaks will when all is said in done cover essentially under express operational conditions (Tarlinton et al., 2019). In different terms, subordinate upon the undertaking focuses utilized; two reaction surfaces that don’t relate are seen (Mouseli et al., 2017). So as to perceive the explanations behind this immediate, an attentive assessment of the residuals was done. Also known, these are settled in the task focuses as the distinction between test reaction y and the reaction overviewed by the fall away from the faith meta-model.

It is also important to review the connection between the research question and the findings that the research produced. The topic under research was how effective EBV gp350 vaccine is in the treatment of M.S and the importance of engaging in further research on the development of more of these vaccines. Moreover, the aim of the study is to establish how effective these new drugs can be for patients that face the same traumatic experience after they are effectively healed (Jacobs, 2018). Recurrence of the disease is common for most of these patients and despite the fact that there have not been any conclusive evidence that it is possible to heal these patients entirely, there are hopes that the virus recommended will be effective for eventual termination of the disease that will serve as a great breakthrough in the field of medicine. From the results obtained from the study and the control experiment, it can be determined that EBV gp350 was more effective in the resolution of the M.S health problem in the contemporary and future environments. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

Research Results

            The conversion rate of CIS to MS is 92.8% which makes it almost certain that a person suffering from the condition will consequently get MS. Contrasted and different indications; time to change to MS was fundamentally longer in patients with sensorial manifestation at the beginning. This information again show that sensorial beginning is one of the great prognostic elements. Once more, patients who gave ON, one of the great prognostic variables, changed over to MS in either the early or late stages. Consolidating the information with the way that 100% of patients with ON and with positive CSF and MR discoveries changed over to MS, we inferred that patients with ON convert to MS in a shorter time on the off chance that they additionally meet the run of the mill criteria of MS at the beginning. Among the MR attributes, nearness and number of dark gaps profoundly essentially lessens time to change to MS. Since the pathogenesis of dark openings is known to be related with axonal misfortune, this discovering is certifiably not a prominent proof for the infection having begun sooner than expected (Tarlinton et al., 2019). The way that nearness of OCB and positive MR, which are profoundly significant in the finding of MS, influence the opportunity to transformation of CIS to MS isn’t startling. If both of these are negative, the transformation time is impressively delayed. Be that as it may, in the event that one of them is certain, the transformation time is essentially abbreviated. The present examination features the impact of the nearness of OCB and positive MR, either independently or in mix, on time to change to MS. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL


It is also essential to go through the personnel of the organization and further comprehend the requirement of this people in order to ensure that the best results are got from the study. One of the most important people in the research is the controller of the experiment and this is commonly composed of scientists that are in charge of the research. The scientists are important and the reason for this is that they are the ones that run the experiment. The scientists and researchers are the ones that understand the needs of the study and thus the reason why they are given high priority when seeking personnel for the work (Wallach, Gonsalves& Ross, 2018). Most of these scientists work with assistants that are responsible of ensuring that the scientists gets everything that he requires in order to engage in quality research. The scientist assistants are also important for they assist in double checking the work of the major scientist. The main scientist normally has a lot of work to handle and thus it is the responsibility of the assistance to correct the major scientist in case they make blunders. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

The scientists and their assistants have the responsibility of analyzing the results and coming up with quality presentation to deliver to potential investors (Wallach, Gonsalves& Ross, 2018). The scientist and the assistant should coordinate well to avoid any forms of mishaps and the consequent of this is ensuring that the timeline for the research is well observed and consequently offer the potential investors enough time to go through the findings and consequently determine whether they are interested in engaging the project proposed. The scientists in this case have the highest validation from registered learning institutions and the importance of this is ensuring that they carry out safe studies and tests without endangering the lives of the test subjects. Moreover, it is essential for potential investors to engage the project given the professional levels of these scientists. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

It is also essential to review the other parts of the experiment and these are the patients. The research requires people that are willing to try out new drugs and vaccines for their conditions. It is the role of the scientists and assistants to carry out effective research on the effectiveness of the medicine and the importance of this is ensuring that no risks are involved in the study. It is vital to note that the patients should not be forced to engage in the research if they have some issues with the legitimate nature of the research. The experiment subjects ought to be willing and thus they should also receive a priority just as the scientists in the research (Wallach, Gonsalves& Ross, 2018). The importance of ensuring that there is better management of issues relating to the patients is essential and the reason for this is that without them in the research, it is rather hard to see success of the research. In this particular experiment, there was also the presence of control subjects but it is important to note that these were also sick from M.A. The stated factor is a clear definition of the importance of these patients and reason why they should be respected all through the study. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL

The patients in this case are registered people that have suffered from M.A at least once before and then have had relapsed. These patients have their files in registered medical facilities showing that in deed they were ill and had only just relapsed. The importance of having these documents and information is for the scientists to comprehend the problems and allergies that the patients might suffer from. It is also a confirmation sign for the potential investors that these people are sick as indicated and then have the investors noticing the changes that have taken place in their bodies’ physique with regard to the health matter. It is essential to also have these people clear on what they feel and these people ought to be clear on the matter and the reason for this is that it solidifies the research and further offers credibility of these researchers. It is hoped that with clear comprehension of this then it is easier to get the funding needed. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL


            It is also important to go through the budget for the research and the importance of this is to have the investors getting rough estimates of what would be required to advance research in the provided field. The budget here is subdivided into two where the first aspect of the budget dwells on the amount of money that is spent engaging in the primary research. For the scientists/doctors, they would have to receive an average of about $60,000, which is about equal to two months basic salary which is the same amount of time that the primary research is bound to get in the same period of time. The assistant nurses would have to get a comprehensive salary of about $25,000 which is fair according to the current nursing salaries.

