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QUESTION 1 Consider two retail clothing businesses, one that sells bargain-priced clothing (Business A) and one that sells high-end designer clothing (Business B); assume that they have the same ROA.  If Business A has a net profit margin of 3.25% and an annual asset turnover rate of 6.7, and Business B an asset turnover rate of 2.3, then Business B would require a net profit margin of ____% in order to have the same ROA.
-Your answer should be numeric, rounded to two decimals.  Since it is expressed as a percentage, it should be a value greater than zero (i.e. if your answer is 2.50%, then enter 2.50 rather than 0.0250).
-Consider why business A has a higher asset turnover rate than business B, and consider how the profit margin for B should compare to A, in order to test the logic of your result.

1 points    QUESTION 2 A local retailer of party supplies purchases special paper cups from a local distributor for $11/case and sells them to customers for $18.99 per case.   Traditionally they have purchased in lot sizes of 500 cases, which means about ten orders per year given the average annual demand of 5,000 cases.  Orders have a two week lead time.  The company is currently doing an analysis of their ordering policies, including lot sizes.  A recent project by a co-op student has estimated an annual inventory holding cost of 22% of unit cost, and a fixed cost to place an order, independent of order quantity, of $39.  For each of the following questions, provide answers to two decimals and without commas or dollar signs.

I. What is the annual ordering cost (of their current lot size)?

II. What is the annual holding cost, related to the cycle stock(again, based on current lot size)?

III. What is the optimal order quantity that minimizes the sum of annual holding and ordering costs? 

1 points    QUESTION 3 The INDY Industrial Supply Company has finished a highly-sophisticated project where they separately determined order setup (S) costs for each of their main suppliers, based on the specific ordering process for that supplier.  They have determined that the ACME Supplier, from which they order six different SKUs, the setup cost for an order (which has been highly automated) to be $24.55 per order, with an additional cost of $3.25 for each line on the order.  Annual demand data and cost per unit for six SKUs is provided below; assume an annual inventory holding rate of 18%.
The optimal number of orders per year from this supplier is (to two decimals):
The amount of SKU3 that will be ordered each time (round to nearest integer):
The EOQ for SKU3, if ordered on its own, would be (round to nearest integer): .  Note – use the major setup cost plus the setup cost for one line when finding the EOQ of an individual item.  Also, your answer should make sense (i.e. you should think about whether you think the optimal order quantity for one SKU ordered alone should be higher or lower than the optimal order quantity for that SKU when it is combined with other SKUs on an order.)

1 points    QUESTION 4 Consider an inventory system whereby an inventory replenishment order for Q units is placed whenever inventory reaches ROP units.  The lead time for the order is LT days and daily demand is d units.  Beginning on-hand inventory at time=0 is OH units.  
Use these parameters:
Q = 1,800; ROP = 2,600; LT = 8; d = 300; OH = beginning on-hand inventory = 3,500.
and provide an answer for each of the following:
Average inventory on-hand (note – don’t include the inventory in the first order cycle, since it depends on the beginning inventory, but determine what the long run average amount of on-hand inventory will be once order cycles and inventory amounts fall into a regular pattern):
Inventory on hand at time=10:
Number of orders outstanding (in the “pipeline” but not yet received) at time=10 (your number will be 0,1,2, or 3):
Order cycle length (time between orders):  days.
(Draw yourself a “sawtooth diagram” for analyzing this, like we did in class and posted in an example on Blackboard.  The diagram “maps out” inventory at discrete points in time t=0, 1 day, 2 days, etc., as though demand occurs between two points in time and order placement and order receipt occur at a specific point in time.  So, inventory at time 1 = starting on-hand inventory – d units.  If the result is equal to the reorder point (ROP), then an order for Q units should be placed at time 1 and will arrive at time 1+LT).

