SOCW 6311: Translating Knowledge From An Evaluation Report

SOCW 6311 wk 11 Discussion 1: Translating Knowledge From an Evaluation Report

Instructors and professors often comment that they learn much more about their subject matter when they begin to teach it. When they try to explain the topic to someone else they begin to connect concepts in new ways. They anticipate questions that students might ask, consider different viewpoints, and think more critically.

For this Discussion, take the perspective of someone who is instructing his or her colleagues and sharing your understanding of research methods and program evaluation.

To prepare for the Discussion, select an (chose One of the 4 provided) evaluation report from this week’s resources. Consider how you would present the information to a group of colleagues.

Questions in bold then answers 300 to 500 words cite everything and full references 

Post an analysis of how you would present the results of the evaluation to a group of social work colleagues. This is the evaluation report you selected from the resources

Identify the background information that you think they would need and the key message of your presentation.

Explain the strategies that you might use to meet your colleagues’ interests and goals.

Identify questions that your colleagues might have and what their reactions might be.

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