            Setting up a fully functioning laboratory that is mobile is another milestone to review with relation to the budget estimation. Currently, the total costs of establishing one are around $700000. Direct and indirect costs are at 68% and 32% respectively. Laboratory usable costs by 32% and personnel fees by 42% and these will have the largest share of the costing. Also, group of vaccine tests cost the most $150,000 (23.63%), and other tests cluster cost the minimum $4,000 (0.31%). Also after checking the cost of lab services, one should identify that about 30% of the budget goes to aid additional research and deal with any problems that might go on during the research. For future research relating the vaccine, it is important to note that the medical team will require about $500,000 in the initial phase. The money will be split employee salaries, accommodation when the group travels to other regions and also plane tickets for all. Moreover, some more cash will be left to serve as emergency funding. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL


It is important to note that the timeframe for the project is bound to be a period of 2 months. The research will begin at the start of the month all through to the final day of the succeeding month. In total, the amount of days that will be spent engaging in the research will be 60 days. In the 50 days period, it is important to note that the doctors will visit each of the patients in all the groups and carry out tests, while still inquiring about their condition and whether the medication they were receiving was working. It is important to note that with clear representation of this, people will open doors to further research on M.S and consequently have a progressive healthcare environment. FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL


            Proposing a grant for the development of the project relating to the establishment and development of research projects that will have the role of ensuring that people suffering from P.A for the first time receive the highest possible level of treatment is essential. Most of the people suffering from the disease are mostly relapsed patients. By submitting evidence that is sourced from previous researchers on the topic, it is possible to identify that the EBV gp350 vaccination method id improved for their sake and that of future research.


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Boarding institution

Boarding institution

The amount of hours spent in a boarding institution is quite great, In general, changed the way I associated with people. In Muscat, my personal life had my social connections to the school campus and to the people I attended to at a regular basis. Back at my location, I experienced the freedom of assuming or retorting to text posts as and when I pleased. This act of abomination would soon engulf me into an effervesce of self-thought. I only was concerned about my position among my communal circle and would remain fence-sitting while any issues arose among other people of my group. “Why should I mind? My engrossment is about as useful as squashing water.”However, through my research, I was able to determine the underlying facts to this and reviewing the issue is quite pivotal.

            The transition to a boarding school shattered the comforts that came with my personal life. The wall that protected me from having a healthy relationship was erased. Mandatory schooling system required us to share properties, in each other’s subsists, support everybody associated and this is what led to the creation of family development in learning institutions. However not many people comprehend the issue. It is imperative to comprehend that these changes have taken place and further identify the impacts.

            In distinction to a day school, where I was vastly against the system brought about, there was general ignorance of the system brought about. In the boarding institutions, I was often handling issueseven prior to them getting out of management in a situation where the management had the task of interviewing..The transformation to dormitory lives changed the setting entirely. Offering stories about a person without paying attention to what the individual stated changed because of the stated challenges Okay, everything will fall in place” or a “Don’t cry. Smile a little bit.” Friendship means to do absolutely anything it takes to put a smile on someone’s face, even if it may be temporary.

Besides sharing emotions, school life instituted distributing a lot of palpable things too. Often I found myself using clothes that didn’t belong to me and then maintain my attire on one. Common incidences like that one led us to disregard the concept of ‘self.’ Even thoughdisregarding the concept of self is contained in the Vedanta principles a conceptreviewed in our transcendent class was making sense more than the traditional concepts of the same.

            The beneficial experience school I was chosen had people starting from the sides of the world with various financial establishments. My background school intended to grant culture and not too bad assortment around me and along these lines, conveyed with it people of different capacities, experiences, and weaknesses. I was around soccer players, guitar players, authorities, specialists, and some more. Nature added to my ability to recognize the blemishes and characteristics of others around me. I was continually incorporated by people capable at a particular inclination, along these lines giving a reliable learning opportunity to me. My live-in school offered me a substitute perspective toward learning when in doubt.

            I found that living under a comparative housetop as those better than at me, I can draw inspiration from near to, picking the positive characteristics in every person to over the long haul include the extent that anybody is concerned. For a mind boggling length living in a day school, I for the most part observed the class topper to be someone with an awesome being given capacity at scholastics. Subsequent to moving to an educational encounter school, I decided to watch the penchants for the class topper and change them to benefit myself. It taught me that It doesn’t take charm to top the class.

Works Cited

Shernoff, David J., et al. “Student Engagement as a Function of Environmental Complexity in     High School Classrooms.” Learning and Instruction 43 (2016): 52-60.

