Investigate options for at least 2-3 type of pumps that can be used by taking into consideration of capital cost, operating cost and equipment life.

Q. Assume that you are made responsible to a new project which require to procure ,install and commission a feed water pump for a desalination plant in Oman. The decision must be made regarding which type of pump should be used for corrosive service. Investigate options for at least 2-3 type of pumps that can be used by taking into consideration of capital cost, operating cost and equipment life. Assume suitable capacity of the pump and a discount rate of 8% per annum.

the discussion should include three different type of pump as given in the questions :

1. operating cost

2 capital cost

3. maintenance cost

4. capacity of pump.

5. approximate price of pump

6. manufacture catalog of pump

7. design life.

the answer will beparaphrase2000 wordsHarvard ReferencingProvide some figures/pictures and diagrams with reference

Please refer different books and journals which you can use for answer this question.

Answer the following questions

Cou answer these questions for me please?

Question 1 (1 point) Question 1 Unsaved

The nurse practitioner student is preparing for an upcoming exam and understands that the Tanner Scale includes ____ stages of sexual maturity

Question 1 options:

3 stages

5 stages

6 stages

8 stages

Question 2 (1 point) Question 2 Unsaved

What approach does Health People 2020 use to achieve its goals and objectives?

Question 2 options:

Social determinants of health

Evidence-based determinants of health

Quality-of-life determinants of health

Longevity promotion determinants of health

Question 3 (1 point) Question 3 Unsaved

The nurse practitioner is performing a speculum exam on a 42 year-old female patient. Which reproductive anatomy should be assessed during the speculum exam? Select all that apply.

Question 3 options:





Question 4 (1 point) Question 4 Unsaved

The nurse practitioner is interviewing a new patient to the practice. Which of the following should not be a part of taking a health history?

Question 4 options:

Taking a family health history

Seeking information on stressors or personal problems

Asking about exercise and sleep patterns

Counseling for tobacco-use cessation

Question 5 (1 point) Question 5 Unsaved

The nurse practitioner is reviewing the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations. What does a service grade of D represent?

Question 5 options:

Service carries insufficient evidence to recommend it

Service is found to be beneficial

Service is found to be either of no benefit or potentially harmful

Service should not be routinely provided

Healthcare biography

research articles related to a research study about health or health care issues, concerns, or trends.The research article must describe a research study, not an editorial or brief.The research study must be based in the United States from 2010 to the present.It is recommended that you select health topics of interest to you or your job, with no complex statistical analyses.Review the Researching Articles in the University Library Tutorial for help finding articles.Select at least 3 peer-reviewed* articles to use to complete an annotated bibliography. The 3 research articles can be based on the same or different topics. Topic ideas can include (but are not limited to):Adolescent obesity (select different geographic locales: urban vs rural)Infection rates among ICU patientsReadmission rates for congestive heart failure patientsPatient satisfaction or patient experience of carePopulation health management in diabetes careCare coordination or care continuumPatient safety or quality managementCancer screening compliance, such as mammography, colonoscopy, or Pap smear
Complete the annotated bibliography based on the 3 articles you selected from the University Library.
Review the sample annotated bibliography provided by the University Library. Be sure to do the following for each bibliography:Summarize the research study in your own words (at least 150 words).Include the major areas of the research study, such as the sample, geographic location, and the outcome.Bibliographies should not include any direct quotes or in-text citation.

Sand Casting and Other Casting Methods

Discussion: Return on Investment (ROI) and Cost Analysis (20 points)Imagine it is your task to calculate ROI for a hypothetical training program. Determine one (1) key element that would factor into your calculation of ROI, and identify the aspect(s) of your hypothetical program that would make the element applicable and your calculation accurate.Based on the scenario, analyze the ROI of the training that was implemented, using the cost analysis approach.…

California Coast University Hate Offenses and Criminal Activities Homework

Standard Essay Format: The faculty will be evaluating your work to see that you have used the proper format. This includes standard essay format: introduction/body/conclusion. You will find additional information and sample writing assignments on the Student Portal, including helpful videos that will walk you through the steps for creating a proper essay.

