ENG125 NVCC Poem by Theodore Roethke: “my Papa’s Waltz

3.2 Post – Reader-Response Critical Theory

The purpose of this activity is to read about the Reader-Response critical theory as it relates to a Theodore Roethke poem.

DirectionsRead the poem by Theodore Roethke:”My Papa’s Waltz” (Links to an external site.)Read about Reader-Response Criticism.Read an essay about “My Papa’s Waltz” that is written by a teacher: Reader-Response Approach.Write two paragraphs that:Explain the two different reader responses(interpretations) generated by this poem in the teacher’s essay.Provide evidence from the essay to back up each response. You may informally refer to these interpretations as coming from “the teacher” and “the students” (without quotation marks). No formal MLA 8 citation is required. Indicate which one you agree with and why.Post your “reply” to the discussion board

The Role of Nurse Managers

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

Nurse managers are responsible for supervising nursing staff in a hospital or clinical setting. They oversee patient care, make management and budgetary decisions, set work schedules, coordinate meetings and make decisions about personnel. They also are in charge of recruitment, budgeting, treatment planning, case management and staff management. They need to have good communication and leadership skills. When a nurse manager had these strong skills, the end result has been associated with greater job satisfaction, reduced turnover intention among nursing staff, and improved patient outcomes. In addition, U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for some 1.1 million new registered nurses to meet the new demand and replace retirees, many in management positions. This means that new nurses will be in the forefront nurse leader/manager role, which will effect the reengineering of the future of health care. “The role is influential in creating a professional environment and fostering a culture where interdisciplinary team members are able to contribute to optimal patient outcomes and grow professionally” (American Organization of Nurse Executives, 2018).


Wary, K. (2018). The American Organization of Nurse Executives. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration: April 2018 – Volume 48 – Issue 4 – p 177–179doi: 10.1097/NNA.0000000000000595

Do Men Dominate Women discussion

Do men dominate women in all societies? (Goldberg vs. Endicott and Endicott)

500 word essay this is for Anthropology class so take that into consideration on how you write the essay

Complete EXAM in Minorities in US Social Struc

Complete EXAM in Minorities in US Social Struc

I really need an A on this exam!

I will allow you time to read through the course content so you can score well on the exam


Georgia State University Human Resources Functions Discussion

Discuss how the use of technology (such as an HRIS) has helped to facilitate the evolution of HR from an administrative function to one that is more strategic. Provide examples from a managerial perspective. Select an era and discuss what HR did during that time and how it would be different today with the use of technology

Literacy Narrative

Literacy Narrative

In a minimum of 750 words, write a short literacy narrative about yourself. Literacy narratives can often have slightly different focuses, so you have a small amount of room for creativity, but they primarily deal with detailing a person’s path to reading and writing (education and experiences as a reader) and/or the impact that reading and writing has on their lives. Keep in mind that the focus here is on “literacy” (the act of reading and/or writing) and not as much on “literature” (which we’ll be talking about in class). Your literacy narrative can involve your experiences with various “great” books, but it will more likely encompass your experiences with a variety of texts, from internet reading, to newspapers, to comic books, to whatever you tend to read or even write in your spare time.

OTU Bootstrap Replicate assignment

Assignment file attached.

Grantham University Are Unions Unnecessary Discussion


Some people have argued that unions are “unnecessary.” Are they? If unions are unnecessary, then who will insure that worker rights and interests are considered? How? If unions are necessary, then why are the alternatives to unions inadequate?

The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:

• Write between 750 – 1,250 words (approximately 3 – 5 pages) using Microsoft Word in APA style.

• Use font size 12 and 1” margins.

• Include cover page and reference page.

• At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.

• No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.

Use an appropriate number of references to support your position, and defend your arguments. The following are examples of primary and secondary sources that may be used, and non-credible and opinion based sources that may not be used.

a) Primary sources such as government websites (United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Census Bureau, The World Bank, etc.), peer reviewed and scholarly journals in EBSCOhost (Grantham University Online Library) and Google Scholar.

b) Secondary and credible sources such as, CNN Money, The Wall Street Journal, trade journals, and publications in EBSCOhost (Grantham University Online Library).

c) Non-credible and opinion based sources such as, Wikis, Yahoo Answers, eHow, blogs, etc. should not be used.

Cite all reference material (data, dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased statements, information, etc.) in the paper and list each source on a reference page using APA style.

An overview of APA 6th edition in-text citations, formatting, reference list, and style is provided here.

Download an APA sample paper from the Purdue OWL here

The Healthy Mind

In 1970, journalist Alvin Toffler predicted that large numbers of people would become victims of “future shock.” According to Toffler, future shock is a condition of shattering stress and disorientation brought on by overly rapid social change. In your view, is there any truth to the idea that we are “future-shocked” or that we may be in the near future?

Write a one or two paragraph or what ever requires to answer the discussion

Class Discussions

Hunt, S.T. (2014). Common Sense Talent Management: using strategic human resources to improve company performance. Retrieved from Ebook Central