Perceptions of Police Brutality

Perceptions of Police Brutality


The research focuses on the issue of police brutality and how rampant it has been in different neighborhoods. Various places bearing people of different ethnic affiliation and races are treated differently by police officers during arrests and raids in their homes. It is essential to go through the research to create awareness on how this has influenced the community. The research presented has literature review where ten publications present issues relating to the same and how the situation has been in these regions over the years. There is also an analysis of the methods used to carry out the research. There is also dissemination of the results to discuss the issues relating to police brutality. Perceptions of Police Brutality


Police brutality among minor groups in the United States has been a major menace. Minor groups in the United States include people of different ethnic backgrounds and those of color. The people of color in this country are the most affected and the impact of this form of oppression has led to many people fearing for their lives. It is the responsibility of the police to ensure the safety of citizens in any given setting. It is important to note that police brutality cases have remained constant in the country and the police have failed to act accordingly to ensure that they protect the rights of citizen. The law has shown its strictness in dealing with these issues. The average amount of time a convicted officer spends in jail is 14 months in the United States (Chaney & Robertson, 2013). The General Social Survey also carried out some research in Chicago and uncovered that white people were 29.5% more accommodative of police brutality than the average African American. 38% of white people and 89% of African Americans felt that the justice system is biased against black people. It is important to go through the various issues relating to police brutality in the United States over the years and through this, there is assurance that the problem will gain a reputable and effective solution. Perceptions of Police Brutality

The problem has affected the social nature of the minority groups in the contemporary world. The reason why the social nature of these people is affected is the fact that they lack the confidence to associate with other people in a given environment. They always fear that if they are caught outside even when engaging in innocent activities they might be arrested or harassed by law enforcement officers without any appropriate reason.

It is also important to understand the fact that a review of this problem is important in ensuring that law enforcement officers engage in activities that are diligent. Judging people because of their ethnic background or their culture is deemed negative. These form of activities is commonly identified as ethnicity and racism which are very inappropriate means to handle situations. Through the research, one should expect the officers of the law to act in more human, fair and conventional means. Perceptions of Police Brutality

Literature Review

            It is important to review the history of police brutality in the United States. According to Holmes and Smith (2008). The issue of police brutality has existed in the country for the longest time. Ever since the 17th century under the rule of the British Monarchy, it is important, to note that police brutality was common in the country and this has grown as a culture(Chaney & Robertson, 2013). According to their work, they identify the fact that police brutality in the United States has received a lot of criticism over time from different activists. However, little effort has been put to ensure that the rates of this menace decrease significantly. Perceptions of Police Brutality

            Some scholars focus on the issue of police brutality when handling demonstrations. According to Holmes, there are times when police act on demonstrators even though these people might have been carrying out peaceful actions (Holmes, 2000). It is unfair to have police beating up these innocent people and since the law does not limit them, they have continued to engage in these actions over numerous years. Police have been brutal towards people of different races and ethnic backgrounds and the consequence of this has been these victims facing various psychological problems (Bryant-Davis et al., 2017). Some of these people go through traumatic periods and consequently they lack the ability to associate well with others. Perceptions of Police Brutality

            Additional research on the same subject has proved that the manner that police arrest people of the African American community is different from the manner Caucasian people are arrested. At times, a person of color might commit a simple crime but is manhandled and beaten up by police officers. However, when a white person commits a major crime, they are treated well by the police during the time of the arrests (Levin and Thomas, 2017). It is important to note that the function of policing as expected by the police is not carried out after an issue. When a police officer engages in an unfair act because of race issues with a person, it is important to apologize and come up with strategies to avoid this again (Jackson and Lyon, 2012). However, this is not well accomplished by officers in the contemporary environment.

            Another point of research that is very important to review is victim accounts of their experiences when dealing with the officers. Many are times that some kids from the African American community have been oppressed and mistreated by police officers for no reason. These people later speak out to express the trauma they went through (Smith & Holmes, 2013). From the accounts of these people it is possible to identify the extent to which these officers reach just because these people are from minority communities. Other research strategies have involved contemplating the police use of brutality and devising means through which these issues can reduce (Geller &Toch, 2019). The best means through which this is achieved is by ensuring that the police officers comprehend their responsibilities and go through repeated training that can help them learn the importance of treating people fairly. Perceptions of Police Brutality

            According to Chaney and Roberson, (2013), the current cases in the justice system focusing on issue of police mistreatment because of race or ethnic background are slowly processes. The consequence of this is having the victim mentally and physically suffering all through. At times, the person might spend a long time in jail while indeed he or she was innocent. Moreover, the police officers that hurt the victim continue running their operations freely. It is important to ensure that these case are resolved in the quickest means possible and stringent measures taken against the officers involved. It is also essential to review the perception of the citizens with regard to police brutality.

            After a case of police brutality, the police officers often go back to the neighborhood seeking to offer an apology and resolve to make the situations better (Lai and Zhao, 2010). However, when the police go back to these areas, the police are always in fear and do not wish to have a conversation with the officers. It is important to curb police brutality to enhance policing and improve relations between law enforcement and residents in any given neighborhood. Perceptions of Police Brutality


  • White police officers tend to be more brutal to colored people in any neighborhood.
  • White criminals are treated better by police officers during arrests.
  • People living in black neighborhoods report the highest cases of police brutality.
  • People of color receive the highest amount of discrimination.
  • Since they are black in skin color they are assumed to be the lesser community
  • Police brutality is more frequent in places with black people that are predominant.


            The research took an ample amount of time. The reason for engaging in this research is the fact that the issue had escalated in the environment for a huge amount of time. To go through effective research, it was imperative to visit 4 neighborhoods. One of the neighborhoods was predominant of black people. The other neighborhood where the research was conducted was a place where whites were most in the environment. The other neighborhood was predominant of people from a different ethnic community and this is where Latinos were the most. The last environment to review is a neutral one with members from different races and ethnic backgrounds. Perceptions of Police Brutality Perceptions of Police Brutality

            The sampling procedure involves incorporation of questionnaires. The questionnaires are well formulated to gather quality information on the issue. It is important to note that in each of these neighborhoods, interviews were conducted on six people in the environment. A total number of people interviewed was 24. It is thus appropriate to identify that the sample size was twenty four and having the total number of people above 20 is important for it ensures that the amount of information gathered is credible and applicable in the resolution of the matter.

