Vocational Rehabilitation

Post an interpretation of the case study’s conclusion that “the vocational rehabilitation intervention program may be effective at promoting full-time employment.”

Vocational training are programs that provides participants with required skills to complete specific jobs or tasks. The study that is trying to be determined amongst the case study is how the programs influence the participants and employment. While reviewing the Chi-Square case study, the results stated that the Vocational Rehabilitation Intervention Program might be effective at promoting full-time employment among recently paroled inmates. The charts indicate that out of 30 participants in the intervention group, 18 were full-time employees. In contrast, participants on the waitlist, only 6 were full-time employees. The study also indicates that usually, researchers use the alpha level of .05 to determine the significance of their study, however y using the Pearson Chi-Square test, the results were that researchers found the difference between the intervention and comparison groups where highly significant because the p value was .003 significant beyond the usual level.

Describe the factors limiting the internal validity of this study and explain why those factors limit the ability to draw conclusions regarding cause-and-effect relationships.

Trochim explained that internal validity is the approximate truth about interferences regarding cause and effect or casual relationships. In the case study, it identified that the study was bias based on the preexisting differences amongst the participants and nothing else was used to help determine the validity. The study identified that more options should have been assessed. It should have looked at things such as if the paroled individual were able to maintain employment, earn living wages and satisfy other conditions of probation. If these factors was taken into consideration it should have been identified whether the participants have the skills or not to fulfill the duties. If the participants are skilled to maintain employment, earn living wages and other conditions of probation then it will determine that the works are trained to fulfill duties and if the participants fail they are not trained properly.


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