Find Additional Scholarly Sources Which Provide Relief, Or Attempt

For this week’s assignment, you will conduct your own search for resources after reading the resources for the week. You will find additional scholarly sources which provide relief, or attempt to provide relief (for example, first responders) to individuals, families, or communities during or after one of the following situations:

  • a natural disaster
  • a man-made disaster
  • a crisis

Review a minimum of 5 scholarly sources and provide a bibliographic outline of your sources. In your bibliographic outline, include the full APA citation for each source and briefly describe the study or article review in 1-2 paragraphs (for each source).

Heads up to Signature Assignment: You will be including these selected sources in your signature assignment resources in Week 8.

Discussion: Influences On Individuals

Watch the video below and then discuss the needs of the individual who was featured in it.

To watch the video, click on the video link below and select Segments 5, 6, and 7 from the options on the right.

Video: Mezzo, Macro, and Micro Influences on Well-Being in Early Adulthood
Mezzo Systems: Human Behavior and the Social Environment—Social Systems Theory – Video – Films On Demand (

In your initial post after watching the video, address the following:

Explain at least 2 systems that are present in the “client’s” life.
Who currently helps the client?
What supports are already present?
As a Human Services Professional working with this individual, what services would you recommend to support the client? Explain your reasoning.

Summative Assessment: Goals For Success

  • Write your introduction to include the elements you developed in the outline.
  • Summarize the final version of each SMART goal, addressing each letter of the SMART acronym as it relates to the goal, as well as your responses to the questions presented in the outline.
  • Describe how each goal will help you achieve success in your courses, program, career, or personal life.
  • Write your conclusion to include the elements you developed in the outline.

Download the file entitled, Research Outline Template with Rubric

 Assignment Instructions: 

  • Download the file entitled, Research Outline Template with Rubric, and complete the assignment based on your selected research topic. The template includes the grading rubric that will be utilized to evaluate your work. Review that rubric, but REMOVE the rubric from the template prior to submitting.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The assignment is lengthy. It is strongly suggested that you do not wait to start this assignment on the day it is due.
  • Good examples of a Research Proposal Outline as well as a final submission for the Research Proposal are attached. These examples did not receive a perfect score. Both have particular errors or issues; however, both examples did receive high marks. ED504 is not a course where you can simply fill in the blanks. You can use the examples as a guide, but you must invest in the process to question, compare, and critique while learning the many facets of writing, researching, and reporting. The good examples posted in this shell were edited using APA 6th edition. You must follow APA 7th edition formatting. 
  • Here is a guide to what is new in the APA 7th edition.
  • Your study has to be an experimental research proposal and you are required to use a quantitative methodology.  (No Plagarism)
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Maury is a young clinical psychologist who is new to private practice

THIS IS A DB AND REPLY POST (reply post will be in messages)

Maury is a young clinical psychologist who is new to private practice, and is working on a fee-for-service basis, meaning he doesn’t take insurance.

One of the clients he has been treating is a 20-year old man who was referred by his parents whom Maury had seen previously to consult on parenting for their younger child. This patient still depends on his parents financially, and they were writing the checks the client would bring to pay for therapy.

After a few months in which good progress seemed to be made, the client suddenly grew dissatisfied and began devaluing Maury and the treatment; he unexpectedly quit therapy, still owing an unpaid balance of over $600.

Maury had a good relationship with the client’s parents, and he is confident they would be happy to pay the balance. However, the client is an adult, and Maury does not have a signed Release of Information stating he can speak with the client’s parents.

Discuss what Maury can do to recover the unpaid balance. What ethical issues and concerns should he keep in mind? How might he avoid such a situation in the future?

After sharing your thoughts, please respond to at least two other classmates’ posts.

Signature Assignment, you will apply your profiling skills during an investigation.

