Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Case Study

For your initial post, introduce yourself to your instructor and peers. Share who you are, where you are from, and what your goals are for taking this course. Then, choose a topic of interest to you—cars/transportation, social media, marriage, or work, and pose a total of six questions related to that topic:

  • Two questions someone interested in psychology and the study of the individual might ask about the topic
  • Two questions someone interested in the study of sociology and society might ask about the topic
  • Two questions someone interested in anthropology and the study of past and present humans might ask about the topic

RESPOND TO Rebecca and Kasten posts. In your replies, highlight one or more of the questions they posed and reflect on the following: How might social science exploration of these questions be applied in everyday life? Again, be sure to incorporate the module resources to support your responses.

Rebecca post

Hi! My name is Rebecca Bartlett, I am the mother of 4 very different kiddos. I live in “America’s Hometown”, Plymouth MA. I am in my second term at SNHU studying Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Development. My goal for this course is to have a better understanding of the scientific questioning process and how it changes with each branch of study (psychology, sociology, and anthropology).

I have chosen Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as my topic. It is very important to me to understand PTSD as I have a veteran husband and a 13 yr old son both with PTSD.

1. How does PTSD affect individuals, of different ages, differently?

2. What happens mentally for an individual to chose fight or flight?

3. What is society’s view of PTSD in an individual?

4. Can society’s view be changed?

5. How has PTSD progressed or changed over time?

6. How has response to triggers changed over time? ie: hunting mammoths to war , how has the difference in response changed.

I look forward to engaging with as many people as I can in this class. I find understanding other’s views very enlightening!

Kasten post

The topic I choose was social media, I believe social media is sharpening our world whether that is for good or bad. It has such a wide range to reach so many people, across so many countries, and as well influence so many people. I think social media is one of the biggest cultures changing things we have seen in our history.

I think if I were viewing social media through the lens of psychology two questions I would ask are.

  1. How is social media affecting those who use it consistently?
  2. DO the negative effects of social media outweigh the good, or vice versa?

Now from a view of sociology, two questions I can think of are.

  1. How does social media impact the way our society can react or voice themselves, such as accidents or gun violence, and things of that nature?
  2. Can social media bring groups together and form closer bonds inside our societies.

And lastly two questions with the view of Anthropology

  1. How has the world changed from the impact of social media, versus when social media existed, are our cultures fundamentally the same or drastically different?
  2. What is the future of social media and the role it will play in our ever-changing world?

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