Imagine That You Are Presenting At A Conference And Have Five Minutes To Speak. This Assignment Is Intended To Help You “Hear” Your Own Voice Of Advocacy Through A Speech Based On Your DNA Of An Advocacy Diagram.

The DNA of Advocacy (Speech)


Your enthusiastic voice of advocacy will create enthusiasm in  others to be part of your cause. Imagine that you are presenting at a  conference and have five minutes to speak. This assignment is intended  to help you “hear” your own voice of advocacy through a speech based on  your DNA of an Advocacy Diagram.


The following instructions correspond to the scoring guide  grading criteria, so be sure to address each point. Review the  performance level-descriptions for each criterion to see how your work  will be assessed.

Communicate the content of your diagram in a logically  structured and concise speech to a group of health promotion  practitioners that expresses your passion for changing the health  outcomes of your selected issue. Your speech should be organized as  follows:

  • Welcome statement.
  • Goal of speech.
  • Goal and objectives of the selected health issue.
  • Acknowledgement of the importance to select a strategy to  identify stakeholders and in-depth justification of one of the  strategies.
  • Explanation of one strategy that would build partnerships and the rationale for choosing this strategy for the health issue.
  • Three issues the practitioner must consider when inviting stakeholders to support the health issue.
  • Three issues the stakeholder must consider when invited to commit time, talent, or funding to the health issue.
  • Analysis of two political, two social, and two economic  policies that stakeholders could support to improve health in diverse  populations.
  • Summary of key points.
  • DNA of an Advocacy diagram.
  • References.

Complete the following in your speech:

  • Adapt communication strategies for stakeholder audiences. This includes:
    • The goals and objectives.
    • Your strategies and rationale to identify and invite stakeholders to build coalitions to influence health outcomes.
    • The issues stakeholders must consider when committing their time, talent, and/or treasure to the health issue.
  • Explain political, social, and economic policies and programs  that stakeholders could support to improve health in diverse  populations.
    • Include two political, two social, and two economic policies and programs in your explanation.
  • Advocate for a policy or program:
    • “Sell” your position in your own words.
    • Create a sense of urgency for this change.
    • Summarize key points.

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