Personal Marketing Strategy

Assignment Formatting

Document should use Times New Roman 12-point font, single-spaced (with  spacing between sections and/or paragraphs) with margins not exceeding 1-inch. Length of assignment is  approximately 2-4 pages and should also include page numbering.   No plagiarism, copying or cheating.

Please note that this is part of a final project that is to  create an attractive marketing plan for your own personal and/or professional brand, i.e., “Brand You.” So, used previous assignments to connect all the homework in  the project. Remember that this is a personalized marketing plan about me.

Part of the Final Marketing Yourself Plan –

When marketing a product, brand, or organization, marketers must always consider the need to  continuously improve their product offerings in order to elevate, or even just maintain, their position in the  marketplace. Such a continuous improvement process starts with understanding where you currently are in  the marketplace (i.e., how your product is perceived in comparison to other products) and what is desired  by your target audiences. At that point you have the challenge to choose which goals to set and how you’ll  try to reach them. If you’ve completed the assignments thus far, you’ve already evaluated Product You with your Raw Materials  Assessment. You also have assessed your target audiences with the Product/Audience Match Strategy. Now  it’s time to set strategic goals and contemplate the actions to reach those goals. Setting goals is a difficult process, mainly because there are so many options available to you. Your personal  and professional branding options are not limited to a mere fork in the road with two choices (à la Robert  Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”). It’s more like hundreds (or even thousands) of choices if you really open your  thinking about what your future could hold. Thus, this assignment will require some degree of self-reflection  to determine where you would like to move your personal brand and/or professional brand over the next  one to five years.

Self-Reflection, Objectives, and Strategies

The best way to start this goal-setting process is to consider the values you assessed in your Raw Materials  Inventory. If your aspirations for your personal brand and professional brand are developed with your  values in mind, you’ll be more likely to feel motivated to work to achieve them, and you’ll be more likely to  be satisfied when those goals are reached. The next step is to consider how you would like to be perceived by others as you develop your brand. What  would you like people to think about you a year from now? Two years from now? Five or ten years from  now? What type of brand would you like to develop? As you consider these questions, keep in mind the  idea that you want to change not only the “perception” of your brand, but also the underlying “reality” of  that brand. For example, if you want to be perceived as being an expert in mobile marketing, then develop  your knowledge and skills pertaining to mobile marketing and then market that expertise. Always remember that the best way to be perceived as an expert in a particular area is to truly become an expert in  that area. Once you start to have general ideas or goals of what you want for your brand, set specific objectives with  those ideas in mind. Remember to use the SMART method (as explained in one of the assigned videos for  this module) to set useful objectives. Finally, list some strategies, tactics, or actions that will help you reach your objectives. The more descriptive  you are when listing the strategies (as well as the objectives), the more likely you’ll be to complete them

Specific Assignment Elements

After you have completed the above steps, create a document as follows:

1. Cover Page: Name, Panther ID, Major, Minor, Certificate(s), Assignment Title

2. Introduction: Discuss the purpose for having a personal marketing strategy.

3. General Branding Goals: Discuss your brand aspirations for one, two, five and/or ten years from  now. Describe how you will want people to perceive you.

4. Specific Branding Objectives: Using the SMART goals method, write at least 5 clear and achievable  objectives that align with your general branding goals.

5. Strategies/Tactics: To reach your objectives, you’ll need specific strategies or tasks that clearly lead  to those objectives. Discuss the strategies or tactics that will help you reach the objectives that you  listed in Part 4. Have at least two strategies/tactics for each objective.

6. Synthesis/Summary: Summarize your personal market strategy and provide a synthesis of how the  pieces fit together.

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