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Based on the article attached, consider the approaches to organizational design. Analyze the effects and applications of the various organizational structures and levels of authority. Given the benefits and motivations mentioned in the article, share an analysis of the referenced company’s impact on employee motivation, morale, and organizational culture.

Your response should be two pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. 

Identify A Regional Trading Group Other Than Eu And Evaluate Its Efficacy


· Introduction – the outline of the paper 

· Discussion – the body of knowledge ; the purpose & general procedures ; the way study will be conducted; debate 

· Conclusions/Policy Recommendations – results/outcomes & suggestion of future research

· Bibliography

Word Count: 2000

Harvard Referencing

Digetal Media And Marketing

Consumers as well as brands possess their own personalities. Consumers often select and utilize brands whose character is similar to their own self-concept (actual self-concept, ideal self-concept or other’s self-concept). Kotler and Keller (2016) discuss “five key psychological processes — motivation, perception, learning, emotions and memory — fundamentally influence consumer responses” (p. 72). For this assignment, you will relate your own personality to the brand personality of a recent purchase you made. In a Microsoft Word document, write a report analyzing one of your most recent purchases of a car, computer, furniture, or clothing and discuss your motivation for the purchase. Be sure to address the following questions: Did any person or marketing communication from the brand influence your purchase? What does the purchase say about your own self-concept ideas? How would you define the personality of the purchased brand as compared to the definitions stated in the chapter by Stanford’s Jennifer Aaker (p. 71) and is it consistent with your own? Ensure your paper incorporates the following: A minimum of two pages (not including cover page, table of contents, etc.) Double-spaced lines 12-point font size text APA writing style

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 I feel like relationship awareness is the most important key here, even they all have the utmost importance for any leader.  Leadership is based on the relationships you foster and manage as a leader.  Doesn’t matter how large the group is, the relationship you have with the teams you lead can have significant impact on the overall success of the group and within the organization.  Being aware of how you are perceived or how members of the team perceive each other is important and must be addressed by the leaders of the organization but especially by the project or team leaders.  Not everyone will get along or agree and being able to manage these interactions and environments is key. Conflict resolution and trust are required of any successful leader. 

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You have now completed lessons 1-4; debt and equity funding options available. Select three funding options you would like to pursue for this assignment. Complete the following: Name of funding option Identify option as debt or equity Complete business plan required (yes/no) Alternative plan acceptable (yes/no) Complete financial plan required (yes/no) Acceptable credit score (identify the score if possible) Personal savings or assets for collateral (yes/no) (how much if yes) At least 2 additional criteria

After completing the matrix, assess your readiness of meeting the requirements for each of the three funding options you selected. Determine if you meet each criteria. For instance, do you have enough personal savings or collateral? Is your credit history acceptable? Next, determine what you need to do to have the documents ready.

Minimum 2 pages

1 Matrix

Minimum 2 scholarly sources

APA formatted Submit the matrix and your readiness of the three funding options you selected. Your matrix may look like the following example. Be sure to include specific funding requirements for each type:

Type of Funding Option

Debt or Equity

Complete business plan (yes/no)

Alternative plan acceptable (yes/no)

Complete financial plan (yes/no)

Acceptable credit score (identify the score if possible)

Personal savings or assets for collateral (yes/no) (how much if yes)

Corporate Social Responsibility 19586487

Corporate social responsibility is no longer defined by how much money a company contributes to charity, but by its overall involvement in activities that improve the quality of people’s lives. Corporate Responsibility has come up as a significant subject matter in the international business community and is progressively becoming a mainstream activity. This paper will discuss concept of corporate social responsibility. It will give the definition of the phrase, and identify some of the global factors that requires corporate social responsibility. It will discuss the new concerns and expectations of the whole society going from the citizens to the consumers passing by the public authorities and the board and it will also discuss the corporate social responsibility projects and how that is a major part in the success of the corporate internally but with the society as well . I argue that social corporate duty and the support of high moral principles is not an alternative yet a commitment for all organizations.


I.  Thesis: See above

II.  Corporate Social Responsibility Introduced

a.  Money

b.  Activities

c.  Individual Wealth

III.  New concerns and expectations

a.  Ethics

b.  Profit-making

c.  Relationship business/society

IV.  Corporation social responsibility projects

a.  The board of governors

b.  Environmental conservations

c.  Population involve in the projects and the main keys

V.  Conclusion: Corporate social duty is an essential component for nay business companies. It has been demonstrated that there are a wide range of zones in which an organization may center its corporate social duty. It is unethical for some individuals to own so much and earn so much, at the expense of other suffering members of society. It is also unethical for companies to engage in environmentally degrading practices that result in illnesses and loss of life.

Work Cited

Anderson, Jerry. Corporate Social Responsibility: Guidelines for Top Management. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1989. Print.

Banerjee, Subhabrata. Corporate Social Responsibility: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Northampton: Eward Elgar Publishing, 2007. Print.

Crowther, David and Rayman-Bacchus, Lez. Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility. Burlington: Ashgate Publishing, 2004. Print.

Werther, William and Chandler, David. Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Stakeholders in a Global Environment. Carlifornia: Sage Publications, 2006. Print.

