Physical Activity And Exercise During Pregnancy And The Postpartum Period

Purpose: The research assignment will require students to demonstrate a general understanding of the relationship between physical activity and health. Specifically, students will focus on a particular component of physical activity, fitness, or wellness, and be required to incorporate relevant literature and research findings into a comprehensive, well-written assignment.

The research assignment must:

  • Be DOUBLE SPACED, at least THREE FULL PAGES in length (no more than 5 pages in length)
  • Use 12 point font of either Times New Roman or Calibri, 1” margins
  • Include at least FOUR scholarly sources in addition to Healthy People 2030
    • In-text citations & references should be provided in APA format. A separate “references” page should be included, that will not count towards the total page count.
    • At least THREE Goals and/or Objectives from Healthy People 2030 and relevant to your topic must be addressed
  • Focus on trends, data and/or experiences with the selected component of physical activity, fitness, or wellness is experienced, promoted, in the United States.
  • Use good grammar and flow smoothly.
  • Utilize APA format for in-text citations and references.
  • attachment


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