Professional Boundaries and Ethical Standards

Discussion 1: Professional Boundaries and Ethical Standards

The purpose of ethical standards is to help guide the helping professional in practice. However, making ethical decisions is not always easy or clear. Consider the following scenario using the ethical standards for sexual boundaries within your profession. Choose the answer that best fits your professional obligation regarding sexual matters and explain your rationale for your choice.

Susan has a private practice as a psychotherapist. Her client, John, has sought counseling services because he is going through a divorce. After seeing John for about 2 months, Susan realizes that she is growing sexually attracted to John. At the end of each session, John gives Susan a hug. What should Susan do first?

  1. Terminate with John and wait 1 year before beginning a sexual relationship.
  2. Terminate with John and refer him to another therapist.
  3. Seek supervision regarding countertransference.
  4. Discuss the attraction with John before deciding whether or no to terminate.
By Day 3

Post by Day 3 a brief summary of your preferred choice for Susan according to the boundaries of professional obligations of your current or future position. Explain your rationale, using relevant and supportive ethical standards.

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