            The measurement variables for the research include the ethnic background of the people interviewed and the racial background. Having this baseline makes it possible for people to comprehend the complex nature of the situation. It is expected that the police officers after reviewing the report and results of the study can make amends to their behavior for better or improved cooperation between the police officers and the citizens. Perceptions of Police Brutality

            The inclusion of a survey is very important in the modern environment. After engaging in quality research on the issue, it is important to carry out the survey and this will involve the formulation of the questionnaire as identified. The importance of questionnaires is that it enables a researcher to identify the various needs of people in the community. Moreover, it is imperative to ensure that the participants understand that their identities will remain hidden and the reason for this is that it ensures that they are confident and truthful when offering information. Some people might fail to offer credible information out of the few that their information might leak and the consequent of this is police harassing them more after the research. The researchers are also supposed to exercise truthfulness, protect and exercise the confidentiality agreement between the two individuals and consequently ensure the protection of privacy. Perceptions of Police Brutality


            The collected data showed that the number of neighborhoods bearing the African Americans as the hugest population had rampant cases of police brutality. In 4 of the 6 neighborhoods where the research was carried out, there was identification of the fact that they had experienced some form of police brutality. Despite the fact that not all of them had faced brutality, the at least knew someone who has gone through the struggle. For the ethnic communities where research was carried out, the results were the same and this is where 4 of the people interviewed stated that they had gone through police brutality because of their ethnic background. This information was the tabulated in a frequency table to show the rate of police brutality in these regions.

            Data was also collected in the neighborhood where most of the people were white. Surprisingly, out of the six people interviewed, none of them claimed to have gone through any form of police brutality. Actually, people in this neighborhood praised the police officers for how well they carried out their duties and ensured the safety of people in the environment. From the research carried out in the neutral environment bearing people of different races and ethnic background, it is important to note that the results were moderate where only three of the people interviewed identified having any form of police brutality in their lives.

Frequency Table

CommunityPeople interviewedFrequency
African American64
Caucasian Americans60


            From going through the research, it is possible for a person to comprehend the fact that there are considerable differences with regard to the cases involving police brutality depending on the neighborhood visited. The first area o visit was the one inhabited by African American people. From the research carried out in this area, it was possible to identify the fact that the number of people oppressed by the police there was 4 out of 6. The fact that the number was more than half shows how avid the matter was in this region.

            It is also essential to review the same matter while paying attention to the Latino community. The Latino community has gone through a lot over the past few centuries in the United States. The people in the country have been mistreated for a very long time and this is because they are taken as outsiders. The frequency in this community was also huge where more than half of the interviewees admitted to have gone through mistreatment. The total number of cases recorded was 4. Surprisingly in the area dominated by white people, there was no case that was recorded relating to the same.

            As time has progressed, people in these white neighborhoods have gained confidence because even after committing a crime, they are not influenced by these officers or mistreated. In the neutral community, it is essential to note that there was an average number of people that claimed to have gone through police brutality. The reason for this is that the police in these regions were not biased and that they approached matters diligently but not at all entirely right for the fact that people still reported poor treatment.

            From the information provided, one can note that predominantly white neighborhoods did not go through any issues with relation to oppression. The black neighborhoods and Latino communities suffered a lot and one can identify that this is because they are the minority group.  It is important to ensure that the current environment changes its perception relating to the ethnic communities and people that are black in race. It is also essential to ensure that there is better management of resources and that disciplinary measures are set up to ensure that these officers are punished accordingly.


            The issue of police brutality in the police force has become a common thing and has even increased in the contemporary environment. The reasons why this has increased is the fact that no disciplinary measures are taken against these officers. It is also essential to identify the fact that modern police officers are not well-trained to handle some of these situations without violence. It is the responsibility of the departments to ensure that they instill proper measures to ensure that the officers receive quality treatment from the various other officers. The consequent of this will be the police gaining respect from the communities and also the concept of community policing improves.


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Have you ever experienced police brutality in your life? Yes or No? 
Do you have a friend or a relative who has experienced police brutality?Yes or No? 
If you have ever faced brutality did the police own up to their actions. Yes or No? 
Did the officers go through disciplinary measures after the harassment?Yes or No? 
What do you think should be done to reduce cases of police brutality? 
What do you think the community should do to ensure that officers are held accountable? 
Are there any community policing strategies in this region?Yes or No? 
Do you think community policing can work in this neighborhood?Yes or No? 
Do you think minority groups are more subject to brutality? Strongly agree, agree, neutral disagree, or strongly disagree? 

Information graphics

Information graphics

Information graphics or info graphics are graphic visual representations that help you understand the information for a particular theme. The graphics allow your target audience to get the desired information in a quick and more effective manner as compared to textual information. Info graphics are used in almost every field you can find in the world.

With the passage of time, you can see different businesses using info graphics for their branding. It is also used in the brochures, pamphlets, visiting cards and even on advertisement regarding job openings.One of the aspects that I came to discover is the fact that this is only provided in limited regions. It is important. Despite the fact that some of these places have infrastructure that can be accessed by many people, then it is possible to offer sub-contracts landing to the provision of various internet needs.

