Read one or two articles from popular magazines or websites.

Phys 241


Contemporary advice to parents:

  1. Read one or two articles from popular magazines or websites. Examples could be weaning, sleeping arrangements, use of daycare, discipline, homework problems, sexuality education, or coping with divorce. You are welcome to choose other examples.
  2. Summarize the advice given and compare it to the theoretical views in Chapter 1. Does this advice have any significant relationship to current psychological approaches to development? You are encouraged to use psychological journals to analyze the quality of the advice given in the popular press articles you found. Is there any research available to support the advice given in the article(s)? You can also look for historical advice on the same childrearing topic from the 1960s, 1950s, and 1940s. How did these earlier articles define the problem and give advice? What does this suggest about changes in childrearing? Is there any relationship to the theories of human development described in Chapter 1?
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