1 points    QUESTION 5 CPC, a chemical processing company, uses a special catalyst chemical in some of their processing; they keep the chemical in a large vat that holds up to 1,000 litres.  Daily demand for the chemical averages 24.6 litres with a standard deviation of 12.1.  The vat is equipped with a sensor that can alert an operator when the amount of chemical in the vat reaches a pre-determined reorder point, at which time an order is placed with the supplier who will use a tanker truck to deliver more chemical (they refill the vat directly from the tanker).  The leadtime on a replenishment order is three days (assume no variability in lead time), and a typical order size is Q=500 litres.
In general, if the vat runs out of the chemical before the tanker arrives with replenishment, CPC can delay production without much problems, and thus they are thinking of setting the reorder point quite low (also because the chemical is expensive).  Help them with the math:
At how many litres should the reorder point sensor be set if the goal is to ensure that there is no more than a 5% chance of stocking out while waiting for the tanker to arrive (i.e. a 95% Cycle Service Level)?     At how many litres should the reorder point sensor be set if the goal is to ensure that there is no more than a 10% chance of stocking out while waiting for the tanker to arrive?     At how many litres should the reorder point sensor be set if the goal is to ensure that there is no more than a 15% chance of stocking out while waiting for the tanker to arrive?     (Round all answer to a whole number).

1 points    QUESTION 6 Assume demand to average 100 a week (5,200 per year) with a standard deviation of weekly demand of 30.  The order quantity currently used is 1,000, the Reorder Point is 600, and the lead time is five weeks (assume no variability in lead time).  The cycle service level (CSL) will be  percent (please round two two decimals, e.g. 72.45).

1 points    QUESTION 7 The HardCore battery company refurbishes vehicle and other battery “cores” and sells them to industrial customers.  Part of their production process requires a small but expensive part that is purchased from a supplier in Quebec, in order quantities of 40,000, approximately every two weeks (the order quantity is given and is beyond the scope of this question).  Demand for the product averages 2000 units per day with a standard deviation of daily demand equaling 425 units.  They ship by LTL and have used a number of different carriers.  Note that LTL carriers consolidate the cargo of different customers and thus LTL transport time is generally longer and with more variability than full truckload transport.  HardCore would like to settle on one of the four carriers that they have used, and would like to consider the amount of safety stock that would be required, in each case, to achieve a 97.5% cycle service level (CSL).  Average and standard deviation of lead time for each carrier is provided below.

Which of the following lists in ascending order the amount of safety stock that would be required in each case in (i.e. which one lists the carrier that would allow for the least amount of safety stock, followed by the next least, etc…)
*Note – take a moment to decide what you need to calculate in order to answer the question; since we would use the same z-score for each calculation, we really only need to find standard deviation of demand during the lead-time for each.  You might want to use a spreadsheet since you have to calculate the same thing four times.a.NW Trucking, Rogie’s LTL, Spinners Transport,  Broad Street Logistics,
b.Broad Street Logistics, Rogie’s LTL, Spinners Transport, NW Truckingc.Broad Street Logistics, NW Trucking, Rogie’s LTL, Spinners Transportd.Spinners Transport, NW Trucking, Rogie’s LTL, Broad Street Logistics

1 points    QUESTION 8 Safety stock is zero if Reorder Point is set to equal expected lead-time demand.TRUEFALSE

0.25 points    QUESTION 9 The more expensive the process for ordering replenishment inventory, the larger the cycle inventory should be.TRUEFALSE

0.25 points    QUESTION 10 Doubling the lead time (e.g. from five to ten days) would mean that the average demand during the lead time increases by 2.000 times while the standard deviation of demand during the lead time increases by 4 times.TRUEFALSE

0.25 points    QUESTION 11 The longer the lead time for replenishment of inventory, the larger the order size must be.

0.25 points    QUESTION 12 (Assuming that no other factors are changed) Increasing the order quantity (Q) will increase the cycle service level (CSL).TRUEFALSE

0.25 points    QUESTION 13 The role of safety stock is to allow a firm to take advantage of economies of scale for fixed costs (such as ordering and/or transportation costs).TRUEFALSE

0.25 points    QUESTION 14 The role of cycle stock (inventory) is to allow a firm to take advantage of economies of scale for fixed costs (such as ordering and/or transportation costs).TRUEFALSE

0.25 points    QUESTION 15 The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model is used to resolve the trade-off between annual holding costs and annual ordering costs.TRUEFALSE

0.25 points    QUESTION 16 Assuming that demand and lead time do not change, an increase in the ROP (reorder point) will result in an increase in the number of annual inventory turns.TRUEFALSE

