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Unit 8 Discussion 19541133

You have spent the semester developing a research problem and literature review based around a hypothetical research project. How would you go about collecting the data for the project, if you were to move forward with it in the future? Who would your study population be?

Be as specific as you can – a population of “Kean students” might be a little broad, but “Kean first-year students” or “students who have taken online classes” may be a little more specific and appropriate. How would you collect the data – observation? Surveys/questionnaires? Interviews? A combination? Briefly describe how the hypothetical research study might work in terms of data collection.

Research Assignmentdue On Oct 4th At 1159

 Do an online search of the leadership observations and qualities found in Sir John A. Macdonald.  Make the application of the leadership characteristics discussed in True North.  Reference three online sites. no more than 2 pages (Plus title page and reference page) Who is Sir John A. Macdonald? How did he grow up? (use what we’ve read about in the book relating to life story) What was his leadership role  (Describe his role in the government system) Why was his leadership important? What was the controversy about Sir John A. Macdonald? Summary

Education 19609124

  You will observe the following video:  4th Grade Science-A Discussion of how Students’ Learn to Self Assess Science Fair Projects.  Based on the Video respond to each question using complete sentences.  Your responses must be theory-based.  3 pages Max.   What types of questions were asked? Please explain   Do the questions demand the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills?    Are most of the questions answered with one or two words? If so, based on theory, what strategy will you implement in future lessons?  Do the questions promote discussion?  If so, based on theory, why is discussion/ dialogue important?

Developing Research Methods

Submit a short paper addressing the following: What research methods have been used to address your research problem? Were these methods appropriate? What data collection methods have you noted in your review of literature? Evaluate the appropriateness of statistical analyses used. What gaps and inconsistencies in the literature have you noted?

For additional details, please refer to the Module Six Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document.

Expository Essay Outline 19775895


So far, you have chosen a topic and located resources for your Expository Essay. Continue developing your essay by developing a mapped thesis statement and creating an outline. Review the media piece “The Writing Process” to help you develop your thesis statement and create your essay outline. Use the attached template “Expository Essay Outline” to create your outline. Incorporate any feedback you received on your thesis statement in the discussion this week. Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed resources to support your subtopics. (one resource per supporting paragraph). Avoid using quotes in your outline. Instead, paraphrase your information.

Intel Report

Develop an intelligence report that collects, analyzes, and disseminates information on the Boston Marathon Terror Attack (Bombings) of 2013. Your briefing to the media and to the general public should occur within 36 hours after the attack. The intelligence report should be 4–6 pages, using APA (6th edition) format. 

Learning Framework

This a project in learning framework 

You should just complete the 3 slide where it’s written Daniel. read what the assignment is about don’t forget to add the reference on the references page .and plus  write some note  aside even on the conclusion page about the 3 slide which I will record aside  .

Instructional Strategies For Literacy Integration Matrix 19560689

Effective teachers use multiple approaches to integrate and create a balanced literacy curriculum for all students, especially in secondary education. Using a variety of literacy strategies can help ensure the teacher is meeting the needs of all students and creating an engaging learning experience for all students.

Part 1: Matrix

Complete the “Instructional Strategies for Literacy Integration Matrix” by examining different instructional strategies that can be implemented to promote balanced literacy curriculum for all students.

Part 2: Summary

In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on the following: Justify the importance of using a variety of instructional strategies to create a balanced literacy curriculum and meet the diverse needs of all students. Identify three major components of a proper literacy learning environment. Discuss three routines that create a proper literacy environment that enhances reading and writing instruction using traditional and contemporary resources.

Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources.

Unit 3 Coaching

 Deliverable Length:  5-6 pages 

Even though the professional development event that you planned on the use of technology in the classroom was largely successful, you still have one teacher on your staff, Pat, who is having difficulty using technology in the classroom.

Pat is a veteran English teacher who has taught for 34 years and plans to retire in two years. This teacher does many things very well and is well liked by the students though some have complained of this teacher’s lack of use of technology and the students’ inability to e-mail or use Web document storage sites to submit their assignments. Pat does not use technology to do other daily record-keeping such as reading e-mails, taking attendance, and registering grades electronically. Pat tells all parents and staff to call or visit in person, specifically asking them to not use e-mail. Basically, Pat does not use the computer at all and keeps all attendance and grades on paper by hand in the grade book.

While coaching is not just for employees in need of performance improvement, you want to help Pat recognize the value of using technology in the classroom. Develop a coaching plan for this teacher. Be sure the plan includes the following elements: Performance goals for this teacher Caring, professionalism, and consideration in providing assistance to this person How workplace satisfaction and motivation will be measured The timeline for implementing the coaching plan Strategies for monitoring the plan while it is being implemented Evaluation strategies for determining the success of the plan

This assignment is a part of institutional effectiveness, program quality, and graduate candidate programmatic outcome mastery measurement initiatives. It is a common assignment that is required in every section of EDU672. Your assignment deliverable  will be assessed using  the grading criteria that align with the program progression and national standard requirements provided here. Your instructor will provide assessment results, including progression feedback, within the gradebook area for this assignment.