Complete The Following Assignments

1.Complete the document TeachingSam CookeStudyGuideREVISEDFall2020 and TeachingBryanStevensonStudyGuideRevisedFall2020. The assignment is required in two documents, and the answer to each question is only one or two sentences.


  1. Complete a final project on any topic you wish that relates to class content and to your personal major or interests. Suggestions include: Mass Incarceration, Segregation, Systemic Racism, Gendered Racism, Gender Discrimination, Dog Whistle Politics, White Nationalism, The Black Panthers, Intersectionality, Black Lives Matter, Social Justice Reform, the American Indian Movements, Chinese Exclusion Law, Japanese Internment Camps, Critical Race Theory, and so on. We will discuss this at length in the class.

You will need 3 peer reviewed references plus 3 references from class material, minimum and I really do look at your works cited page carefully. Project must have a title page, but you may select any format you wish, just be consistent. Works cited page is a must in my class and if it is missing you will get your project back ungraded.  (1500-2000 words) 4-5  pages of actual text, plus title page and references cited page.  (NO abstract required) You will submit through Safe Assign, so no more than 20-35% similarity and you should have intext citations.  This is a formal, scholarly paper in lieu of a final exam, so it must be done carefully and well. A rubric will be provided.

The references are Literature Link, Pedagogy of the key by Paulo Freir and Required Tent-Beeline

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