Understanding the Course Content: The faculty will be evaluating your work to see that you demonstrate an understanding of course content and that you are covering key concepts discussed in the textbook. While you may certainly provide additional information from outside sources, you must use the course textbook as your primary source of information.

A Clear and Well-Developed Response: The faculty will be evaluating you on your ability to present a well-organized and developed response that is clear in its presentation of the course material. Your presentation must be based on the course textbook. For maximum credit, you will also need to include outside sources.

The Ability to Understand the Course Content: The faculty will be evaluating you on your ability to examine, assess, evaluate, and/or analyze course content and key concepts. You will need to demonstrate you can look at the course material in various ways and present your review in your writing assignment.

Good Presentation: The faculty will be evaluating your work to ensure you have the proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation style, etc.

Students must use A.P.A. style citations in their writing assignments. Three references please. Textbook must be main source.

Your writing assignment will need to be typed double-spaced, using a standard font and 12 point type size.

500 – 750 words or 2 – 3 pages


Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society
Robert M. Shusta, Deena R. Levine, Herbert Z. Wong, Aaron T. Olson & Philip R. Harris, 2015

ISBN.13: 978-0-133-48330-7

2 Page Case Analysis

Case Analysis

eBay is one of the biggest online auctioning companies in the world. Buyers and sellers of all types are able to hop online, put up something for sale, and sell it! Basically, the way it works is that you find something you want to bid on, place a bid on it, and wait to see if your bid wins. If it does, you send your information to the seller, and in return, he or she sends you your goods.

Is an eBay auction a legally-binding contract? In a minimum of 500 words, consider whether a bid placed in an online auction on eBay is legally binding and, therefore, enforceable. Explain your reasoning using the elements of contract analysis that you have learned thus far, including valid offer, valid acceptance, and the various forms of consideration.

Cite any direct quotes or paraphrased material from outside sources. Use APA format.

HIST 115 Grossmont College History of Latin America Questions

Part 1 (chapters 1-2): choose one of the following 3 questions and write a detailed response to it in Canvas.

(1) Two political ideologies took center stage in the history of Latin America. First, classic liberalism emerged in the nineteenth century. Nationalism, a later invention, emerged in response to the first. In which ways have liberalism and nationalism alternated in ascendancy during the past 150 years?

(2) Briefly compare the differences between the nonsedentary, semisedentary, and fully sedentary groups that inhabited the Americas before the Encounter? How would you describe their relationship to the land? How did it vary from group to group?

(3) How did the conquest of Brazil differ from the conquest of Spanish America? Be sure to include discussion of the following cultures: Tupi, Aztec, Mayas, and Incas.

Part 2 (chapters 3-4): choose one of the following 3 questions and write a detailed response to it in Canvas.

(1) If the Spanish and Portuguese colonial system was a brutal one in which native Americans and peoples of African descent were oppressed, why did colonialism last for so long?

(2) Discuss the causes of the independence movements in order to pinpoint the reason for the collapse of Spanish and Portuguese rule in most of Latin America.

(3) Who would you identify as the main leaders behind the independence movements in Spanish America? How did they manage to get “the people” behind their cause?

Part 3 (chapters 5-6): choose one of the following 3 questions and write a detailed response to it in Canvas.

(1) Who was the caudillo, and what ideas did he represent? Provide an example of a well-known caudillo.

(2) Briefly compare liberal ideas versus conservative ideas. Which ideas do you think predominated in postcolonial Latin America?

(3) War is usually regarded as a catalyst for change; was this the case in Latin America? Use examples to illustrate your point.

Part 4 (chapters 7-8): choose one of the following 3 questions and write a detailed response to it in Canvas.

(1) How did the relationship between the United States and Latin America change during the nineteenth century?