From the info graphic, I was also able to note the fact that mobile networks are easily manipulated. Rom the image, I noted the lot of things and people that had complied of the same. I also discovered that it is very easy for people and companies to adjust some of these problems and through this, there is the assurance of general development. Ease in the translocation of these people is another factor to consider relating to the same (Visual Paradigm, 2019). From the info it is important to note that the various people in the contemporary environment understand the changes that have taken place in the field of information technology. Through comprehension of this, there I assurance that the environment will improve. The info graphic I also essential in that it assists in the expedition of various process relating to the same matter.


Visual Paradigm. (2019). Infographic Example: Top 5 Challenges in creating content. Visual         Paradigm. Retrieved on 25th March 2020. Web


Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

Influence of Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors on Marketing


Many researchers have come to the realization that most of their business can succeed or fail depending on their incorporation of technology. Some other companies have faced the adverse effects of socio-cultural issues that have had a great impact on their lives. The modern world is one that is faced with numerous challenges and technology has come in to offset some of these imbalances. However, it is essential to note that in the same measure that technology has impacted businesses in a positive light is the same manner that these institutions have identified weaknesses coming from the same advent. There are different parts of the marketing mix that technology and socio-cultural aspects affect the modern environment. Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

Main Report

Big Data

One of the ways through which technology has had an impact on marketing and markets in the contemporary environment is through the introduction of big data. The current environment has seen an introduction of numerous ways through which companies and sales representatives can collect data. Data collection is important for different types of companies and reason for this is the more information a marketer has on his or her marketing, the better positioned he or she is in to sell a commodity. A study has shown that about 44 percent of all marketers in the modern environment rely on data to gain insight on the product that they are involved with. Moreover, big data improves aspects related to responsiveness (Erevelles at al., 2016, 898). Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

Regardless of the industry where a business might be operating in, it is essential to identify the fact that the response from the client is the basis of quality performance. When a company gathers data relating to the effectiveness of their products, the better positioned it is to improve its marketing criteria. Some companies might push too far seeking to sell its products and consequently have a negative effect on the customers. For a company that relies on big data, it is possible for it to comprehend the mistakes that it makes when marketing and the consequent of this is it identifying whether it should proceed with the marketing strategies that it had or it has to make a complete overhaul of its marketing strategies (Fan, Lau and Zhao, 2015, 30). Big data has influenced analysis if the market where it is possible to gain information from suppliers regarding speculations on changes in the marketing environment and consequently prepare in case of any changes needed in the environment. Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

A supplier might post regarding the impending changes in the economy and have the retailers identifying whether to increase or increase prices of commodities in the environment. For companies that use big data it is an advantage for them and this is because they are found prepared when the wave of changes takes place in the business environment (Sundsøy et al., 2014, 371). Big data has had a great advantage on the marketing world and this is for the sake of the marketers and the market environment in general. However, the same big data has a negative effect on the environment and this is where some companies might use information that they gather to initiate unconventional business practices and create unhealthy business activities (Licsandruand Cui, 2018, 335). Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

Artificial Intelligence

            Artificial intelligence has been introduced in the current environment and this is where it has been used to promote marketing. It is essential to note that various cultures in the world and this is mostly in developing countries such as those in Africa and others in Asia such as India do not easily let go of their culture. Despite the efforts that have been put by the west to try and sell the concept of technology to these people, the recipient still feels as if they are being taken advantage of by these countries (Sterne, 2017, 98). Some developed countries such as Japan and China also still hold on to their ancestry and ensure that they engage in activities that their ancestors did. Artificial intelligence is treated negatively in most of these countries and this is where the members hold on to their socio-cultural beliefs. Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

            Technology has had a great impact on the lives of people and more so in the healthcare environment. Modern technology has introduced new medicine that can be administered to patients through artificial technology. Many people have benefitted from these changes and the consequent is having a much healthier society (Scodari, 2017, 22). Some of the medication cannot be administered by humans directly and this is because of their weaknesses when it comes to precision. Artificial technology ensures that there is quality awareness of the treatment options depending on the issues that the patients might be suffering to. Companies in Western countries have invested a lot and some have even come up with targeted advertisements that seek to offer options to heal the ailments that specific patients suffer from. However, owing to socio-cultural beliefs, when these commodities and machines are pitched to some of the communities that they are meant to serve, they are treated negatively and shunned by the elders of the community (Marinchak, 2018, 19). Most of the people in these communities are of the belief that the use of these machines is a taboo and in efforts to avoid angering their ancestors, they disregard artificial technology and the marketing strategies of some of these companies fail. Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

            Despite the negative issues that are presented by some of these communities, it is important to note that the youth in some of the most developed countries in the world have promoted the marketing of artificial intelligence. Targeted advertising is one of the most effective ways through which a company can gain recognition (Kumar, 2016, 13). Depending on the internet usage of the target audience, it is possible for a company through internet bots to determine the interests of a person and consequently generate a program through which it can advertise similar products in the website that the person normally visits. It is essentially to identify that this marketing strategy has been effective for some of the people that watch these advertisements gain an interest in the commodities (Butler et al., 2016, 148). Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

            Despite the positive outcome that comes from artificial intelligence, it is essential to note that there are some negative aspects that come from this and it is where a person might see an advertisement and consequently purchase it only to find the quality is not what was expected. The repercussion of such a problem is having more people disregarding the company that advertised the product (Vishnoi et al., 2018, 170). The use of artificial intelligence might have come to salvage some of the issues that traditional marketing had but also bears its shortcomings. Artificial intelligence enables a company to get a larger pool of clients as compared to traditional one on one advertisement that was limited to the physical locations where a person could get. It is easier for people to have their commodities identified in different parts of the world through collaboration of AI and the internet. Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