0.25 points    QUESTION 17 The average number of order cycles per year is D/Q.TRUEFALSE

0.25 points    QUESTION 18 (Assuming that no other factors are changed) Increasing the order quantity (Q) will increase the fill rate (fr).TRUEFALSE

0.25 points    QUESTION 19 (Assuming that no other factors are changed) Increasing the Reorder Point (ROP) will increase the fill rate (fr).TRUEFALSE

4 Page Assignment Due In 24 Hours

Week 1: World-Wide Volkswagen Corp. v. Woodson District Judge of Cook County

Prepare a four-page paper on the following topic. The case summary should address all the elements of the case. 

Case Study: World Wide Volkswagen Corp v Woodson District Judge of Cook County (Links to an external site.)

Answer the following: 

1. Explain in detail the elements in the case World-Wide Volkswagen Corp. v. Woodson, District Judge of Cook County.

2. . The case is famous for focusing on the phrase “minimum contacts.”  Explain the phase within the body of your paper?

3. The issue before the Supreme Court of the United States was whether, consistently with the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. How does the Fourteenth Amendment affect this case ?

Your paper should include a title page and a reference page (your total paper should be six (6) total pages.  Submit in a Word document.

Please be sure to include an introduction, body and a conclusion with a minimum of three references APA guidelines. 

His Assignment Covers The In Depth Theoretical Concepts With Some Practical Accounting Task Application Based On The Topics From The Subject


Task Details: This assignment requires a consideration of accounting theory concepts with critical analysis with application to General Purpose Financial Reporting by corporations. Students are required to prepare a comprehensive report directed to an Australian ASX Top 100 listed corporation detailing a critical analysis of the effectiveness of the corporation to meet the obligations of the conceptual framework of accounting. The summary report should include data extracted from the General Purpose Financial Report relevant to the material analysed.

*** Subject Learning Outcomes

a) Evaluate financial accounting information and standards

 b) Describe the various theoretical and philosophical approaches to accounting

c) Consolidate and extend knowledge of the components of financial statements through current accounting issues Get accounting assignment homework help today

Presentation Persuasive Presentation With Outline

Assignment:Persuasive Presentation w/ OutlineTime limit: 6-8 minutesPoint value:75 PointsInstructional materials:Chapter 10 – Topic Selection
Chapter 11 – Being Credible and Using Evidence
Chapter 12 – Organizing your Presentation
Chapter 13 – Delivery (pgs. 340-355)
Chapter 15 – Persuasive Presentations
Using Vivid Imagery 
Submission:See Recording Instructions below

The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience creating a formal, motivational presentation from planning to delivery. You will gain experience selecting and narrowing a topic, researching a speech, and developing speaking notes and an outline. Although this presentation is persuasive, this assignment will help prepare you to make a successful presentation of most any kind. 

A persuasive speech attempts to motivate an audience to change an attitude, belief, or behavior. For this reason, your chosen topic should be appropriate for this purpose.

How will I be graded?
Click here to open the rubric which will be used to evaluate your submission. Instructions Select a topic which advocates involvement with a charitable organization. The topic should relate in some way to issues within communities and/or the environment and be one in which the public can become directly involved. Possible organizations may include, but are not limited to: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), Wounded Warrior Project, Doctors Without Borders, USA, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Research your topic. You are not simply telling the audience about the organization. Your research should uncover the problems this organization aims to solve, how they are providing solutions, and how individuals can become involved. Organize the main points of your speech using a Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (Chapter 15). Provide adequate support for each main point by citing at least three credible sources in the speech. Incorporate examples, narratives, testimonial evidence, statistics, analogies, explanations, and/or definitions where appropriate. Sources must be cited orally in the speech.  Create an introduction and conclusion. Written Material Once you have thought through each part of the speech (introduction, body, & conclusion), create a Sentence Outline of your speech (Chapter 12). Your outline should show the full content of your speech and include a list of References in MLA format.  Create speaking notes to use during your delivery. You should not speak from your outline. Use key words and phrases in your speaking notes rather than complete sentences. Your notes should serve only as a memory aid and should not be a word-for-word manuscript of your speech. Delivery Practice your presentation before videoing yourself so that you can deliver the information with only occasional glances at your notes.  Consider asking friends or family members to view your presentation before submitting.  Sample Speeches “Putting the Brakes on Teenage Driving” “Blood Donation”

