Philosophy Essay 6 Pages

(1) One 5-8 page double spaced essays. It is worth 40 points

Each essay will be 5-8 pages double spaced, times new roman, and can be on any of the material we’ve covered leading up to the date it is due. You can also opt to chat with me privately about doing an “independent study” essay on a topic of your choosing which isn’t discussed in class. For the first essay assignment — but not the second — every student will be required to meet with me for 15-30 minutes to chat about their paper topic/argument before turning it in. Each essay, of course, will contain an argument for a conclusion.The essays should be written in a laid back style of the sort that you might find in an op-ed for a media outlet or a blog, and should eschew jargon except where clearly defined. You’ll be graded on three criteria: 

Clarity – Can an average reader — say, of 8th grade education — understand what you’re arguing? Can they see your reasons for concluding the thing(s) you do?

Enjoyability – Make it a little fun for your audience! Do you grip their attention at the beginning and maintain that hold throughout the work? Let the reader see some of your personality inflected in your words, emphases, and sentence transitions. Try to illustrate points by using examples which are entertaining.

Insight – Does your essay strike the reader with some intrigue? Will he or she see an issue in a new light? Will he take pause to consider something you’ve said which captivated his imagination? Do you make the reader question a tacit assumption he wasn’t previously aware of? I can’t provide much more specificity for satisfying these criteria, unfortunately, as it is ultimately a matter of judgment, like a chef who knows — from years of practice — when a chicken is cooked just right. But you can of course disagree with my assessment of your essay on any of the criteria. We will work it out.

These essay assignments are to provide you with practice for doing philosophically argued public writing later on in your life. Many of you probably won’t pursue academia, but you will all be members of communities; businesses, churches, clubs, associations, etc. At the very least, you’re all participatory agents in some nation or another. As such, to learn how to write for a public venue is to learn a skill for public speaking which allows you to vocalize your concerns and desires in your community. Also, on a more personal note, learning to write well in this way enables you to send thoughtful letters to people close to you in life. It may seem like a strange or foreign thing right now, but writing letters can become special later in life when you want to retain substantive relationships with people who live far away.

Social Welfare Policies

Choose a social problem.  Describe a rational approach to the solution of the problem by developing incremental steps to change policies that address the problem you selected.

Iranian Society Through Cinema Paper Proposal For Modify

The new requirements are in the pictures, and also the bibliography of at least 4 sources (including films)    from the syllabus.
Here are the sources from syllabus:

Reading meterial: 

1. Mottahedeh, Roy. 2000. The Mantle of the Prophet: Religion and Politics in Iran.

2. Oxford: OneWorld. 

3. Naficy, Hamid. 2012. A Social History of Iranian Cinema, Vol. 4. Durham: Duke

University Press. 

4. “Our Man in Tehran”

 1. Bashu, The Little Stranger by Bahram Beizai 

2.  Time for Love by Mohsen Makhmalbaf 

3. Tehran Has No More Pomegranates by Massoud Bakhshi  

4. The Lizard by Kamal Tabrizi  

5. Ten by Abbas Kiarostami  

6. The May Lady by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad  

7. Under the Skin of the City by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad  

8. A Time for Drunken Horses by Bahman Ghobadi 

9. House of Sand and Fog by Vadim Perelman 

10. A Separation by Asghar Farhadi 

 Use the Chicago Manual of Style for references ( (Links to an external site.)).

Philosophy Wittgenstein

Wittgenstein hated living and working at Cambridge University.  He especially didn’t like the constant chatter about ethics and politics that is associated with college life, both back then and today.  Whenever he could, he would leave to faraway places: a fjord in Norway, a cottage in western Ireland, and so on.  

Both of these tendencies sharply contrast with Plato’s depiction of Socrates — he loved to talk about ethics and politics, and he never left Athens.  How would Plato respond to Wittgenstein’s view of philosophy?  Write a paper imagining how Socrates would respond to Wittgenstein’s behavior: pretend that they somehow met and spoke the same language.

