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For the Week 2 assignment, under the Analysis section of the digital forensics plan, provide the Threats and Vulnerabilities section of the plan. This will include the following:Give an overview of the threats and vulnerabilities found in your organization. The vulnerabilities and related security issues should reflect incidents that could occur within your organization. Identify threats and vulnerabilities for the following 4 classes:RemoteLocalClientDoS (denial of service)This section of the report should be an overview of the threats and vulnerabilities that could occur in these 4 classes.

Special media or rapid test kits for common pathogens

Your choice of topic may reflect your personal interests, support your career goals or nurture your inherent intuition and curiosity. Have enough time to gather literature, write, revise, revise some more, and turn in a scholarly paper. Maximum page limit is 10, double spaced, AMA (American Medical Association) format. – Presentations should be 7-10 minutes long and should include all pertinent information as per their literature review.

The Scientific Literature Review


Background research is a vital component of the scientific research process. The students will be able to locate, identify and critique key elements of scientific literature to discover what is known and what remains to be learned about a topic.

Books and articles are categorized as either primary or secondary sources. It is always more desirable to use primary sources whenever possible.

Primary sources are first-hand accounts of events Secondary sources are second-hand accounts.

The competent researcher never relies on secondary sources but always reviews the primary source as a check against possible errors. The researcher then makes records of the sources studied and summarizes the pertinent information found in each.

The most common and useful method for recording bibliographical information is to write the complete information for each publication on a separate 3X5 card (or file). These cards are kept in alphabetical order in a file to be a ready source to cite relevant works in the body of the research paper. The researcher must develop an orderly and systematic approach to coding their index cards. It is important to summarize an article or book using the same format each time. This will enable quick comparisons.

For an article, examine the author’s credentials, scan the hypothesis, and focus on the methods of research used (how the sample was selected and the data was analyzed). Read the conclusion and summary. Retain sound and pertinent articles. To summarize and record the information, note author, title, and year of publication.

• Title of article
• Authors name(s) – all authors MUST be recorded.
• Full reference – year of publication, FULL name of the journal or book, # of issue or edition and

page numbers.
• Summary of information of interest NOTE: no everything may be of importance to your

research, concentrate only on the issues that are pertinent to your work.

? REVIEWS For the past three or four years you have learned how to review a scientific paper, now is time to learn how to use this information in a more productive form. Scientist must keep up with the advances on their area of interest by constantly reading new publications. This will give them an overview of what is being accomplished by the scientific community. Each individual paper you read will give you a piece of the puzzle. During this exercise, you will learn how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together as a BIG PICTURE – Scientific Literature Review.


Title short, specific, clear

Introduction WHY are you doing this research?- state the propose of what you are expecting to find (Present tense), review the individual literature and compile what information already exists on this subject (background information reported by the papers you read regarding your topic)

Materials & Methods HOW was the research carried out? (Past tense) (design, target population, treatment, analytical methods —- brief explanation on how the different authors conducted their experiments) – compare their methods), please NOTE that this may not be appropriated for your research.

Results WHAT kind of results were reported by the papers you read (past tense) again, this may not apply to your research or it could be combine with your discussion and conclusion.

Discussion/Conclusions WHAT do the results published by the different researchers mean to you? (present tense)

References / Literature cited

Paper Guidelines: The project will be based on new literature, at least seven original research articles from scientific journals (primary source). Beside the new scientific literature (primary sources), background references like books, popular science magazines or older articles from science journals should be used to complete your work; to create the BIG PICTURE. (Minimum 10-12 references)

The steps required for the completion of the project are:

1. Sign-up for a topic provided by your instructor or if you have a particular topic or interest, you may clear it with your instructor. Due (in class) by the 2nd week of class. Please note that no two person will be allow to research the same topic.
• When deciding on a topic, you should ask yourself the question….. What do you want to know about

this subject? * Once you define your topic, you will not be allowed to change it. Find primary references – at least 7 original research scientific articles from reputable scientific journals (use the library services!). – NOTE: scientific reviews and mini-reviews are considered as secondary source. — Copies of the scientific papers PDF’s must be e-mailed to the instructor for approval no later than September 23, 2018. late delivers will be penalized NOTE that I cannot open any link! You must download the paper into your computer as a PDF file and then forward the PDF as an email attachment.

