Write a game that will simulate the game “Let’s Make a Deal”

OOP based GUI project to create a program in java or c# in visual studio 2022

* When the program begins, open a reasonably sized, appropriately titled window.

* The window should contain at least 3 working buttons, more if appropriate. Examples: Start/Go button o Help/Information

* Credit – listing of programmers

* The program should be interactive with the user.

* Clearly indicate the purpose of the program and expectations of the user. This can be through the use of text labels or through a help/info button.

* Type your name and explanation of code in comments.

* Use at least 3 descriptive comments throughout your code.

Instructions above are vague by design. ‘This allows you the opportunity to be creative.

If you prefer a specific project:

Write a game that will simulate the game “Let’s Make a Deal” and the “Monty Hall Principle.”

Goal: Win a car that is behind one of 3 doors.

Game Plav:

1. A player is presented with 3 doors and initially selects one of the doors.

2. Of the 2 remaining doors, the player is shown that one of the two doors is a loser (a goat is revealed behind the door).

3. The player now has the option of keeping their original door or exchanging it for the remaining unknown door.

4. Once the decision is made to keep or swap, the doors are opened and the player either wins a car or a goat.

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