WK 3, OPS 574: DR 1Process improvement alone is not a sufficient response for Spirit to address their declining profits as there are multiple factors that need to be addressed and improved.

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Ashley Marie Menor

11/1/22 9:41 AM

Process improvement alone is not a sufficient response for Spirit to address their declining profits as there are multiple factors that need to be addressed and improved. Elemonie (2020) explains that process improvement is a crucial step of identifying, analyzing, and improving upon the existing processes Spirit currently has, which can generate a substantial difference in its operations including scheduling, staffing, boarding, and more. Aside from process improvements, Spirit should adopt the latest technologies, software, and mechanisms to boost productivity, efficiency, and profitability to save time, money, and manpower. For example, technology such as tablets and smartphones can be used to create a digital workplace to empower employees to communicate better and make decisions faster, which is critical to improving operations. To address the complaints about pricing, Spirit should be transparent with their pricing for items such as carry-on bags, printing a boarding pass, and seat selection since they are a “no-frills” airline, meaning they price basically only includes the airline ticket. However, an improved design would be to transition to a full-service airline where the price includes the ticket, sea, inflight entertainment, food, and baggage. Consumers would rather pay a little extra to get full benefits with more leg room, comfortability, and lesser chance of the flight being cancelled According to Jhunjhunwala et al. (2016), three ways to protect again delays in a cost-effective manner include improving execution, reducing complexity, and creating buffers. Having a contingency plan for delays, complications, and scheduling such as implementing modular flying schedules complications can improve the process. Morgan (2015) discusses it is unavoidable that customers will experience negative feedback and become upset when a delay or cancellation occurs, resulting in the loss of customers, which is the loss of profits. To incorporate empathy, the organization and members can actively listen to staff and customers in a respectful and genuine way. Also, approach with compassion, sympathize, and share the concerns with them. By conducting the situation in a civil manner, it reduces the confrontation, annoyance, and displays to the consumer or staff that you empathize with them, and they are being heard. Engagement surveys, feedback, and investigations can be used to propose a way for customers and staff to have a voice and the organization should implement ways to display that they are analyzing the reviews and making changes. Spirit should seek that the net promoter score (NPS), company profits, employee satisfaction, and employee retention increase with the process improvement, as well as a decrease in flight delays or cancellations, customer altercations, and labor disputes.


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