Important Things for an Incoming College Student

What are some of the things you think are important for incoming student starting college  in general and specifically to pgcc?

   For this  Assignment, you will design a brochure  to assist in the transition from high school to college. Yoir brochure will consist of your learning experience in your first semester and way to avoid mistake in your second semester.
  The function of a brochure is to create interest to the reader. The point is to hook your audience into reading the brochure. Remember, your audience is important when designing a brochure! This FYE brochure is to help future PGCc students make an easier transition to the college. Pls add your personal experience and perhaps a quote from another student. Make the brochure as personalized as possible! This is brochure can be serious or humorous. On a seperate sheet, site your sources.
 Here are some topic you may choose for your brochure, or you can choose any topic from the textbook that may be relavant to you.please choose a minimum of three topic ( max 5) for your tri- fold brochure.
Time Management.
Goal setting.
Academic success skill / Techniques ( i.e Test- taking, Studying, note- taking, Reading, etc).
Career Exploration.
Faculty Expectation of college Student.
Your resonsibilities ( Academic and personanally).
Campus Academic Resource/ Stufent Clubs / Sports.
Having an Agenda.
Choosing your classes/ Academic Advising.
Understanding the Academic Requirement of your program of Student.
Pls if you know how to create a FYE Brochure  ( First Year experience  Brochure). Pls dont Bid for this.

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