Gender Inequality

For this assignment, you will be using the information we have covered so far on gender socialization, household labor, and paid work. You must first provide a brief overview on gender inequality within the family. This can be done by exploring the division of household labor, how children are socialized from an early age, and workplace policies that typically favor women without children and men. Then, describe how you think we could best tackle the area that you describe. For example, you can discuss solutions such as universal parental leave, more affordable childcare or modification to the workplace in terms of number of hours or policies to address how workplace inequality spills over into the home. You will need to include 3 outside scholarly sources to support the points you make in Section 1, and potential solutions you provide in Sections 2 or 3. Please refer to the resource on Canvas about searching for scholarly articles.

Your paper must be 3-5 pages, double spaced, with 1-in margins. Provide in-text citations and a reference page (not included in your page requirement) at the end of your paper. Use ASA formatting.

Topics that must be addressed in your paper:

• Section 1: Describe how gender inequality in one of these areas directly impact the family. This is a great section to bring in your outside sources. You can use statistics or trends to describe the problem you choose. Make sure that you provide explicit information on how and why these issues impact family relationships, roles, and responsibilities. o Unequal division of household laboro Work-family conflicto Gender socialization• Section 2: Detail the solution you feel would best address the problems you discuss in Section 1 (You can come up with different solutions that aren’t listed here). There is no right or wrong answer for this section. However, it is your job to use supporting evidence to demonstrate why the solution you choose makes sense.This would be a good section to include your outside sources as well.

o More paid family leave▪ Egalitarian family leaveo Modification of # of hours o Affordable childcareo Create part-time positions without penalty so women and men have more flexibility

• Section 3: Discuss why you feel this is the best solution and how it would be implemented (You can develop a different plan of action than the ones listed below)o Would you attempt to pass legislation to address the issue?o Would you require CEOs or managers to meet certain yearly requirements?o Would you require CEO’s or managers to allow modification of work hours?

Your paper will be graded on the follow criteria:

• Accurately describing how your issue impacts the family (Do you understand how these issues directly affect family dynamics?)• Ability to apply course material to the problems/solutions you discuss• Logic of your argument (Does the solution you offer match the problem? How feasible or realistic is the solution?)• Quality of writing (grammar, integrating sources, spelling, flow)

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