(2) Who was Porfirio Díaz? Describe his ruling style. Be sure to include the following terms in your discussion: rurales, hacendados, pan o el palo, cientificos

(3) Who were Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo? How did they represent the peasants and indigenous people who fought in the Mexican Revolution? Be sure to include in your discussion a commentary on revolutionary ideals in Rivera’s Detroit Industry mural series.

Part 5 (chapters 9-11): choose one of the following 3 questions and write a detailed response to it in Canvas.

(1) What is populism? Provide at least two examples that demonstrate how populism functioned in Latin America.

(2) Why did the military stage a coup d’état in Brazil? Once in power, how did they rule the country?

(3) Who were the neoliberals, and what did they want for Latin America?

Part 6 (Timerman book): compose a reflection essay in Canvas and consider any of the following questions in your response:

How is it possible that a nation with democratic institutions like Argentina could plunge into a totalitarian predicament described by Timerman? Do you agree with the Argentine military’s assessment that they are justified in governing the nation instead of civilian politicians? How would you react if you had to face a similar predicament like that of Timerman’s? What lessons can other nations, including the United States, learn from this episode in Latin American history and politics?

Responses to initial posts

Please go through the uploaded document and write responses to the other students initial posts.

Rasmussen College Chronic Kidney Disease and Treatment Research

Chronic kidney disease is a gradual loss of kidney function. In this assignment, you will explore this disease in more detail using the scenario below.

You are a healthcare provider who is preparing to meet with a patient who has recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. You are tasked with explaining this disease and its treatment options to your patient.

To complete this assignment, do the following: Research this disease using a minimum of 2 source(s). You can use your textbook for one of the sources. Choose the remaining sources from the GALE Virtual Reference Library provided on the Structure and Function of the Human Body library guide page.
In a minimum of 2 pages (not counting the references page), address the following: Explain how chronic kidney disease develops and the potential causes. Describe the treatment options that exist.
Include a references page at the end of your document, formatted using the APA guidelines, that lists your research sources.

Discovery and Exploration of Science Discussion

200 word reply minimum 

Science is discovery and exploration.  It is asking important questions and searching for answers.  It also is testing those answers and not being afraid to fail and make another attempt in hopes of getting it right.  Science is about trial and error and more trial and error and is an area that applauds this.  Science takes failure and makes meaning of it, allowing it to aid in future discovery.

According to our DeRosa and Abruscato (2019), science is defined as “a way to explain our natural world in a systematic and evidentiary way.”   This, for me, is a very true statement.  Science is all about the process and steps that you must take to get results that can be count on, whether they are results you hypothesized or not.  Without the systematic steps, the results cannot be relied on.  

I enjoyed science as a child, when we were able to study it.  In elementary school, there was not as much opportunity for it.  In high school, I enjoyed it but it honestly was not that memorable for me.  I was never anti-science.  I enjoyed the science of psychology when I first began college.  There was something reassuring about studies I read, and that was likely because of the approach all of those researches had to take in order to glean their results. It was impressive to me, the time invested in performing in depth experiments and the in the writing up of the reports and making sense of them.  In graduate school, I aided a professor in her research and it was exciting to be a part of something that would later be published and to be able to view the process from her perspective.  Fast forward to years later when I was asked if I’d rather teach fifth grade math or science, I naturally chose science, realizing that would be a “favorite” of students.  I was absolutely right but there was a huge learning curve, as I never covered weather or force and motion in my own elementary school experience.  This made it necessary for me to not only learn the material but also learn how to present it to students, make it engaging and important to them, and then making them proficient enough to test well on the subject.  This has made science especially important to me, and has led me here, to this course.

Elementary students should learn science for all of the reasons I mentioned above.  It is important to develop a background in this area and ties in to many  many fields of education and work that will later benefit every student.  It’s also important to be able to explain the phenomenon occurring around us, and to be knowledgeable about the world and beyond.


DeRosa and Abruscato, (2019). Teaching children science: A discovery approach. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.