Diversity And Difference

[350-word response

This week, I’d like to know your reactions to the articles on Latinos and Latinas in the US. There are two main strands in the materials – a) immigration, and b) identity. You can choose either of these to comment on.

Even if you do not choose to write specifically about immigration and/or deportation, make sure to read/watch/listen to the materials about Aura Hernández, the Guatemalan woman who sought sanctuary in a New York City church. Her story is told in the article “They Treat Me Like a Criminal, But They Are the Criminals,” and I have added more materials about her.

Again, think about the following general topic questions as you decide how to respond:

1.   Which of the readings or other materials most interested or impacted you?

2.   What new information (language, vocabulary, concepts, facts) did you get from the readings? Anything surprise you or intrigue you to find out more about?

3.   What in the readings did you most relate to?

4.   What in the readings or the materials do you see still at work in the US today?

5.   What can you say specifically about how any of these topics are reflected in the materials and/or in your own observations of life?

  •  nativism
  •  citizenship
  •  immigration
  •  racialization
  •  stereotyping

Remember the main instructions:

1.   Write at least 350 words for your response.

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