Dance Appreciation (loie fuller) ( Isadora Duncan) ( MARY WIGMAN) (RUTH ST.DENIS) (MARTHA GRAHAM) ( DORIS HUMPHREY) (EDNA GUY Scroll to 28:17 to see Edna Guy’s choreography. Of course, you are free to watch the entire clip! ) (JOSE LIMON) (LESTER HORTON) (KADTHERINE DUNHAM Scroll to 3:06 to learn more about Katherine Dunham and view some of her work. ) (ALVIN AILEY) (PEARL PRIMUS PLS FAST FORWARD TO 17:21 to see the work choreographed by pearl primus)

Without referring to the choreographer’s name, describe in detail one of the dances you observed in the short Modern dance video clips.  Include costuming, sound (music? text? silence?), types of movements being performed, levels, shapes, dynamics, etc.  Be as detailed as possible! The reader should be able to visualize the dance and guess which clip you are referring to.

Respond to two other students’ posts and see if you can if you can determine which choreographer’s piece they are writing about!

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