Pass 1000: Derrick’s Case Study

Derrick is finishing his degree and transferring to a four-year university in his area. However, since he has had such a wonderful experience at his community college, he doesn’t feel as though he is ready to leave just yet. What can you tell derrick that will help him complete his degree and his dream of becoming a high school math teacher?

2) what time gobbling activities can you eliminate that will help you have time to complete your schoolwork? What is the support system that can assist you? What else needs to happen to help you re- claiming your time?
3) write about a time when you were stereotyped, prejudged or discriminated against. As an alternative, you can write about a situation that you know someone else has experienced, or create a fictional situation that would be the worst kind of stereotyping , prejudging , or discriminating that can think of . At what age were you when it happen? Who witnessed it ? What were their reactions? What did you think about  it then? What do you think about it now?  How did it make you feel then vs now?
This are 3 questions,
We need 3 separate answers

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