Assignment: Community Health Organization Brochure


Summary:  The student will work create an original 3-panel (double-sided) brochure based on a community health organization that operates in El Paso, Texas or in the community in which they currently reside. The student will research this organization in order to develop this brochure elucidating the major components of the community organization as defined below:

  • The student’s brochure should include the following:
    • A general description of the agency/organization (health problems addressed, priority population, etc.).
    • Mission statement of the organization
    • Goals of the organization
    • Programs and services offered to the El Paso community
    • Other interesting and pertinent information relevant to the mission of the organization
  • Based on the information collected, the student will develop a 3-panel (double-sided) brochure using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, or other relevant program.
  • Cautionary notes:
    • Do not merely revise an existing brochure. This should be your original work based on your research of this organization.
    • The brochure should be readable (use an appropriate size and readable font).
    • Readers respond to phrases and bullets. Avoid developing a series of paragraphs. This tends to be too “text rich” (wordy).
    • Organize your brochure in a logical format.
    • Use pictures and graphics to enhance the asthetics of your brochure and to highlight important points.
    • Be creative!!
  • The following websites (among others) provide helpful information/tips for creating a good brochure. Please use these tips to assist you in the development of your brochure in accordance with the specifications of the assignment:

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