GO16_AC_CH01_GRADER_1F_AS – Literary Festival Events

GO16_AC_CH01_GRADER_1F_AS – Literary Festival Events


Project Description:

In this project, you will use a database template and create database objects to track events for the Literary Festival at a college. You will enter records into the Events table using a multiple-items form and a single-items form. You will append data from Excel to the Events table. You will create a second table in the database that tracks contact information for the festival events.


Start   Access. Open the downloaded file named go_a01_grader_a2_Literary_Events.accdb   and enable the content.


In   the Event List multiple-items form that opened automatically, in the new   record row, enter the following two records (the Start Time and End Time data   will reformat automatically):
Title: Conversation with Aliyah Jones   Start Time: 9/11/21 10a
End Time: 9/11/21 12p   Description: African American   Nonfiction   Location: Northeast Campus   Theater
Title: Faculty/Student/Staff Readings   Start Time: 9/11/21 2p
End Time: 9/11/21 4p   Description: Favorite Passages Location:   Southeast Campus Forum


In   the Event List form, click New Event and in the Event Details single-record   form, enter the following record (the Start Time and End Time data will   reformat automatically):
Title: An Evening with Michael Evans
Start Time: 9/11/21 7p
End Time: 9/11/21 9p
Location:   Northwest Campus Atrium
Description: Historical Writings


Close   the Event Details single-record form and the Event List form. Append the   records from the downloaded Excel file go_a01_grader_a2_Literary_Events.xlsx   to the Events table.


Open   the Navigation Pane. In the Navigation Pane, organize the objects by Tables   and Related Views. Open the Events table (the table has 13 records). Apply   Best Fit to all of the fields in the table, and then save and close the   table.


In   Datasheet view, create a new table. Beginning in the second column of the   table and using the data type of Short Text, create the CampusLast Name,   First NamePhone Number,   and Email Address fields (in that order).

For   the ID field, change the data type to Short Text and rename the field to Contact ID.


Starting   in the Contact ID field, add the following two records to the new table:
  C-01|Northeast|Woodward|Jean|(512) 555-3704|jwoodward@tlcc.edu
  C-02|Southeast|Snyder|Amanda|(512) 555-8391|asnyder@tlcc.edu


Starting   in the Contact ID field, add the following two records to the new table:

  C-03|Northwest|Bass|Jordan|(512) 555-1740|jbass@tlcc.edu
  C-04|Southwest|Sweeney|Megan|(512) 555-7832|msweeney@tlcc.edu

Apply   Best Fit to all of the fields in the table, and then save the table as Festival Contacts.


Close   all database objects and exit Access. Submit the database as directed.

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