Gender-Related Concept

  1. What is the most personally important gender-related concept you learned inthis course?
  2. How does the topic you discussed relate to or draw on knowledge from humanities, natural sciences, AND
    social sciences?
  3. How did learning that idea or informationchange what you think?
  4. How will you implement that idea or information, in other words howhas learning that idea or information changed (or how will it change) the way you behave orinteract with others?

Select a concept from the following links or files:


Write an essay that addresses the four questions above, using college-level academic writing. A complete answer will require at least 100 words per question. Please upload a file of your essay to the discussion board in Blackboard as a word document or pdf file. Also include a 1 sentence summary/topic sentence in the subject line of the discussion board post. Then comment on at least 10 essays posted by other class members.

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