Discussion: Developing Alliances In Social Work Practice

Have you ever heard the term or saying “straight  but not narrow”? This is an example of a statement of being an  ally—recognizing one’s unique position of privilege yet standing with  others who are oppressed. By taking this course, you have started the  process of becoming an ally. Evan and Washington (2013) identify the  steps toward being an ally, which include being supportive of those who  are unlike you, learning about other cultures, becoming aware of the  oppression and marginalization, and becoming aware of one’s own  privilege. Getting involved in issues is part of that process. You will  consider how to become an ally this week.

To prepare:  Review “Working With Survivors of Human Trafficking: The Case of  Veronica.” Think about how one might become an ally to victims of human  trafficking . Then go to a website that addresses human trafficking  either internationally or domestically.

By Day 3

Post a brief description of the  website you visited. Explain how you might support Veronica and other  human trafficking victims incorporating the information you have found.  Explain how you can begin to increase your awareness of this issue and  teach others about human trafficking victims. Describe opportunities to  get involved and become an ally to those who have been trafficked.  Identify steps you can take to begin to support this group.

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