Need Done By Saturday Night Around 7pm Please

 I need a 5-7 pages essay.  The introduction and book information alone with scholarly sources, and biblical sources as well. No! Plagiarism what’s so ever they do use “turnitin”   I will apply the instructiondown at the bottom. This the Name of the book to use, Textbooks: Entwistle, Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity (2015).  Only Scholarly peer reviewed Sources and some bible Source.

I will apply the instructions. Teachers will check for plagiarism it has to be paraphrase or own words make sure the grammar is good. I did add a sample paper on how to do the Integration paper but I also added the Instructions. I need someone I could really trust to do this assignment and know how to really follow the instruction please?? This is for my  psychology and christianity class.

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