Diversity As A Social Problem

1)      Briefly summarize the Frey (2020) article.

2)      What is your position on diversity as an integral part of American society?

3)      Do you see diversity being mostly an idealized or idolized sociocultural phenomenon?

4)      What kind(s) of diversity do you see being resisted and what kind(s) accepted today?

5)      What relationship do you see between recent demographic changes in the U.S. and any one currently contested social issue?

6)      Does this issue meet the criteria of a social problem?

7)      Is the issue also an issue of social justice?

8)      What action(s) do you believe should be taken to address this issue/resolve the problem?

Required reading:  Leon-Guerrero (2019) chapter 2 – 6, Frey, W. H. (2020). “The nation is diversifying even faster than predicted, according to new census data.” Brookings, July 1.  https://www.brookings.edu/research/new-census-data-shows-the-nation-is-diversifying-even-faster-than-predicted/

4 pages

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