When Recording your final draft: After recording has started but before you begin your assignment you must verify your identity by holding a valid state- or nationally- issued picture ID to the camera so that it is visible and recognizable to our assessment staff. If you do not do this step you will be asked to resubmit. A driver’s license or passport are preferred.
Recording Instructions

Submitting for this assignment is an easy three-step process: Record Upload to YouTube Submit a link to your YouTube video

You can record and save videos using software on your computer before uploading them to YouTube. The most common computer recording programs are Camera for Windows 8+ and Photo Booth for Mac OS X (a download may be required). You may also use your device manual to look up how to record videos. After saving your video to your computer, please upload it to YouTube.

An alternative approach is recording a video on mobile device (phone or tablet). Please note that this could affect the quality of your video and you will need to download the YouTube app to upload your video.

Using YouTube: YouTube is a free service which allows anyone to post videos online and share them. Please understand that your videos do not need to be public. You may make your video Unlisted as long as you share the link with StraighterLine for evaluation. You should not make your video Private because graders will not be able to view it. Once you have received feedback you can delete your video or make it private, however, good work is always worth sharing (though we do recommend that you edit out any appearance of your ID). Changing YouTube Privacy Settings

Apa Format Proposal For Organizational Development Change 8 10 Pages


We have discussed a number of organizational development and change theories and concepts throughout this semester. You will incorporate some of those theories in your final paper, showcasing your ability to apply organizational development principles.

1. Evaluate definitions, theories, and models of corporate culture.

2. Identify the roles and relationships corporate culture has in organizational performance.

3. Use a systems perspective in analyzing organizational conditions.

4. Evaluate theories and models for managing change in organizations.

5. Identify common barriers to effective change management.

6. Prescribe appropriate OD strategies and techniques in applied settings.
Your Task:

Use what you have learned in this course to develop an 8-10 page change process proposal (excluding cover and reference pages) for your organization.  Assume that you will submit this proposal to the organization for implementation.

For this proposal, identify a problem area of your current organization (or one in which you have previously worked) that you believe warrants a change initiative. In your opinion, what restraining forces are blocking implementation of a change program? From an internal OD practitioner perspective, what recommendations can you make to overcome these barriers?

You should apply ideas, concepts, theories, and practices set out in the course materials as appropriate to the specific organization that you have selected. Please follow APA guidelines for citations, quotations, and references, and use at least eight scholarly resources that are dated within the last five years.  You are strongly encouraged to use the required and reserved readings in this course, as well as peer-reviewed journal articles found through the UMUC library.

Your paper should include the following:

~2 pages: Introduction (Incorporate course objectives 1 – 3)

What is the organization and how did you select it? What is your relationship with the organization? Using a systems perspective, include any historical information about the organization and the organization’s culture that would be helpful in this context.  Identify the organizational issue in need of change.  

~3 pages: Need for Change (Incorporate course objectives 4 – 5)

Describe the change that needs to take place and discuss internal and external forces that represent obstacles to the change, supporting your opinion with appropriate citations. Describe the various kinds of data you would need to gather to confirm your diagnosis. What level of analysis (organization, group, or individual job) should be applied to this situation? 

~3-5 pages: Proposed Solution (Incorporate course objective 6)

Create recommendations for a proposed solution. What do you believe would be an effective intervention? What forces could be harnessed to promote the change? Who should be included in the solution’s implementation? What would be considered a success? What additional approaches could be considered? What steps would you take to implement the recommended solution. Be sure to present your findings objectively, without emotion

After You Review All Course Materials Please Write A Recommendation Report Based On The Scenario Handout


Week 3: Positive and Negative Correspondence/Messages

All Sections

No unread replies.No replies.