Signature Assignment, you will apply your profiling skills during an investigation. Imagine that you have been hired by the FBI to work as a profiler. In this assignment, put your skills to the test by developing a PowerPoint presentation that delivers your findings to the FBI agents working on the case. You may use any information you have developed from previous assignments or create new information (e.g., suspect impressions report and summary identified information pertaining to demographics, physical characteristics, possible motive). You may use that information in your Signature Assignment. However, your goal for this assignment is to ensure that use your PowerPoint presentation to conveyed to the FBI that you have developed a solid criminal profile based on the following:

  • Identify the crime and crime scene in a well-organized manner (with specific details).
  • Indicate any physical and emotional attributes of the suspect (e.g., height, weight, piercings, markings). Is the suspect known to “fly off the handle”, or does he/she have a history of property destruction? If so, how do you know this–who provided you with this information and are they credible?
  • Identify your possible suspect and present rationale (e.g., What led you to this hypothesis? What physical or other identifying information connected the victims to the alleged suspect? What geographic considerations were factored into your hypothesis?).
  • Identify information about the victims in the case. How many, were there similarities? If so, what where they? Are the victims connected to each other in some way (e.g., work, friends, school, etc.)?
  • Determine the possible motivation for the criminal committing the crime (i.e., childhood history, mental illness, significant life event).
  • Include any other relevant history, such as prior arrests or hospitalizations.

Be sure your presentation demonstrates that you have developed a solid theory of the suspect and that you understand the crime that was committed, as well as the victims associated with the crime and any additional information. Specifically, you must accurately define the connections that exist among your crime scene analysis, victim information, and key findings to develop your profile. The goal is to provide the FBI with the knowledge you have to help the agents solve the crime. Your presentation should include a summary that explains the crime, crime scene, and victim(s). The summary is intended to provide details that lead to your analysis; therefore, they should reflect scholarship and application of the theories learned.

Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics as well as “speaker notes” for each slide. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists.

Support your presentation with at least five scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources may be included.

Length: 12-15 slides (with a separate reference slide)

Notes Length: 200-350 words for each slide

Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style where appropriate. Save the file as PPT with the correct course code information.

Are children who create imaginary companions psychologically disturbed?

Are children who create imaginary companions psychologically disturbed? What does the research say about this topic? Should you worry if your child has an imaginary friend?


Read pages 169-170 from Chapter 5.
Check out some of these websites:


Write at least 200 words on this topic.
Save and name your assignment “Week 2 Research Assignment”, then save on your computer. This document will then be uploaded by clicking on “Browse my Computer”.
Make sure to cite your sources in your assignment.

Sources need to mainly be from books and journal articles, with no more than three (3) coming from online websites (in current APA format)

*****TOPIC GRIEF & LOSS*****

*****DUE SEPTEMBER 10TH*****



***** Sources need to mainly be from books and journal articles, with no more than three (3) coming from online websites (in current APA format). *****

***** Minimum of 5-10 Scriptures*****


Köstenberger, A., & Jones, D. (2010). God, marriage, and family: Rebuilding the biblical foundation (2nd ed.). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books. ISBN: 9781433503641.

Stone, H. (1994). Brief pastoral counseling: Short-term approaches and strategies. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Publishers. ISBN: 9780800627201.

Worthington, E. L. Jr., & Ripley, J. S. (2014). Couple therapy: A new hope-focused approach. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press. ISBN: 9780830828579.

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How have you addressed these ethical concerns?

Based on what you have learned from your readings in Comparative Approaches to Program Planning pertaining to the “when” and “which” questions, what ethical considerations will you face, or have you faced, as you craft your proposal for the final Research Proposal Project?

How have you addressed these ethical concerns?

What have you learned about ethical violations in research this week through the required reading and reading you have completed on your own?

Review the attached Research Proposal Overview and the Good Example to gain a better

Assignment Instructions:

  • Review the attached Research Proposal Overview and the Good Example to gain a better understanding of what the final submission will require.
  • Construct Chapters 1, 2, and 3, your reference list, and any appendicies for your Signature Project Stage 1 Research Proposal. Be sure to review the attached rubric that is aligned with this assignment.
  • The assignment must be submitted in Microsoft Word; Times New Roman font; 12 pt font size; margins 1” on all sides; double-spaced (be sure to remove any extra spacing that might be added before or below paragraphs).
  • The assignment should be written on a graduate level and references used should be cited using appropriate in-text citations and documented in a reference list using 7th ed. APA Style.
  • The originality of your work will be evaluated via SafeAssign. Leave time for revision and resubmission prior to the deadline in the event your originality score is too high.  You may resubmit the assignment up to three times prior to the deadline.  If your originality score is greater than 25% at the time of the deadline points may be deducted. If your originality score is greater than 50% your submission will not be graded and a zero will be posted.
  • No Plagarism

Submission Instructions:

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