Conceptual Analysis

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In our course we use the APA 7th Edition for all of our assignments and referencing. As you know, plagiarism is strictly forbidden and you must reference and cite your sources for your literature review, throughout the research process, and in your final concept paper which is a compilation of your entire research project. In this first week of course you will have to complete the APA Tutorial and this discussion board related to it. Please go to this website and view this 25 minute tutorial.  Furthermore, the YouTube videos take you through a “how to” on some basic APA 7th Edition formatting. Points come off for APA errors on your papers so it will help you to refresh your memory. Once you complete the tutorial please develop an original post addressing the following questions:

1.      What have you learned about the APA documentation technique?

2.       What is the most challenging aspect of APA for you?

3.       What do you think you need most assistance with as related to this course and the final paper?

4.       Did you find the tutorial helpful? Why or why not? 

Current Issue Within Higher Education 19951673

 The final draft of the CIP must address and incorporate feedback from previous drafts. The CIP should include a minimum of 5 academic sources, all of which must have been included in the Annotated Bibliography that you previously submitted. Students may additionally include up to 2 non-academic sources. The CIP must be submitted via Word document and must follow APA formatting (Links to an external site.).

This is a final draft is this assignment that must include all attached materiel as well as follow above instructions.  Needs to be 8 to 10 pages

Ethical Issues 19573417

The term “sweatshop” is a derogatory term that refers to a factory or workshop, especially in the apparel industry, where manual workers are employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor conditions.  Consider the following (real life) example, then answer the questions that follow:

Meet Meem.  Meem is a nine year old girl that works in a factory in Bangladesh.  The factory is small.  Two dozen sewing machines line the walls of a windowless room.  The room is about half the size of a basketball court.  There are two cutting machines in a corner.  Most of the workers begin their day at 9AM and end their day at 9PM.  Meem is tasked with snipping threads from men’s shirts being made.  She, and other girls, sit cross-legged in the middle of the floor. Like many young factory workers, Meem was taken out of school when the family ran into hardship.  With her mother pregnant and unable to work, the family needed Meem to help boost income.  Meem is allowed a half day off every Friday.  Her wages are paid to her father.  


What is a cultural relativist?  Could a cultural relativist argue that Meem’s working conditions are immoral?  Why or why not?  Could a cultural relativist argue that Meem’s working conditions are moral?  Why or why not?