Learning Objectives

Understanding How to Write All Kinds of Messages: Routine, Positive, Negative, and Persuasive


Part 4—Brief Messages:

Chapter 10: Writing Routine and Positive Messages (pp. 255-270)

Chapter 11: Writing Negative Messages (pp. 279-300)

Chapter 12: Writing Persuasive Messages (pp.313-329)

Individual Presentation #1 Due: Business Topic of Your Choice


Required Assignment 2: Write a Positive and a Negative Letter using the Scenario Handout

Option:  Business Writing Laboratory—Assignment #2

Week 3: PowerPoint Presentation (Positive and Negative Messages

Dear Students,
After you review all course materials  please write a Recommendation Report based on the Scenario Handout.


You are required to respond to the assignment question posted above with no less than 100 words. To support your response you are required to provide at least one supporting reference with proper citation. Your response will be reviewed by Unicheck, the plagiarism tool synced to Canvas. Unicheck will submit a similarity report a few minutes after you post your assignment. If similarity index is above 30%, please redo and resubmit your assignment after you cite the sources properly to avoid plagiarism. Please review the PowerPoint slides explaining how to avoid plagiarism and post your assignment accordingly. Even a single plagiarized statement will not be tolerated. APA writing format is recommended. Ws)

Organizational Theory 19601483

 Describe the ethical challenges faced by organizations operating globally.

   Using 700 words, write a brief discussion, in your own words of how the article relates to the selected chapter Key Term. A discussion is not rehashing what was already stated in the article, but the opportunity for you to add value by sharing your experiences, thoughts and opinions. This is the most important part of the assignment.

Write A Paper Of Your Creative Thinking Style Skills To Manage Complex Problems And Self Reflection

Write 3 to 4 page paper from the attachment of the article for your source.

rubric listed below .


1. Student provides a thorough and detailed analysis of his/her personal creative thinking profile, identifies at least first and second preferences with strong supporting rationales, provides four or more relevant examples from experiences to validate preferences, and provides salient insights as to how career and work performance are impacted.

2. Student provides a thorough and detailed evaluation of the alignment of the various aspects of his/her work (or desired work) with his/her profile including areas where there is close alignment and areas where there may be little to no alignment, and thoroughly assesses the impact of the degree of alignment to his/her work success or future work aspirations.

3. Student provides a thorough and detailed analysis of how he/she as a colleague or manager will collaborate with individuals having similar and different creative styles, defining specific strategies to enable successful outcomes, and includes a robust evaluation of how organizations can best use differences in creative thinking styles to create sustainable, competitive advantages. Response is supported with specific examples.

4. Writing exhibits strong evidence of thoughtful critical analysis and thinking; careful examination is made of assumptions and possible biases, with detailed supporting rationale. Writing synthesizes the classroom experiences and content; analyzes patterns or connections between theory and practice; and draws logical conclusions based on well-reasoned arguments. New questions may be presented based on synthesis of ideas and input.

Must be APA format.

3 4 Pages Assignment About Job Satisfaction And Employee Engagement

I have assignment to write 3-4 pages about case study discussing  job satisfaction & employee engagement.

This case is about a case scenario of a company in which its performance has declined because of job satisfaction and employee engagement is poor based on the survey in the case study.

my part in this assignment is to write a brief literature review about the subject and to answer enquiry number 3 in page 5 of the case study (providing suggestions and recommendation to overcome this issue).

Please note: Don’t copy because the report will be submitted via turnitin to identify similarity. The suggestions and recommendations should address the result of the survey in the case study (but not limited to)  Use illustration (graphs, figures some statistics) to make it more interesting Follow the attached assignment instructions 



Assignment 2 19569657


Part 1 Identify an organization for your case study that serves as an example for innovation:  Blue Ocean, disruptive, fast second, or value. The innovation example must be within the last five years. The best places to find companies for this assignment are Fortune 1000 and Global 1000. Fortune 1000 will give a listing of U.S. companies, and Global 1000 will include companies from countries other than the U.S.(Google the terms.) Explain what this organization did to create or develop and seize the opportunity presented to it. Define which innovation theory fits this opportunity (make sure the theory criteria are defined). Explain how you reached your conclusion. What evidence did you use to make this determination? Analyze the implications of the organization’s innovation strategy on growth

Part 2 Has the organization been able to sustain success? What are its prospects for the future? Analyze how the application of strategic management and planning has played a part in defining the organization’s ongoing innovation strategies and business model. Analyze where and how ethics and sustainability affect the organization’s innovation strategy and execution.
must be original please