Psychology Homeworf

Each of the prompts should be a minimum of 25o words.  Make sure you cite your sources.

  1. Some communities want to take steps to arrest women who have exposed their unborn child to harmful, illegal substances.  Would the threat of criminal prosecution deter women from taking drugs during their pregnancy?  To what extent should women be considered legally liable for the kind of fetal environment they provide for their developing fetus?
  2. Where do you fall on the nature-nurture controversy?  To what extent do you believe that your own traits, talents, and academic or social accomplishments are the consequence of your genotype?  How much does your environment that you were raised in matter to your development?  How does the research on the mother and fetus relationship impact the lines between nature and nurture?
  3. Discuss the rights of the fathers during the abortion process.  Should women have to receive permission from fathers before they can have an abortion?  What if the mother did not want the child but the father was willing to care for and raise the child?

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