Essay 19945973

Sociology Film Analysis: Media, Culture, Socialization, and the Body

Please answer the following prompt with as much detail as possible. A well-written essay will demonstrate mastery of concepts presented in the textbook, film, and relevance to both sociological inquiry and your personal life. Essays should be no shorter than 1200 words and typed in no larger than 12 fonts and double-spaced. Ensure that you write in both a grammatically correct manner and alignment and spacing utilized are in accordance with standard academic custom. Note that you do not need to utilize outside information; however, if you do choose to utilize outside sources, please ensure that you cite in accordance with a standard academic format (e.g. Mills, 22 or Berger, 15). Plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and result in an ungraded assignment (hence a “0” for that assignment). In addition, failure to meet the minimum page or word count requirement will also result in an ungraded assignment. Once you have typed your essay in a word processing document, submit in the dropbox prior to the due date. This assignment is worth 15% toward your total grade. Prompt

The films Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In delve into numerous themes related to concepts discussed in your textbook. Both films include discussions concerning media representation, the social construction of masculinity and femininity, gender inequity, sexism, violence, rape, self-image, eating disorders, race, body image, media centralization, labeling, deviance, the sexualization of young girls, objectification of women’s bodies, and suicidal and homicidal violence, to name a few concepts. Discuss the main points of both documentaries, paying keen attention to the aforementioned issues, and, its effects on the social expectations and lives of young girls, boys, men, and women. Furthermore, where relevant, relate the films to concepts discussed in chapters 4, 5, 7,11 and 16. Additionally, personally reflect on what the film meant to you and how the media has contributed to your notions of beauty, sexuality, and gender.

NOTE: To view both films, click on the links below and log in: Borrower ID = MDC student or employee number; PIN = last 4 digits of MDC student or employee number. For further information, visit –

3 Page Paper 19576323

Identify two policy (macro), two community (mezzo), and two individual (micro) challenges that people in your community currently face in relation to retirement.

**APA style**

Journal 3 19916545

Topic/instructions: Write a short journal essay of 400 – 500 words that treats both (a) and (b) below.

You can organize your writing on (a) and (b) as you like.  But to write a good journal piece, my recommendation is that you treat both (a) and (b) substantially so that you have a balanced journal.  Also, even though this a short journal assignment, paragraphing can be helpful for organizing your thoughts and making transitions, and I recommend that you think about writing your journal in 2-3 paragraphs, rather than just one long paragraph. 

(a) Discuss how you see your sense of selfhood, in terms of how you would define your personal identity.

(b) Descartes discovers that essentially, he is a ‘thinking substance’ (a self-conscious ‘thinker’).  But that way of thinking about ‘self’ seems be different from personal identity.  Hume doubts that we can know that the Cartesian self exists, and he also has doubts over how we could know if there is any permanent self.  Does what you wrote in (a) relate better to the Cartesian way of thinking about self, or the Humean way?  Discuss your position!

Making references: If you make a specific reference to the readings, then just make an in-text, parenthetical page reference, such as: (Melchert & Morrow, 152).

Submitting your journal here on Blackboard: First click on where is says ‘Journal 2’ above.   After this, scroll down to  ‘Assignment Submission’, and click on where it says ‘Write Submission.’  A text box pops up, and then you either type your journal directly in the space, or copy/paste your journal into the space.  

After putting your journal in that text space, you can either click on ‘Save as Draft’, or ‘Submit.’  If you click on ‘Save as Draft’, it means you have saved a draft of your journal in that space on Blackboard – you can come back to Blackboard later and continue to work on it.  Also, do note that I cannot see the journal when you have clicked on ‘Save as Draft.’  If you put your journal in the text space and then click on ‘Submit,’ then the journal is submitted to me, and I can see it.  

I would like you to put your journal directly into the space as described in the preceding paragraphs, and not submit it as an attached document.  Also, do not email your journal to me.  

The Use Of Partnership Approaches In Social Care


1. Discuss your knowledge of this approach, making reference to your experience on placement. You  include theory throughout

2. Discuss the approach in relation to both the challenges and positive outcomes for service users.

3.outline how the concepts of power and authority in relationships with service users can impart the partnership approach

length is1000

Sociology Assignment 500 Words 19584869

Weekly Written assignment: What is discrimination? What is the relationship between prejudice and discrimination? Is it possible to discriminate when you are not prejudiced? What is affirmative action? What is racial profiling? Argue for or against affirmative action and support your position. MIN 500 words.

Overview Of Assignment The Town Of Lionsville

 In a minimum of 4-5 pages.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of ethical decision making through the analysis of the hypothetical town of “Lionsville.” For this assignment, students will review the presented scenario  and then using the ethical standards of the National Organization for Human Services [NOHS] to address the required areas in the instructions.