PHI-105- 21st CENTURY SKILLS: Critical Thinking And Problem Solving

Do you believe the statement “perception is reality”? Why or why not? (200 words)

Topic 1 Wrap Up

In Week 1, we were introduced to the concept of critical thinking. There is always some confusion about what the nature of critical thinking is. Some think it is “thinking outside of the box.” But, what does that mean? Some think it is thinking quickly in critical situations. But is that always the case? Finally, some think critical thinking is just how critical people think. Why would I want to be that? For us to move forward, I believe it is imperative that we come to a clear understanding of the definition and goal of critical thinking. What is critical thinking? What is its goal? (120 words)

Food for Thought – Art and Perception 

Take a look at this video with perception and reality in mind and comment about it. What other 3D art have you seen that tricks your mind? (120 words)

Food for Thought- Power Point – Slide Notes

How can good slide notes (located under the slide) help set up a great Power Point presentation? (120 words)

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