2. Read the papers (followed guide provided in the beginning of this assignment) and look for additional scientific articles and background material (minimum 10 references should be included on your paper).

• Prepare individual summary for each paper (like single pieces of a puzzle) write a two page “resume” in your own words for each reference. E-mail then to the instructor no later than October 6, 2018. – late delivers will be penalized Compile all your information to give an overview of the studies done in a particular area of interest. “the entire puzzle” — Start writing your scientific literature review. First draft must be e-mailed to your instructor no later than 11:59pm October 27, 2018. You may re-submit via e-mail working drafts until November 17. NO MORE DRAFTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DAY. Make sure you have addressed all the recommendations and that your paper is free of grammatical errors and of good scientific quality as per the guide provided at the beginning of the assignment. Points to remember: You are not to review each paper independently. DO NOT DESCRIBE INDIVIDUAL RESEARCHES, YOU MUST SUMMARIZE AND COMPARE ALL THE PAPERS. You must compile all the information as a single unit Don’t forget to cite in text what each author have to say. When citing in text use author(s) name(s) coma and year of publication. e.g. (Johnson, 2015) or (Johnson & Smith, 2016) or if more than two authors use (Willey et al., 2014) It MUST include:
o Title page — (Title of your paper, your name and course number)

o Introduction (background information reported by the papers you read regarding your

o Material & Methods if appropriate to your topic (brief explanation on how the different

authors conducted their experiments) – compare their methods
o Result / Discussion what do the results published by the different researchers mean to

you. You may compare the data in tables, schemes or figures. BUT it has to be self- explanatory and created by YOU. (do not copy them from the literature – that is considered plagiarism!)

o Conclusion (what did you learn from your research) o Reference — In text references and literature cited.

In text references should be done by using the author(s) last name followed by a coma and the year of publication (ex. Johns, 2016; Johns & Willian, 2016; if more than three authors use the first authors name and et al. – Johns et al., 2016)

End of the paper reference (literature cited) can be written as follow…Make sure to write the name of all authors here. — do not use et al.!

• Authors’ names (last name, Initial(s).and ; between the authors and before the last one)) Year of publication. Article title (capitalize only the first letter of the first word and proper nouns), Journal name (in italic), Volume number; full page numbers.

o Li, B.; Li, W.; Chen, X.; Jiang, M.; and Dong, M. (2012). In vitro antibiofilm activity of the melanin from Auricularia auricula, an edible jelly mushroom. Annals of Microbiology, 62(4), 1523-1530.

• Article in an online journal: Author(s) (same as above). Year Title. Journal Name; volume (issue NO.):inclusive pages. URL [provide the URL in this field; no need to use “URL:” preceding it]. Published [date]. Updated [date]. Accessed [date].

o Drake A.J., Smith A., and Betts P.R., (2002). Type 2 Diabetes in Obese White Children. Archives of Disease in Childhood 86(3), 207-208. bin/query-meta?v:project=nlm-main-website&query=Archives+of+disease+in+childhood. Accessed April 5, 2016.

o Langer, S., D. Schropp,, F. R. Bengelsdorf,, M. Othman, and M. Kazda. 2014. Dynamics of biofilm formation during anaerobic digestion of organic waste. Anaerobe 29 , p 44-51. Accessed April 5, 2016

• When citing data from a Web site, include the following elements, if available, in the order shown below: Author(s), if given (often, no authors are given). Title of the specific item cited (if none is given, use the name of the organization responsible for the site). Name of the Web site. URL [provide URL and verify that the link still works as close as possible to publication]. Published [date]. Updated [date]. Accessed [date].

o Living With Type 1 Diabetes. diabetes/recently-diagnosed/living-with-type-1-diabetes.html. Published February 9, 2015. Accessed April 7, 2015.

o Why Immunize? Updated September 23, 2014. Accessed April 7, 2015.

o Yale University. Science Daily. Published January 7, 2015. Accessed April 5, 2015.

