To be honest healthcare without nurses would go to down hill. We can see that by the impact of the Corona virus.

1.) Nursing has changed so much over the last years. If someone would have told me then that today we would have robots passing medications instead of pharmacist or automated operators to take our calls instead of medical assistants or nurses. To be honest healthcare without nurses would go to down hill. We can see that by the impact of the Corona virus. At the bedside were nurses, nursing assistants and respiratory care therapist. It has always been known that nurses are the primary providers in bedside care but it is just now being noticed. Honestly, nurses take a hard hit to life going to the program while some have no personal clinical experience with patients. That makes it very hard when nurses have to advocate for patients but also sometimes educate the healthcare team on that actual sickness at hand due to them spending more time with then than any other healthcare provider. A lot of jokes are made about nurses but covid opened doors to nursing that many of us didn’t even know were available. The nursing shortage at bedside and education speak for itself.


2.)Nursing can be defined as an art and a science, a heart and a mind. Deep at its heart lays an essential admiration for human self-worth and perception of the patient’s needs. Nurses contribute to health care through counseling and medication, drug administration, health care promotion, and education and counseling. Besides, nurses perform other personalized interventions such as wound care and psychological support to patients. Nurses also interpret the patient’s information and make critical decisions about needed actions. Though it’s pretty interesting to integrate robots into clinical judgments, I think robots cannot assess patients’ status and save their lives. As much as robots can assist nurses in lifting patients, transporting dangerous substances, and some surgeries, the clinical judgment of a patient’s status depends on the nurse’s reasoning, clinical thinking, and evidence-based practices.

There would be no future of health care without nurses. Our life could also be shorter since there is no one to care for our loved ones and us. No one manages people with chronic illness; thus, we should care for and appreciate the nurses. Don’t imagine a world without nurses; it would be a total mess.


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