            Some people have stated that AI has invaded their privacy by identifying some of their favorite sites but most of these companies simply collect artificial data and do not invade privacy. Positive aspects of artificial technology are more when compared to the negative aspects and appreciating this can see the marketing environment improving and companies managing to achieve their goals in time (Zhang and Luo, 2018, 67). There are hopes that in near future, it will be possible to penetrate the market of these deeply cultured communities and have them comprehend that they can still use technology-developed products while still appreciating and respecting their cultures. Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

The Internet of things

            The internet of things is one aspect where contemporary marketers engage different clients by understanding how they associate different technology gadgets. The contemporary environment has seen an increase in the amount of commodities that can be used together as long as they are connected to a Wi Fi signal (Smith et al., 2019). When a marketer identifies the purchasing behavior of a single person, then this makes it easier for him to engage the client and consequently offer him or her additional products that he feels can work together with the commodity he or she initially purchased. Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

            It is important to note that the internet of things has improved contemporary businesses and this is because that companies that are aligned with similar internet products can channel their resources and offer advice to other people on how they can get additional products from associated stores (Ngi and Wakenshaw, 2017, 14). The internet of things has made marketing easier and cheaper. The business environment has benefited and this is where people have engaged in reputable business practices and rather than competing for market domination, they only communicate to offer each other marketing advice which is a factor that is very noble. As identified, the internet of things has made business run operations very cheap. Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

            Initially, companies would spend huge chunks of money seeking to advertise their commodities and use up even more money attempting to out-do the competitors in the environment where they are operating. Nowadays, given that these companies are working in conjunction with each other, a company does not have to spend a lot of money because the other company is doing the marketing for them and the consequent of this is a rather improved business environment that is quite effective. If businesses are to succeed and marketers earn profit, this is the way to approach work (Nguyen, B. and Simkin, 2017). Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

            However, it is imperative to note that socio-cultural issues relating to marketing can create problems when it comes to the internet of things. Some cultures believe in direct marketing where there is interaction with customers at their places of work and in their homes. People believe that with this form of interaction, it is better to have a comprehensive and more understanding society. Moreover, it ensures that the business acumen of the area remains vibrant which sets pace for better workers and consequently the business community succeeds as a whole.

            There are growing concerns from traditional marketers that the internet of things will take business away. The reason why there is this concern is the fact that some of these marketers take it up on themselves to market directly to the consumers and thus take in huge commissions from the companies that they market the commodities for. It is essential to note that some families depend on the provided commission by these institutions and when these companies fail to offer the marketers these business opportunities, the family unit is disrupted which has the consequent of some families even breaking. The concept of families breaking up is a major socio-cultural issue (Brusset, X., Teller, C. and Kotzab, 2017, 686). Traditionally, breaking up was something that was not accepted in any community. However, as time has progressed, it has become a norm for families to break owing to issues such as financial mismanagement and insecurity. The internet of things has its own advantages and this is because it creates a platform for business people to improve their relations with each other but the disadvantages that it creates for marketers is huge. Understanding how to balance the internet of things with traditional marketing is a concept that should be studied for the sake of families and the business community comprehensively.

Augmented Reality

            Utilizing a point of arrival to sidestep a Google search has different advantages when analyzing effects of augmented reality. Somebody setting aside the effort to look at one is as of now halfway persuaded; an excessive amount of data could overpower them or direct them somewhere else (Bulearca, M. and Tamarjan, 2010, 241). On the off chance that a business rival or a major box store has taken out a promotion, one could lose the client one has endeavored to get a point of arrival which enables one to carry ones possibility to very own space and guarantees they don’t get lost en route. When the possibility shows up, they can remain conveniently in the very own spot on the web and ideally complete a buy without interruption.

            One would require a quality greeting page to ensure one get every one of the advantages of joining this valuable element into a crusade. The page ought not be a copy of the mailer or basically rehash a similar data (Liao, 2015, 312). The correct greeting page will furnish the purchaser with more data and incorporate a solid offer or source of inspiration, as well.

By joining innovation into a post office based mail crusade, one can consolidate the best highlights of each approach and guarantee that one are really resounding with possibilities. Interested by AR, QR codes and other developing innovation? It is possible to assist one with thinking of an arrangement for coordinating these creative and powerful techniques into a showcasing methodology. Get in touch with us today to begin receiving the benefits of innovation for the next post office based mail battle.

            Variable information printing done accurately won’t be perceptible to the client. They won’t comprehend or perceive the innovation and work that went into making a piece that is intended to request explicitly to them; they’ll simply believe a person is truly in-a state of harmony with their needs and needs. Printing out explicit, on request pieces that splendidly coordinate client’s needs and inclinations clearly expands the odds of making an association (Yaoyuneyong, et al, 2016, 19). In reality as we know it where personalization and customization in promoting messages is getting more well-known and significant than any other time in recent memory, variable information printing can assist one with hanging out in even a packed commercial center.

            The changes made to technology in light of Augmented Reality have really changed the manner through which people view business. It is however important to note that this aspect of technology is not ideally for everybody. The target market for this kind of marketing is specialized and applies mostly to the youth. The reason for this is the fact that the youth are the most experienced with modern day technology and it is easier for them to catch up with the latest trends using their phones.

