Directions: Choose 4 topics listed below to complete for your final. Questions should be answered in full (approx. half of a page each, minimum). Answers should be written completely in your own words, not copied from the textbook or any other sources. Any question asking for examples must be original examples created by you, not examples from your textbook.

1. Identify and discuss the 4 different parenting styles. Provide examples for each parenting style.

2. Define and list different forms of relationships. Explain how relationships can enhance well-being and how relationships might not enhance well-being.

2. Identify and discuss the stages of group development.

3. Define what a community is. Describe the different types of communities. Discuss why the community is often the cornerstone of our work as social workers.

4. Discuss the evidence that suggests humans have a fundamental need to belong to groups.

5. What is Groupthink? Discuss the 4 levels of groupthink.

6. Explain the impact of history on the LGTBQ population and discuss the current treatment concerns for the LGBTQ population.

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