• When referring to an entire book, not pages or specific sections, use the following format: References should include the last name and first and middle initials of the author(s), italicized title case format for all titles (capitalize all words except prepositions such as of, between, through), articles (such as a, the, and an), and conjunctions (such as but, and, or; however, capitalize them if they begin the title or the subtitle) the city and state of publication, the publisher, and the year of publication/creation.

o Silverstein A., Silverstein V.B., Nunn L.S. Cancer. Minneapolis, MN: Twenty-First Century Books; 2006.

o Maul-Mellott, S.K. and Adams, J.N. Childhood Cancer: A Nursing Overview. Boston, MA: Jones and Bartlett; 1987.

o Willey,J. M., L. M. Eherwood and C. J. Woolverton. Prescott’s MICROBIOLOGY 9th. Edition. McGraw-Hill. 2014.

• Chapters from books should be capitalized in the same format as journal articles (sentence case format) and should not use quotation marks. Additionally, inclusive page numbers for the each chapter should be provided. The title of the book, however, should be title cased and italicized, following the print book format. A colon should follow the publication date and no space should be provided between the colon or the page number(s) and hypen.

o Yagyu, S. and Iehara, T. MYCN nonamplified neuroblastoma: Detection of tumor-derived cell- free DNA in serum for predicting prognosis of neuroblastoma. In Hayat MA, ed. Pediatric Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis. Dordrecht, NY: Springer; 2013:11-17.

5. You must prepare the material to be presented to your classmates.

All Presentations (ppt, prezi, etc.. and an one page summary) regardless of your presentation date are due via e-mail to your instructor on November 25, 2018 NO EXCEPTIONS. Points will be deducted for late submissions

?You will be presenting your topic during the class schedule time (based on the topic) and credit will be given for the presentation and for answered questions.

?Presentations should be 7-10 min. long and should include all pertinent information as per their literature review.

?A summary (one page) of your presentation should be prepared and e-mailed to your instructor before your presentation date for distribution to your classmates. All presentation materials will be included in your final examination.

6. Final paper is to be submitted via Safe-Assignment by 11:59PM DECEMBER 1, 2018- Once you submit it via Safe-assignment, you can no longer re-write it or fix it.

HIST 235 Georgetown University Spanish Civil War & Homage to Catalonia Book Discussion

I need to write afterthought about George Orwell’s book “Homage to Catalonia”. The content of the article should be at least 500 words, new Roman font and double spacing. The article can discuss the following issues:

1. How did different political agendas try to spin the Spanish Civil War and what effect did these spins have on the war?

2. In chapter 5, Orwell discusses his motivations for volunteering to fight in the Spanish Civil War. He writes that he came to Catalonia with no knowledge or interest in the political climate of Spain and only joined the war “to fight against Fascism.” How does the war change in meaning for Orwell over time?

3. Orwell often looks down on the Spanish military tactics, and their war efforts as a whole. Does this play into his theory of Northern Superiority as mentioned in Wigan Pier or is it just coincidental.

4. Orwell says he tried his best to be objective when writing the Homage to Catalonia. Do you think he was successful in accurately depicting the war, or was it a partisan, partial account of what actually happened in Spain.