The Cloud

            The cloud can help promoters with overseeing content, sort out data and work together on ventures — all from wherever is present in the contemporary environment (Ratten, 2013, 141). Publicists must make efforts that stretch over various channels from different web based life goals to web records to web diaries (Mansuri, Verma and Laxkar, 2014, 6). Especially when various agents are tackling one record, this can get jumbling. The cloud empowers them to keep everything in one spot, so they can uncover a firm marketing exertion. 

            Technology is developing rapidly, and promoters are adjusting their methods to collaborate these changes. They have to if they have to stay material and continue reaching people. Promoting is a field that is persistently creating, and development is making that move faster (Ratten, 2012, 158). The development that is essentially being introduced today may transform into a critical unmistakable bit of leeway in the marketing industry tomorrow. Thus, it’s vital for promoters to stay alert and up to date on the latest advancement designs.


            The internet and socio-cultural factors have had a huge impact on the contemporary marketing environment. The advent of technology has changed marketing in numerous ways and this has been both positive and negative. Big data gains recognition as a means through which marketers have been able to store potential-customer information and use it to their advantage and increase their sales. Artificial intelligence can also be appreciated for modernizing marketing and the repercussions of this are clear to anybody that is determined to comprehend marketing. However, artificial intelligence has faced challenges in the socio-economic front and the reason for this is that some regions around the world are not as welcoming to the technology and see it as a means through which traditional marketing aspects will be affected negatively. The cloud in provides a spot to store important customer data in a spot where everyone can find in a good pace.

It is essential to recognize aspects such as place where one can identify that the locations where these products have the highest demand are accessible and consequently companies ensure that they convince the local government to improve the infrastructure for their profit. The price of a commodity is also highly affected by the promotion strategies that a company brings in. Through technology, promotion strategies have been improved where it is easier to get people that have technology devices such as smartphones and consequently get a larger profit margin as compared to times before this. People also constitute a major factor and through technology and socio-cultural factors, it is possible to determine the reactions of people depending on their understanding of the issue. It is also important to review issues relating to socio-culture and how they affect marketing and various markets to better comprehend the aspect further.

            Various marketers can use comparative data to align their strategies, and everyone moves toward comparative information, so they’re all in understanding. Cloud development is in like manner entirely important when different people are working on a comparative endeavor paying little respect to whether they’re in different zones. A marketing expert in New York, a visual designer in Hong Kong and a site authority in Berlin would all have the option to keep wakeful to date on each other’s work and work on it impeccably in the occasion that they’re using the cloud.  Augmented reality has assisted lighten the burden of marketing to teenagers and other youth but this has come as a disadvantage to the older generation that are involved in marketing processes.It is essential to identify the fact that social cultural issues have had a big toll on business. Various factors such as ethnicity, age and disposable income have a great impact on how effective a marketing plan will become.


            Reflecting on what I had identified from the research, I can identify the fact that all the evidence that I had received was quite credible and the reason for this is that there was clear definition of how the affected marketing and the markets generally. It is imperative to note that big data has had one of the greatest impacts on marketing. Reflecting up on the information provided and trying to understand it from the real-life scenario it is possible to identify how this comes to be. Companies in the current environment focus on the use of big data in order to have the various products that they offer passed on to the clients. The process is automated and the consequent of this is the various marketers in the environment losing their employment positions. Technology and Socio-Cultural Factors

            I also agree with the fact that big data has a huge role to play in the identification of the various flaws that exist in the marketing environment. Relying on big data is something I believe is revolutionary and this is because it will ensure that the current marketers operate on their best behavior and in a considerate manner for the sake of potential clients. I believe that this is quite impressive.

            I believe that ethnic individuals keep up their character by developing values that are not equivalent to those of the standard person. This impacts ones displaying decisions. For example, in specific social orders the life partner still does all the cooking and cleaning; however I have come to learn that in standard American culture, such a supposition, that is seen as antagonistic. Right when you market to a specific ethnic social affair, guarantee the favorable circumstances you underscore have a motivating force to that get-together. I know that some cultures might not purchase various commodities owing to their deep beliefs

            I have come to understand that as far back as when the Baby Boomer age was identified, each age has attempted to develop very own character. That character changes as people from the age change. If you market to adolescents, for example, you should underscore having friends and having a spot with a social affair. In any case, people in the 20 to 39 age area will when all is said in done worth prosperity and health more. I have considered the age packs that may require things or organizations, and make sense of how to address their inclinations

            I am of the opinion that everyone should expand an appreciation of how much optional capital the target customer has various parties’ structure is reliant on this single factor. I believe that if a customer believes herself to be someone who ought to have additional money, one can successfully promote excess things to this sort of person. Of course, I understand that if a social occasion describes itself as hardly having enough necessities, a promoting plan that underscores straightforwardness and high motivating force for basic things would be progressively productive with this sort of purchaser.


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Frederic Henry and War

Frederic Henry and War

Frederic Henry’s attitude and perspective about war drastically change in “A Farewell to Arms”. The novel is presented in four distinct phases and in each of these, there is a change in Henry’s view of war. Henry was an American who was serving in the Italian Front. Notably, the war had many experiences that changed him. The paper focuses on “A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway”, the fact that Henry started taking the war more seriously after seeing some comrades die and also the fact that I started taking education more seriously after noticing the importance of knowledge in the contemporary environment.

At the beginning of the story, Henry’s character is that of a reserved person. He is very distant and does not talk to people. He went into war thinking that it would end fast and after being in it for some time; he believed that it was not worthy (Hemingway, 1997). It is because of this perspective that he even tries convincing some of his comrades to drop the war. However, the comrades are adamant and insist on continuing with the war for the sake of the nation’s pride.

