News Summaries

Course description

Geopolitical Affairs introduces human, cultural, and political geography. Consideration of the world in various spatial contexts will demonstrate the geographical interdependence between people, places, and environments. Exploration of current global challenges and spatial linkages reveal the interconnections between people, culture, and place and demonstrate the local and global connections of action. Organized thematically, this course will focus on several key global connections of action: economic crisis, environmental decline, sustainability, food security, migration, population distribution, poverty, war, and urbanization.

Written Work: News Summaries:

Please read the assignment description before submitting it. Each student is required to read three news articles from The Economist, New York Times, Washington Post, or Time Magazine. The news stories selected should reflect the course– news stories dealing with international issues. No “human interest ” stories will be accepted.

••••This assignment will be from a current event article since the beginning of June••••

Each response must follow the following format:

Title of Article:

Date of Publication:

Summary of the article: (one paragraph) and your opinion (one paragraph)

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