Module 13 Week 6 Dimensional Data Modeling Assignment

1. Dimensional Data Modeling Assignment

The data warehousing / data mart dimensional attached below. Copy the data model into a MS Word document. In your MS Word document. (You can copy the data model graphic by right-clicking on it. On PCs, the keyboard combination of ctrl-V is the shortcut command for pasting.) In the MS Word document, 1) identify the fact table 2) identify the dimension tables, 3) for each dimension table, identify the attribute(s) that would be matched to an attribute in the fact table, and 4) list four queries that could be produced from this data model. For example, the queries from a data model of real estate sales that could typically be produced by matching a fact table to one or more dimension tables include: a) list of properties sold by each real estate agent, b) total properties sold by state, c) types of properties sold by month and year, d) dollar value of properties sold by each real estate company, e) total homes sold by real estate agent by company by year.Video: Module 13 – Introduction to Data Warehousing (5:27 min.) youtube

2. Data Management Project: Final

Please make corrections to the draft of final project that you submitted to me. i attached copy below. Your final project must include the following elements:

1. Background of database – why you chose to design this particular database
2. Purpose of database
3. Business goals and rules for database
4. User requirements for database
5. Data requirements for database
6. Reporting requirements for database
7. Estimated project schedule and project costs for creating the database and populating it with data
8. Logical data model
9. Data dictionary for all tables in data model
10. SQL statements:
– CREATE TABLE statements (for entities defined in model)
– Minimum of two SELECT statements
– INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements for at least one table
11. Identify the database management system (DBMS) software that will be used for the database
12. Specify the hardware for storing your database
13. Create a basic database back-up and recovery plan that is consistent with the business goals

please see requirements !

Primary Discussion Response is due by Friday (11:59:59pm Central), Peer Responses are due by Tuesday (11:59:59pm Central).

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400-600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Research a real-world company that has expanded operations internationally. Write 400-600 words on international supply chain management, using the company that you researched as your focus. Your response should cover the following:

From manufacturing to the distribution of goods on an international scale, discuss the elements of a supply chain.

What are the steps involved in producing an order and shipping it to the customer?

Identify some of the risks behind not completing certain activities on time (think of the customer impact).

Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of international operations.

Provide citations and references to support your discussion.

Responses to Other Students: Respond to at least 2 of your fellow classmates with a reply of 100-200 words about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. Use the following to guide you in your responses: Discuss the pros and cons of each technique discussed. Would you utilize it in your current of future place of employment? Provide justification for why or why not.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Respond to these 2 post

Post 1!

Starbucks has responsibilities that include more than 70,000 outbound deliveries per week to Starbucks retail stores, distribution channels and outlets worldwide. In order to keep the supplies flowing to their customers it is important to have a strong supply chain. The Starbucks supply chain includes the raw materials such as the beans and milk, the roasting, manufacturing and packaging plant, the delivery companies and the retail stores. Starbucks has a total of six roasting centers where the beans are prepared and packaged, which may seem like small for such a large company but because of the centralized system they are very effective.

Starbucks works directly with growers because the company is committed to only selling ethically sourced, fair trade coffee. Coco beans are picked and packaged and the unroasted beans are taken by truck to the ocean liners and shipped to the six storage sites in the US and Europe. The roasting centers make sure all the beans are prepared, manufactured and packaged in the exact same way and quickly. After they are roasted and packaged they are shipped to eight central and forty-eight regional Starbucks distribution centers. From there they are delivered to 16,700 retail stores, which serve 50 million customers in 51 countries each week.

In 2008 Starbucks was not sure they were meeting their supply chain goals. From October 2007 to October 2008 supply chain cost rose from $750 million to more than $825 million yet sales dropped by at least 10% in the US. One thing that Starbucks found was their deliveries were not arriving on time. In fact, only half of their store deliveries were arriving on time. Outsourcing had been used to allow supply chains expand rapidly and to keep up with store openings but it also led to significant cost inflation. Due to deliveries not being made on time, stores did not have the product needed to serve customers and therefore had an effect on sales.

Some advantages of international operations include gaining new customers for the products. International operations can allow businesses to establish low cost production facilities in locations that are close to raw materials that are needed. Also, larger scale production allow for higher sales and lower prices.

Language, culture and value systems are different for each country and can create barriers to communication and problems with managing the people which can be a disadvantage to international operations. Gaining an understanding of regional organizations can often be difficult but are required for international business operations. Another disadvantage is keeping informed of competitors in foreign lands.