At one point during the war, a close associate of his was injured, and despite efforts to heal him, the comrade died. As identified, Henry was distant and not close to many people. However, the comrade that died was a close friend. Henry was devastated by this.  Henceforth, he believed that it was imperative to win the war regardless of any risks that could come his way. Henry’s attitude completely changed where he started engaging in the battle directly and ruthlessly even killing some of the Italian soldiers that he found selling secrets to the enemy (Babatunde, Ikwuagwu&Eze, 2017). His personality changed, and he managed to assist the Italians in the latter parts of the war.

It is also crucial to note that his attitude towards the war changed because of the overwhelming amount of work that the emergency officers had to carry out during the war. It is noted that Fredric was in charge of a ten-ambulance fleet. In the beginning, the number of Italians attacked was not many, and thus his work was less (Hemingway, 1997). He was adamant at the time. However, as the war progressed, more people continued being injured, and that is when he decided that indeed, it was vital for him to engage in the war more seriously. He started using a more direct approach to the war.

An experience worth noting is in my middle-school days. At that time, I was very rebellious and did not see a point of going to school. I went to please my parents. During the first few years, I would not concentrate on my studies and would spend a lot of time chatting with mates. However, in my final years in middle school, some people came to offer us career advice, and I realized the challenges people who fail in school face. From that point, I took education seriously and has since seen my grades improving.

After reading the story of Frederic Henry, it is possible to note that the death of his close colleague and the increased number of casualties changed his perception of war. He started being more serious, and the reason for this is that he felt that he was on the losing end of this war. The career clinic brought to our institution in middle school was inspiring to me and saw me change in character.


Babatunde, D. A., Ikwuagwu, O. C., &Eze, K. O. (2017). Peace through Literature: A thematic   study of Ernest Hemingway’sa farewell to arms. International Journal of English     Research3(5), 52-55. Hemingway, E. (1997). A Farewell to Arms. New York: Simon and Schuster

Communication strategies

Communication strategies

At Lasell, I have come to identify various communication strategies that can enable me become a better person in the contemporary business environment. I have come to note that by being diverse and this is with regard to the people that I talk to, it is possible for me to understand their various cultures. Comprehension of the cultures that these people come from offers me a platform from where I can learn their language. Speaking with people using their dialect is important and this is because it offers some form of cohesion relating to the subject in question. Moreover, it is possible for me to note the various issues that these people might be having relating to my native language or community.

Informed empathy has also proven important at Lasell. The reason for this is the fact that I have noted the challenges that minority groups in the institution go through. Some of these challenges involve oppression in social places where they are not given opportunities that others have. Comprehension of this weakness in the system has made me work extra hard to ensure that they are given the same rights that people in other communities receive in the same environment. I believe that through social inclusion, the general environment is going to improve.

From my time in Lasell, I have also come to appreciate the concept of interdependence. I have to rely on various people in any given environment to succeed. The reason why I came to this conclusion is that I noted that they might be having some constructive ideas that I might lack. Through these associations, it is possible for me to register growth in the project that I might be having at the time. Moreover, this will prove positive in the future when I engage in other business dealings.

Film Reflection

Film Reflection: Green Book and The Hate You Give

Green Book is an important novel in the contemporary environment and the reason for this is the fact that it enables people to comprehend the changes that have taken in the administrative process in the United States. Without the comprehension of these changes, people might continue carrying out the various practices that they might have been engaging in even without the law. It is vital to ensure that these issues are effectively resolved in the modern world and through this there is the assurance that there will be changes in the modern environment that will further develop the current world. Film Reflection

The Green Book notes the fact that Dr. Don is a well identified pianist that is well known in the environment but does not have the financial capability to handle the various cases that he faces in the contemporary world. One can note that there is a difference between this doctor and the other person in the movie “Smoke Signals”. The difference between the two is the fact that unlike the American, Thomas, who was Indian, did not have the privilege that he had and this is because most of the people in the given environment did not have the resources that were required to offer quality regardless of the situation that they were surviving in at the given time. Moreover, this could not effectively happen in any given field. Film Reflection

It is imperative to note that African Americans have continued being oppressed by the police in the modern world. Failure to comprehend these issues. If these people are given respect, then there can be assurance of development (Farrelly, 2018). However, without this, then there are numerous challenges that might come up with regard to the same. The Green book when compared to smoke signals is very different and the reason for this is that it focuses on a single person. Film Reflection

One perspective that an individual should recognize is the way that it is set in a native reservation. The setting is like the one that was utilized in Smoke Signals film. The film is set in a similar foundation. The angle is critical closeness, and notwithstanding the given contrasts, at that point it is conceivable to take note of the different issues that may confront any given foundation (Tillman, 2018). Notwithstanding the area and the exhibition of the organization, at that point it is conceivable to decide the way through which the organization can fulfill the client and further have the different clients succeeding. It is additionally basic to recognize the difficulties that the organization may be confronting, and careful thought of these perspectives then it is conceivable to manage the different providers of items which will be successful in the general improvement of the organization. Film Reflection

Another distinction that can be noted between the two settings is the way that one has exponentially developed in the cutting edge world. Note that the development will demonstrate successful for the organizations, and the explanation behind this is they will get a more extensive scope of customers. With the current budgetary conditions, at that point it is difficult to roll out any significant improvements that will prompt the organization getting even helpful. Film Reflection


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