Combine, Revise, & Edit Esay

It is time to put all the parts of the esay together. Before you submit it in one MSWord document, please revise and edit it carefully; simply putting the pieces together without significant revising and editing will not gain you many points.

  • Revise your introductory paragraph with your hook, 2-3 sentences of supporting details and/or evidence, and thesis statement.
  • Revise all three of your body paragraphs. Make sure you are putting your best arguments forward.
  • Do not use direct quotes. We are focusing on paraphrasing ideas from outside sources in this class.
  • Revise your conclusion.
  • Revise the whole esay using ARMS (add, remove, move, substitute).
  • Edit the whole esay using CUPS (capitalization, usage, punctuation, spelling).
  • MLA format
  • All parts to esay are attached.
  • attachment

  • attachment

  • attachment


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