The image below shows where different products come from in order to make coffee at Starbucks including paper cups, coffee beans, and sugar sources.

Post 2!

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 in his home garage in Washington (Hartmans, 2018). It has become a huge international success due to the ability of purchasing anything from hand soap to gym equipment right from your own home. Amazon’s great supply chain management has a huge impact on its success. The company provides warehouses known as fulfillment centers that sellers send their inventory to or Amazon stores their self-manufactured products to be sold (Johnson, 2018). The fulfillment centers are placed near major cities for faster delivery and stocked with inventory to meet supply and demand of that area. Once Amazon receives the inventory it is stored in the fulfillment center, where it is prepped for customer sales (Johnson, 2018). The customer then places an order for the product on the website. Once the product has been ordered it is picked, packed and shipped from one of the fulfillment centers that is nearest to the customer or has that product in stock. Amazon can deliver products in many different methods to ensure the delivery time is kept short. Some products are shipped by a major shipping carrier, delivered by a branded vehicle from its transportation fleet or in some areas, the product can be delivered by drones (Johnson, 2018).

Amazon provides customers with 24 hours, 7 days a week support for any inquiries on their orders they placed (Johnson, 2018). If orders are not completed on time, whether it be due to shipping delays or out of stock inventory, customer would become unsatisfied and stop using their services. In the end it would result in loss of profit and a big enough loss can shut Amazon down completely. Customer purchases are a big driving force for most companies, so a satisfied customer is very important to success.

Because Amazon is an extremely large worldwide company and constantly growing they have fulfillment centers placed all over the globe. Fulfillment centers are now in 22 different countries totaling up to about 309 as of April 2019 (Wulfrat, 2019). Because they have so many fulfillment centers all over the world, I can’t see a disadvantage to international operations. There is not a shipping delay concern for most areas because the centers are placed strategically. The centers also offer employment opportunities for the population in the area. I can see more advantages to the company’s growth and profit by expanding to other counties because they have a larger market of customer and reduce international shipping charges if they are able to fill an order in the same country.

BUS 402 week 4 discussion

Week 4 Discussion

“Business Decisions” Please respond to the following:Identify a type of business you would like to own. Next, evaluate two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of buying an existing business compared to those of starting the new business from the ground up. State your decision and explain your rationale.In buying or starting the business above, you determine that you do not need external financing. Discuss why you should write a business plan, and select one (1) element in the plan that you think will be the most difficult for you. Next, identify three (3) techniques you can use to overcome the challenges. Justify your selection of these techniques.

Suicide Intervention Discussion

Please watch the following video (below) and then answer these questions (minimum of 5 paragraph response) in the discussion posting:

1. How can we assess for suicide with our clients?

2. How often should we assess and why?

3. What keeps beginning counselors from properly addressing suicide with clients?

4. How do you bring up the topic of suicide?

5. What puts some clients at higher risk than others for suicide?

6. What are some ways to address/treat suicidal clients?

Modernization in Europe

lease check your syllabus for assigned readings for Unit I-II. Please post a reaction to any of the assigned primary sources, after identifying the piece (author, title) and contextualizing it in the historical time frame (1500’s, mid 20th century, etc.)

Crafting a Compensation and Benefits Plan, homework help

Now that you have considered how to recruit and retain the employees you want in your organization, create a compensation and benefits package using this business proposal format. The package must be consistent with the objectives of job satisfaction for the valuable employees in an organization of your design.

Length: 3-5 pages

The compensation package must include the following:Compare and contrast salary and benefit packages of at least three comparable organizations in the same industry.Examine what 21st-century employees consider to be benefits (see this week’s recommended readings for a start).Consider what helps to keep employees engaged in their work (see State of the American workplace: Employee engagement for U.S. business leaders andSurprising, Disturbing Facts From the Mother of All Employee Engagement Surveys for some ideas).Your business proposal must be formatted according to APA style. The proposal must be between three to five pages in length (not including the title and references pages) and must include citations and references for at least five scholarly sources.