Clemenson Imaging LLC monitors increased revenue from the use of CT scan equipment. You analyze the number of patients and procedures by technician and location.

[Student Learning Outcomes 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7]

File Needed: ClemensonImaging-06.xlsx (Available from the Start file link.)

Completed Project File Name: [your name]-ClemensonImaging-06.xlsx

Skills Covered in This Project

  • Calculate the net present value of a purchase.
  • Use TRANSPOSE to rearrange labels into a column.
  • Concatenate cells to display full names.
  • Use SUMIFS to summarize data.
  • Calculate procedure times.
  • Format times with fractions.
  1. Open the ClemensonImaging-06 workbook and click the Enable Editing button. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name.
  2. Determine the net present value of a new equipment purchase.
    1. Click the Financials sheet tab and select cell H5.
    2. Use NPV with a Rate argument of 4.25%.
    3. Select cells D7:D13 for the Value1 argument and click OK. This is the same as entering each value argument separately.
    4. Edit the formula to add both costs (cells D4 and D5) at the end of the formula. The net present value is $268,921.79.
  3. Use TRANSPOSE and CONCAT to display technician names.
    1. Click the Technicians sheet tab. The names are in rows.
    2. Select cells A4:A10, seven rows in one column.
    3. Select TRANSPOSE from the Lookup & Reference category and select cells A1:G1 for the Array argument.
    4. Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to complete the array formula.
    5. Repeat the TRANSPOSE task for the first names in cells B4:B10.
    6. Select cell D4 and create a CONCAT formula to display the name in first name, last name order (Figure 6-111).ImagesFigure 6-111 CONCAT formula to display names
    7. Copy the formula in cell D4 to cells D5:D10.
    8. Click the Summary sheet tab, select cell A5, and create a 3D reference to cell D4 on the Technicians sheet.
    9. Copy the formula and preserve the borders.ImagesFigure 6-112 SUMIFS with absolute and relative references
      ImagesFigure 6-113 Change time format to display fractions
  4. Use SUMIFS to total number of patients by procedure and technician.
    1. Click the Summary sheet tab and select cell C5.
    2. Use the SUMIFS function with an absolute reference to cells $D$5:$D$41 on the Procedures sheet as the Sum_range argument.
      • The Criteria_range1 argument is an absolute reference to the image type column on the Procedures sheet, cells $E$5:$E$41.
      • The Criteria1 argument is a relative reference to cell B5 on the Summary sheet.
      • The Criteria_range2 argument is an absolute reference to the technician names column on the Procedures sheet.
    3. Select cell A5 for the Criteria2 argument (Figure 6-112).
    4. Copy the formula in cell C5 to cells C6:C11 and preserve the borders.
  5. Use SUMIFS to total number of patients by category and location in cells C14:C15.
  6. Look for and correct format inconsistencies.
  7. Calculate procedure times.
    1. Click the Times sheet tab and select cell F6.
    2. Build a formula to subtract the start time from the end time and multiply those results by 24. The result is shown in hours.
    3. Copy the formula to row 41.
    4. Select cells F6:F41 and open the Format Cells dialog box. On the Number tab, choose Fraction with a Type of Up to two digits (Figure 6-113).
  8. Save and close the workbook (Figure 6-114).
  9. Upload and save your project file.
  10. Submit project for grading.

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