Respond To The Discussion Questions In A Minimum Of One Short Paragraph

Discussion Posts Protocols

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  • Your main response should be a minimum of one short paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs (min 100 words; max 200 words). 
  • Address the questions as much as possible. Do not let the discussions stray to unrelated topics.
  • All post require supportive information from the text or other peer-reviewed sources that support your postings. Put any quotes in quotation marks, or better yet paraphrase, and always include reference from which the information or quotation was obtained, both within the text of your answer AND the correctly APA formatted reference at the bottom of the post. Wikipedia is never an appropriate resource.
  • Bring in related personal prior knowledge (work experience and/or prior personal experience.) as examples in the response
  • Use proper netiquette (proper language, typing, respect, etc.)
  • Use proper APA format
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