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Due Week 7 and worth 160 points

Imagine you work at a company and it is time for an employee named  Jim’s annual review. While he was a model employee the first nine months  of the year, recently Jim has been coming in late. It has not been just  a few minutes each day, either. It is starting to cause problems in the  production line. In this assignment, write a summary of how you would  approach your conversation with Jim. How will you address his recent  performance issues while still praising him for his previous nine months  of good work? Your goal is to balance negative and positive feedback so  that Jim will leave motivated to do his best. This assignment should  focus on your goals for the conversation and which employee relations  approaches you will use to address the situation.

You will create and submit your assignment by using the ecree link.  Just click on the link, and start writing. Your work will be saved  automatically. You’ll see some feedback on the right-hand side of the  screen, including text and videos to help guide you in the writing  process. When you’re ready, you can turn in your assignment by clicking Submit at the bottom of the page.

Click the assignment link to start your assignment in ecree. Please note that ecree works best in Firefox and Chrome.

Write a 5–7 paragraph paper in which you: Explain how you will address Jim’s recent performance issues. Suggest both constructive and positive feedback designed so that Jim will leave motivated to do his best. Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:      This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For  assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing  Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.  Include at least one reference to support your paper.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Recommend a plan for addressing performance issues in an annual review that includes motivational feedback.

Erm 19596431

 1. What are the preconditions for conducting constructive dialogue in an organization?
2. Is effective risk management possible without constructive dialogue?
3. What are the forces that tend to undermine effective risk management in an organization?
4. Given its obvious value in helping an organization to understand the major risks that could prevent it from accomplishing its mission and objectives, why was the financial sector, including a risk-sensitive organization such as Goldman Sachs, so slow in adopting ERM?

You are required to respond to the questions thoroughly, in 250 -to-300 words for each question. Be sure to include at least three reference sources. APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. 

Financial Issues In Accounting

  Executive summary – Very brief and concise summary of the key points of your report. Content page – Not to be included as word count. Introduction – Background, Objectives and Purpose of the report and Scope of the report Body – Detailed explanation/elaboration of key findings of your research Conclusion/Recommendation – Concludes your report and if applicable, you can provide some recommendation(s) that is (are) consistent and based on the key findings of Body. Reference list

Homework 2 19574997

  Unit 2: Homework Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points 25 Submitting a file upload Case 2: The Wallace Group

Conduct a strategic analysis using the Executive Summary template.  Prepare and submit a three-page executive summary that discusses what strategic alternatives are available and provide a recommended strategy. 

You are to work alone to analyze and prepare the Executive Summary for the case.  NOTE: Click “Submit Assignment” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to turn in your Executive Summary no later than Sunday, midnight CT. Name your file with your name and the unit number, i.e. Jones1 or Brown1. Your file should be in either Microsoft word (.doc or .docx) or rich text (.rtf) format.

The following information will be required for the Executive Summary.  TEXTBOOK CASE ANALYSIS GUIDANCE(CAG) and the TEXTBOOK BUSINESS CASE ANALYSIS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TEMPLATE These files are required for the unit textbook case studies. 

Synopsis of the Case: The content of the synopsis should present relevant background facts about the case under examination.

Relevant Factual Information about the Problem or Decision the Organization Faced: State the precise problem or decision the organization faced.  The section should include information that addressed the business issue under examination. This section should be no longer than a single paragraph.

Explanation of Relevant Concepts, Theories and Applications Derived from Course Materials:  This section should be the bulk of your paper. Analysis of the business problem or decision in light of the course concepts must be presented, as well as the business lesson another organization could learn from this situation. Besides citation to the text, learners must conduct research in the University library related to the top. Citing the textbook only is not enough to demonstrate you understand and can apply the course objectives. Here is where comparative and contrasting positions should be considered and examples and illustrations provided.

Recommendations: Provide logical recommendations to address the business lesson identified above. The recommendations need not to be specific to the organization examined, but should consider how other organizations, if similarly situated, could lessen the impact of the problem or decision identified. Recall, that the organization under examination has already moved pasted this problem so any recommendations made, at this point, are fruitless. The focus of this section should be on what other companies should be aware of to address similar problems or decisions. Citation to the textbook alone is insufficient for analysis in this section. Learners should conduct research in the University’s library to support their positions. Depth of scholarship is not demonstrated by providing personal opinions alone, but by using examples, analogies, comparison and illustrations from the academic literature. Not only does this synthesize the material to assist the reader’s understanding, it is an effective way to present the academic sources and extend the discussion of your ideas. This section should be a paragraph or two.

Alternative Recommendations: This section is not a continuation of the prior. Provide suggestions for how to avoid the problem or decision the examined organization faced. Analysis here should be may be forward- thinking, predictive or, most likely, preventative in nature but tied to the thesis statement. Again, opinion is insufficient to provide the required academic analysis. Sources, other than the text, must be provided to sustain the statements made. This section should be a paragraph, at most.

Conclusion: End the assignment with a summary of the important points made in the document. No new information may be presented. Writing a conclusion can be done by rewording the opening or reformulation the topic sentences of each paragraph to make a summary for the reader. This section should be a paragraph, at most.  File Upload Google Doc Google Drive