Performance Management Cycle Plan

Develop 1,500-2,000 word, high-level, Performance Management Cycle Plan. The plan should contain an introduction and conclusion that explain how effective performance management supports organizational strategy and HR goals. The organization I have to use is Southwest Airlines. Please use Southwest Airlines.

The purpose of this assignment is to simulate the thought process that managers use when evaluating the various elements of performance management. The students are not expected to produce a detailed plan that includes:Introduction of the organization that outlines the importance of performance management in organizations and performance management needs in the chosen organization.Performance Management Process (Step 1). Performance outcomes for the company division and department.Performance Management Process (Step 2). Develop employee goals, behavior, and actions to achieve outcomes.Performance Management Process (Step 3). Provide support and ongoing performance discussions.Performance Management Process (Step 4). Evaluate performance of employees.Performance Management Process (Step 5). Identify improvements needed.Performance Management Process (Step 6). Provide consequences for performance results.Strengths and weaknesses of current training methods. Consider showing the link between how employee training supports organizational strategy and HR goals.Proposed impact of the revised performance management and employee training on employee retention.Conclusion.

Incorporate three to five resources (including your textbook) to support your paper.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA Style Guide,

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

Georgia State University Antioxidants and Exercise Questions

The latest health fad is in promoting foods or products that are high in antioxidants. What are antioxidants and how do they relate to the chemical reactions in your body? Are you going to increase your antioxidant intake?

Watch the following video:

How have athletes “optimized” cellular respiration in their bodies? Do athletes get sore from lactic acid buildup?

On two separate pages please answer the two topics. Each should be no longer than 500 words.

computer science mechine learning

Assume as in exercise 9 that our hypothesis class is the set of lines. Write down an error function that not only minimizes the number of misclassi?cations but also maximizes the margin.

Business Law

David had a great idea for a new app, called Bookface, which allowed book enthusiasts to discuss their favourite novels.

David incorporated a new company, Start Up Pty Ltd to market the app. He was the sole director of Start Up Pty Ltd but the company had three shareholders, David and his brother and sister John and Jane. Each held one share each. John and Jane were not involved in the company other than to the extent that they contributed start-up capital and were in turn provide with shares.
Start Up Pty Ltd entered a contract with a web developer, Susan, to develop the app and paid a small deposit out of the monies contributed to Start Up Pty Ltd by John and Jane.
Susan worked day and night on the Bookface project for one month but just before completing her work saw a news story featuring David, who had sold his Bookface idea to Big Blue Co Ltd for a large undisclosed sum.
Susan tried to contact Start Up Pty Ltd but their office had been shut down. A search of the company confirms that it has no assets and Susan is unable to obtain payment for the work she has performed.
Advise Susan if she has any recourse against David? John and Jane have also been left empty handed as David’s contract with Big Blue Co Ltd was in his own name, making no reference to Start Up Pty Ltd. Do John and Jane have any recourse against David?

Research idea is needed

I have a project whereas i require to have and idea that propose a solution for a problem or a modification/contribution to existing solution given in published journals.

The help needed is to formulate the problem.

The topic is in the area of detection and analysis of social media (twitter) of spam or malware or propaganda. You may consider to associate detection and analysis of non english text (arabic).

NOTE: This is not a paper. I am open for different topics within the domain. Once this question is answered we will have to work on the rest of the project as future work.

The validation needed for the research idea has to be feasible.

quiz and paper

Need to complete quiz and write a paper

Need to complete quiz and write a paper

Need to complete quiz and write a paper

Assignment 1

Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.

write 150 words about reciprocity in the food economic system

For this assignment, reflect upon ONE major item that you took away from learning the content in this section.

In this case, please write about reciprocity in the food economic system:


•Foragers practice

forms of reciprocity.




•Sharing is a survival strategy among foraging groups.

what does this mean

For each of the essay questions below, your response should be no less than 150 words and must address the question completely. This is an individual assignment and original work is expected. Write with understanding and do not just copy from the book. All works used must be cited and referenced, and direct quotes must be indicated as such. Submit each question, followed by your response.

1.California enacted the Wine Fair Dealing Act, which requires out-of-state suppliers of wine to show good cause if they wish to terminate their distributorship.In-state suppliers of wine are exempt from this requirement and can cancel at will.A New York wine supplier sought to end its relationship with a California firm.The California firm, invoking the operative provision of the Wine Fair Dealing Act, objected because the New York supplier had not demonstrated good cause for the termination.The New York supplier argues that this provision of California law violates the commerce clause of the United States Constitution.Is the commerce clause violated?Why or why not?

2.XYZ Corp. is considering a contract to set up a manufacturing plant in Germany.What are some of the clauses they should consider including in such a contract?

Health assignment 2

There are three candidates waiting for a kidney transplant:

John, Jr., a 17-year-old boy with a history of medical conditions;

Mary, a 40-year-old woman with a history of opiate addiction; and

George, a 57-year-old former smoker.

John, Jr. is the son of a famous, now retired athlete who has offered to donate five million dollars to the hospital if his son receives the kidney.

Mary is a mother of three children who has been successfully in recovery from her addiction for the past 5 years. She has shown no signs of potential relapse.

The last candidate, George, is a construction worker who has not smoked in over 10 years. He has had lasting complications from the smoking but is in good health and eligible for the transplant.

You are the deciding vote on the ethics committee of your hospital.

Draft a memo that addresses the positive and negative elements of each candidate, and explain how those elements played a role in your decision. Apply the ethical theories you encountered in the textbook. You will need to indicate why you selected the candidate you did and why you did not select the others. Include any specific nonmedical characteristics about each candidate that influenced your decision.

Make sure you are applying ethical theories and reasoning and can ethically and legally justify your answer. You can provide some opinion in your answer; however, the majority of your response must be based upon facts and ethical arguments.

Your memo should consist of at least 500 words.