Social Service And Housing Issues

Sections 1.1, 1.2, 2.1 and 2.2 need to be revised per notes. The revision notes are listed. Also ensure that each section has at least 15 citations. The articles need to be scholarly sources, ie: journal entries.

The organization: The Haven

Also search a variety organizations that help victims and/or offer support networks. This will help with more sources.


1.1 Capstone Topic (2 paragraphs)

Clearly describe the topic of the  Capstone Project.

This section should include:

 FIRST PARAGRAPH:  State the topic of the capstone project. The topic   statement should include the problem or opportunity for improvement in the   project. The concepts of the topic   must be clear and focused and well supported in the literature.

o Begin   this paragraph with, “The topic is…”

 SECOND PARAGRAPH: Describe the significance of   this topic to Human Services AND the specialization within your program. Include   a statement about the practical implications of the project by describing the impact   of this Capstone Project on the organization or   community of interest.

Example – The   topic of this capstone project is the effectiveness of a transitional summer   program, Helping Others, Inc., on middle school students’ chance of success   (graduation) in high school.

The topic should be correctly   formed:

 The topic should be appropriate for the   specialization.

 The topic should use appropriate language for   key concepts/phenomena.

 The type of action proposed should be clearly   specified.

 The community of interest/organization/program   or community and target population should be named.

 The concepts should be appropriately focused.

 The topic should be supported by at least (15) citations.

 The topic should be in alignment with   current literature and the DHS Programs of Professional Practice.

Use current   (within 5-7 years), scholarly, PRIMARY resources to support statements. Textbooks   are not primary resources. Theses and dissertations are not considered   peer-reviewed published articles. Use   APA style in citing all resources.

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