PHI-105- 21st CENTURY SKILLS: Critical Thinking And Problem Solving

Topic 2 Wrap Up (120 words).

One of the ideas we discussed last week was whether perception is reality. Because we can only experience and understand the world through our senses, and these sense perceptions form our beliefs about the world, some philosophers have presented the idea that our perceptions are actually reality.

While we can certainly affirm that we can only experience reality through our perceptions, explain why the logic of the saying, “perception is reality,” has a seriously fatal flaw. What is reality, and how is it different than our perception of it?

Topic 3 Video Lecture (120 words)

Please respond with at least 3 things you learned from the following video lecture.

Famous EQ Characters (120 words)

Please review the following link Famous EQ Characters which will provide examples of famous characters from movie and TV who display low and high EQ. Who do you relate to and why?

Famous Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Characters (


Assessing Knowledge & Skill

What rite of passage do you think exists within your family’s culture/unit that you never agreed with or believed in and why?

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