NASW Code Of Ethics, Ethical Principles, And Ethical Standards.

Post in your assigned group the following:

  • Describe professional ethics and the purpose of the NASW code of ethics in your own words.
  • Explain the section of the code that you were assigned(  5. Social Workers’ Ethical Responsibilities to the Social Work Profession; 5.01 Integrity of the Profession;  5.02 Evaluation and Research )
  • Describe the standards within that section in your own words.
  • Provide a specific example of how a social worker would apply these ethical standards in their practice.

Note: The attached document was the answer I gave to my assignment, and the instructor gave me the following feedback.

” Good post!   You shared a lot of information regarding this section of the Code.   However, I did not see where you explained the section of the code that you were assigned.  You used an APA header for this but really just launched into each of the details of the standards involved.   In addition, I did not see where you gave a specific example where a social worker used (or violated) a standard of the code.  APA note – I’m not sure what system you are using for the citations, but please spend some time with the APA tutorial and resources found in the Writing Center site.”

  • attachment


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